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Michel Patry
Michael Hartrumph
'56 vs. '57 Thunderbird with Chris Jacobs.
Bill Biswell
Calixto Duarte
Mirella Lopez
Buckle up! Live coverage from Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach is revving up today at 2/1c on Velocity.
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Tazz Mania
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Fast N' Loud vs. Street Outlaws, who ya got?

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Fast N' Loud vs Street Outlaws who ya got

Mega Race

Kevin Cooper
Gabriel Alvarez
Kyle Bonz Henderson
Christopher Fisher
Jonathan Wright
Stephanie Paulette Aday
Augie Duesenburg
Glenn Perry
Virginia Guiñazu
Jonna Jonny Prus
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Tommy Mcdaniel Jr
Wayne Carini is LIVE from his shop in Connecticut.

Chasing Classic Cars will be back on Velocity on March 15th.
Eanna O Bhroin
Steve Spickett
Kenny Byrd
Make a safe driving PSA for #TeenDrive365 and you could win some AWESOME prizes >> [ Bit.ly Link ]
Make a safe driving PSA for TeenDrive365 and you could win some AWESOME prizes

Toyota's Teen Drive 365 Video Challenge

Ryan Maddox
Benedito Ferreira
Cassio Aparecido Grand
Happy birthday, Chris!
Happy birthday Chris
David Taylor
Mike Ouellette
Rafael Perez
So @theclassicautoshow made the huge mistake of giving us full access to the show... #madness #cas2017
Overhaulin' 01/27/2017
Michael D. Jones
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Catch The Official Chip Foose, Chris Jacobs and Adrienne "AJ" Janic at the LA Classic Auto Show this weekend!
Catch The Official Chip Foose Chris Jacobs and Adrienne AJ Janic at

The LA Classic Auto Show Starts Today!

Robinho Collioni Barbosa
Jhs Barco
Latasha Grandberry-Bell
Come see Chip at The Classic Auto Show!

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Come see Chip at The Classic Auto Show 

Get your tickets today
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