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"They now say I am a visionary woman with ideas and ambitions."

See how Flonira's life has changed since she joined a tomato cooperative in northern Rwanda:
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You may have heard about famine in the news. Here you can find out who's affected, what the causes are, and what we're doing about it >>

Hungry in a world of plenty: millions on the brink of famine | www.oxfam.org

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Ruvimbo Mucheki with one of the chickens that her savings group breed and sell in Matabeleland, Zimbabwe.

Photo: James Oatway / Oxfam

Instagram post by Oxfam GB • Feb 15, 2017 at 5:16pm UTC

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Great news! Following public pressure, Dutch bank ING has divested from the Dakota pipeline.

Dakota Access pipeline: ING sells stake in major victory for divestment push

Today is World Forest Day

Prey Lang in Cambodia is one of Asia’s largest protected forests, and it’s being relentlessly and illegally logged.

But community activists are fighting back. Their weapon? Smartphones.

Can ‘liking’ a forest save it?

This renewed debate, where scant word has been uttered on the inextricable links between coal, climate change and poverty, is maddening.

'Clean Coal' Is A Con And It's Costing Us Lives

Get your virtual reality glasses on to see the reality of climate change in the Philippines.

Batanes: Facing the new normal of climate change

Six years since the first political protests in Syria, the biggest humanitarian and refugee crisis of our time marks another milestone, with no sight of hope for those millions trying to reach safety. #WithSyria
The world stands on the brink of an unprecedented 4 famines in 2017 due to a catastrophic failure of the global community to uphold its obligations to the most vulnerable of people.

Find out more about what Oxfam is doing here >> [ Oxfam.org Link ]
Climate change is already making life harder on the tropical island of Vanuatu. “We are in the disaster zone, so we are having to move,” said Daniel after Tropical Cyclone Pam in 2015.

Our governments must do more to help those hit first and hardest by climate change.

Photo: Arlene Bax/Oxfam

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Students in Pelangi Kindergarten enjoy a delicious meal made from ingredients sown, grown and picked from their own school garden.

Oxfam works in the Papua region of Indonesia to improve the cultivation of food that is both nutritious and safe to eat.

Photo: Eka Nickmatulhuda/Oxfam

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On the International Women's Day, women farmes from Paraguay joined the International Women's Strike to claim their right to land, the promotion of family farming, and our right to safe and healthy food.

"We strike because we don't want pesticides in our communities. Agroecology means life".
#WomensStrike #8MStrike #Grow
Kashindi and his son, Subi Kashindi, teach other refugees the art of beekeeping in the Nyarugusu refugee camp in Tanzania.

For Kashindi, who was a beekeeper in his native Congo, it is a way to continue to earn a livelihood, but it was also about conservation. "If there are beehives in the trees, people don't chop them down," he says.

Photo: Phil Moore / Oxfam

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8 reasons why we're supporting the International Women's Strike today. #WomensStrike #NiUnaMenos

8 reasons why Oxfam supports the International Women’s Strike on the 8th March | Oxfam International

#NosotrasParamos contra la crueldad de los femicidios: una mujer es asesinada por el hecho de ser mujer cada 30 horas en Argentina #8MParo #NiUnaMenos #VivasNosQueremos