This month the OUP Philosophy team honors Friedrich Nietzsche as their February Philosopher of the Month! We’ve gathered our best resources on Nietzsche here:

Oxford Academic (Oxford University Press)
130 years after her death, the truth about Emily Dickinson's writings is still being revealed.

Somewhere in an attic: the Emily Dickinson publishing dilemma
How the Russian Revolution changed the lives of those in exile
What would Charles Dickens' most famous characters listen to if they could create their own Spotify playlists?

From Miss Havisham to Ebenezer Scrooge: playlists for Dickens' characters
Campus officials oftentimes face difficulties from all sides of the political spectrum when trying to honor basic free speech principles.

Berkeley, Milo Yiannopoulos and the lessons of free speech
To avoid global crises in this post-imperial world, global powers may need a treaty to settle outstanding issues relating to their islands and territories.

The world’s powers have to resolve their remnants of empire | Martin Kettle
"How do you put a price on exploration, when you don’t know what you are going to find? And what will be John Glenn’s legacy, in the long term?"

John Glenn was a hero; was he a pioneer?
Some people make it a goal to read the entire War and Peace once in their lives but imagine reading it seven times...

Reading War and Peace
Did you know that cheddar originated in southwest England in the 12th century?

Aging Cheddar: a timeline of the world-famous cheese
From works by Charles Dickens to novels by the Brontë sisters, are you able to match these quotes with the Victorian story from which they originate?

Quote the quote: how well do you know your Victorian novels?
Top tips for keeping your pearly whites caries-free
Sometimes, it's okay to start a sentence with "and".

Things you were taught at school that are wrong
What do Millennials say about their bonds with religion?

The Millennials’ God
Did you mean your latest status update on Facebook or were you "faking it"?

Relationship Status: Faking Happiness
Who would you choose to "unite to do right" with this Valentine’s Day (and Frederick Douglass Day)? [ Link ]
What were 2016's most popular baby names and what were the meanings behind them?

Oxford Academic (Oxford University Press)
How new gene editing technology is transforming biomedical research and disease treatment

Book Excerpt from Redesigning Life | The Scientist Magazine®
"The ice age isn't just about ice. It's important to appreciate that we're dealing with global environmental changes."
"Today’s students [...] must know how to distinguish between articles published by genuine scholarly journals and those churned out by look-alike predatory and fake journals that falsely claim to be scholarly and peer-reviewed."

The challenge facing libraries in an era of fake news
From politics to crime to religion, these ten books offer a wide look on the history of black women in the United States and around the world.

10 Notable Books Of 2016 On Black Women's History