Today is Purple Day, dedicated to increasing awareness about epilepsy worldwide.

The history of epilepsy: an interactive timeline
The internet, texting, and instant-messaging has given rise to a stylistic shift in punctuation.

Why ending emails with a period makes you look angry
Happy National Puppy Day! What's your pup's favorite classic novel? Post a picture in the comments to share.
"It is hard to draw a clear line to show where justifiable sustainable-use and sheer exploitation for profit begins."

Why Zimbabwe's use of elephants to pay off old debt to China is problematic
In observance of World Water Day today, explore the impact of adequate sanitation on the luxury of clean water.
In America, being a workaholic can now be a symbol of status. Why has this dynamic arisen – and how does America's culture of busyness compare to other countries'?

‘Ugh, I’m So Busy’: A Status Symbol for Our Time
“On a campus like this it can be very hard to work up the courage to speak up when you’re outnumbered.”

Conservative students say pressure from predominantly liberal peers, faculty can be stifling
Here are some things you should know about the Paralympic Games.

Ten facts about the Paralympic Games
"Could the academic research community benefit from an internal affairs style anti-corruption unit?"

How can we tackle the thorny problem of fraudulent research?
"Leibniz regarded political unity in diversity under a supra-national authority as a better path to peace, prosperity, and stability in Europe than the ascendancy of competing national states."

Leibniz and Europe
Are the causes of global destitution changing?

The poverty paradox
This March, the OUP Philosophy team celebrates Socrates as their Philosopher of the Month! Take a look at some of our best resources on this legendary ancient philosopher.

Oxford Academic (Oxford University Press)
As we await the fate of Colin Kaepernick for the 2017 NFL season, let's take a look at his civil rights legacy from last year.

Protests, pigskin, and patriotism: Colin Kaepernick and America’s civil religions
"We must make sure that religious liberty doesn't morph into a kind of religious privilege"
When starting a new architecture project, keep these eight tips in mind.

Rebuilding the Houses of Parliament: Victorian lessons learned
What makes polls so enticing to Americans?

Why are Americans addicted to polls?
Shakespeare's fools often fell into one of two categories: those that were wise and intelligent, and those that were true idiots meant to entertain.

Shakespeare's clowns and fools [infographic]
Meet Arthur Thomas Maling, one of the OED's founding lexicographers.

Esperanto, chocolate, and biplanes in Braille: the interests of Arthur Maling
A history of some of the most significant theories in quantum mechanics

Quantum mechanics – a new lease of life