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A warm welcome to Facebook to our friends working on the OUP Choral page! Here you will find inspiration, news, and resources from the world of choral singing.

Oxford Choral

Was there a reason why Albert Einstein rarely voiced his political opinions?
Which March sister are you most like?

Which "little woman" are you? [quiz]

"A sentence, like a scientific theory, should follow Occam’s Razor. It should be as simple as possible, but no simpler than is necessary."

How to write a good sentence

What is the role of higher education in supporting social progress?

Brexit exposed deep rifts in Britain. Universities can help heal them

Who said the following: “The most radical revolutionary will become a conservative on the day after the revolution”?

How many famous philosophy quotes do you know? [quiz]

From Greenland to Baghdad, discover the adventures of the Vikings in our interactive map.

Tracing viking travellers

"While women were largely confined to the household, they also were a critical part of a society’s social, political, and economic well-being"

11 things about women in Ancient Israel you probably didn’t know

If you think about it, there are many parallels between scary movies and stories in the Bible...

Why is the Bible so much like a horror movie?

Assistant Concertmaster Elita Kang of the Boston Symphony Orchestra gives an overview of the violin and her path to becoming a professional violinist.
What can we learn from ancient Greek tales of journeys into the underworld?

"An infernal journey" - an extract from Homer

"[W]hile we might care (or not care) about Shakespeare, why does any of this new attribution work matter? Why, in this sense, does authorship matter?"

Marlowe, not Shakespeare—so what?

UK membership of the EU in the future as it existed prior to 23 June 2016 bears great resemblance to Pokémon Go: they're both alternate realities.

Alternate realities: Brexit and Pokémon

Eleanor Barraclough sheds light on and dispels ten common viking myths.

10 myths about the vikings

A discovery in the ancient city of Lachish reveals a biblical history of shrine desecration.

Holy crap: toilet found in an Iron Age shrine in Lachish

While Arthur Conan Doyle's famous character Sherlock Holmes represented his rational views on the world, Gothic Tales allowed Doyle to explore his views on spiritualism.
We're challenging you to test your knowledge of the philosopher, al-Kindī, with a quiz.

How much do you know about al‐Kindī? [quiz]