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Check out the great video we did in collaboration with TE Connectivity! In this our Team Leader Robin Bailes, and TE's Autosport Global Manager Paul Webb talk about the reasons behind getting involved with Formula Student, and why key partnerships like this mean so much to both sides. #TEracing #OBR17
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Big thanks to MAHLE Powertrain for providing us with all the parts, spares and tools needed to keep our new KTM 450's running right through the season! #buttercup #OBR17 #loudnoises
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As usual, OBR is hosting its own Fantasy F1 league! It takes 2 minutes to join, so hurry not to miss out! Predictions for Australia close 5 minutes before Qualifying! See link to join here; [ Gppredictor.com Link ] - Open to all our partners, supporters and Alumni!

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GP Predictor

Last week we received another big delivery from FUCHS Lubricants UK plc! The new damper fluid will help us massively with our damper tuning for OBR17.
Also, check out the video we did with them.
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Our autosport mentors to the TE-sponsored Oxford Brookes Racing team visited the garage this week to check out this season’s technology. We're excited to be along for the ride! #TEracing #STEM
Great to see ours truly featuring in the latest SPAL Automotive blog post, check it out on there page here;

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Special thanks to SPAL Automotive for hooking us up with two fresh fans for our 17 car!

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We're deeply saddened to hear the news of the passing of John Surtees. John was not only a legend but also a supporter and friend of the team and University.

Our thoughts go out to his family at this tough time.
Something very exciting happened last week... Our first 2017 dyno session has been completed!!

This is the first time our brand new KTM UK 450 (Buttercup) has been strapped into a car. The test ran as planned with us getting the map for a few low load runs dialed in!

Special thanks to Brooklands College for helping us out and lending us their workshop for the day!

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Our thanks go out to all of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mathematical Sciences staff that came along to our "Faculty Social" event last Friday. It was a chance for us to chat through some of our ideas for the season and let people know what we've been up to.

Listening to advice and bouncing ideas around with people who are experts in their field is what Formula Student is all...
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Many thanks to Tubecraft for their continued support of the team, through the preperation of our new roll hoops, ready to be fitted to our 2017 chassis.

check them out here: [ Tubecraft.co.uk Link ]

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Looking for something to do to fill your Friday afternoon tea break? Why not have a read through our latest newsletter, catch up with everything OBR, and have a sneak peak at some of our plans for the 2017 season!

Read it here;
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2017 Winter Newsletter

Check out this awesome series of Articles about Oxford Brookes Racing by Formula-S-News!

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Calling all prospective students! If you are interested in coming to Oxford Brookes to study Engineering, check out the #virtuallythere2017 event from 9am tomorrow! [ Brookes.ac.uk Link ]

Faculty of Technology, Design and the Environment Virtually There - Oxford Brookes University

During the week OBR received a pretty cool delivery! Big thanks to FUCHS Lubricants UK plc for their support! This will for sure keep OBR17 running smoothly throughout the season! #OBR17 #slipperysurface
Oxford Brookes Racing is proud to announce that we will be participating in FSUK, FSG and FSH this summer! #dejavu #OBR17 #FSUK #FSG #FSH
Yesterday some of our team members visited our sponsor TE Connectivity, they gave us some great advice and support on how we can improve our loom design! #TEracing #OBR17
So last weekend something exciting happened...

Big thanks to ACE Performance "Advanced Concepts Engineering" for all the support! #buttercupbemyvalentine #KTM450 #OBR17 #FSUK #FSG #FSH
Last night the team had another Movie Night social, to help keep us fueled during the night we made a stop off at Express Pizza & Desi Grill, who were kind enough to give us a free Pizza and some free Shirts! #omnomnom #pizza