A sneak peak into the IGCSE Maths workshop, held by Oxford University press at Scottish High International School, Gurugram Haryana. #Event #Learning #OUP #SchoolEducation
Happy Birthday to George Washington a man who is widely admired for his strong leadership qualities!
Oxford University Press India, on Monday conducted an interactive IGCSE math's workshop led by OUP author and Trainer Tony Beadsworth. The workshop was organized at Nahar International School, Mumbai and witnessed participation of over 43 teachers from 21 school across Mumbai.
With FII increasing from Rs 1.07 lakh crore to Rs 1.45 lakh crore, as well as the government ensuring fiscal consolidation without cutting back on public investments, India’s manufacturing industry is rapidly growing.

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On February 18th, 1946 the Royal Indian Navy raised mutiny against the British.
Over 10,000 sailors from Karachi to Calcutta set their sails aside and stood against the British for freedom.
With the launch of Swachh Bharat, which aims to make India defecation free by 2019. The government has done an impeccable job by maintaining both individual and community toilets as well as keeping the public spaces clean.

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The World Bank now sees that a ‘one size fits all’ policy in terms of lending does not hold good for countries like India, said Nirmala Sitharaman, Minister of State, at the book launch of ‘Reflective Shadows: Political Economy of World Bank Lending to India’, written by Nagesh Prabhu.

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The yearly Economic Survey presented a day before the budget, is important as the government’s official statement on the state of the economy. In a year of domestic and international turbulence the Economic Survey is even more crucial—not just in making sense of the way the economy responds to shocks but also in assessing existing economic fundamentals. Click to read more about the 2016-2017...
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What does the Economic Survey tell us about the economy?

The higher growth in agriculture sector is not surprising as the monsoon rains were much better in the current year than the previous two years.

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Viplav Baxi, Director, Product and Digital Transformation, Oxford University Press India, participated in a panel discussion organised today as a part of the India Today School Summit 2017.

The session focused on Studying Through Apps. Riding High on Personalised Learning.

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Dr. Anthony Russell, author of various primary science courses, conducted the Nelson Science workshop for teachers in Colombo on 6th and 7th February. Through active teaching and learning approaches, the workshop aimed at developing scientific knowledge.
Join us at the Delhi Literature Festival today for a session on Demonetisation: Intent, Implementation & Impact.
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India is one of 15 countries in the world that has a public spending record of about 1% of its GDP on health.

With this kind of spend, how do you rate the healthcare system in India? Please share your opinion in the comments below.

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