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Getting a few weighted core exercises in while checking out the latest edition of @oxygenmagau ♥Be sure to grab your copy and load up on all things health and fitness, this month! This issue is jam packed with everything you need to get your fit on and my latest article "ANSWERED: Your most frequently googled questions!" (pages 54-57) will help bust some...
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Too funny not to share! She's clearly been doing her squats
Know your worth!
@healthyfit81 and many others are ready for our 12 Week Challenge which kicks off this week! You can still join, it's not too late!!!
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I'm back!!!!
Reading the latest edition of @oxygenmagau , I have signed up for the 12 week Oxygen challenge and am ready to go!! I can't wait to do this and see my body transform again
The hunger is too real!
Work your waist with the reverse plank hip lift hold. Try 3 sets hoding as long as possible Demonstrated by @jessicamckirdy
Wow! Great collection!
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Cleaning out my room and find my collection of @oxygenmagau dating from 2014 to current . #oxygenmagau #bikinicompetitor #fitness #mikesteam #fitnessmagazine #health #gym #keeppushing #motivation #inspiration
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Finish the sentence: I am…
The latest issue is on sale NOW! Our competition special is here to motivate you, to inspire you and to drive you. We want you to find your strength, passion and true power. Hear all about the 12-week challenge and the absolutely amazing trainers and world champions Hattie Boydle and Rachel Dillon that will be taking girls of all fitness levels under their wings to help them become their best...
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Happy Sunday reads!
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Sunday morning reads! My first mag in my year subscription to #oxygenmagau arrived this week. Getting a quiet read in before the kids are up @oxygenmagau #quiet #read #inspiration #sunday #morning #reads #motivation #fitness #fitfam #fitspo #fitmum #fitnessmodel #fitnesscomp #magazine #mytime #timeout #mumlife #workout #train #weights...
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It certainly will not!
The single leg to elbow push-up requires some serious strength, balance, core power and control!
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