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While focusing on growing your booty this year, keep in mind that personal growth is also important!
Add the Bulgarian split squat + curl and press in to a quick circuit for a challenge when you can't make it to the gym! #workout #getstrong #getfit #exercise #exercises #training #strong #fitforlife #fitfam #fitspo #fitlife #girlswithmuscle #girlswholift #stronggirls #oxygenmagau #iamoxygen
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This weeks' #IamOXYGEN Oxygirl feature is the lovely Amelia Ricci - Sports Model & Fitness Trainer <3

"I've got two sides! The calm & soothing mum who rocks my baby to sleep & soothes him when he's crying & the tough side that disciplines myself to haul my butt to the gym when I'm working towards a #bikinicompetition The side that cares for my clients & treats them like the princess they...
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That's a wrap for @racheldillonwbffpro
Tune in tomorrow for both @hattieboydle and @racheldillonwbffpro while we shoot more amazing content. Registration is open and we're offering 10% off this week! Head to to secure your spot #OxygenAuChallenge #teamrachel #teamhattie
Day 2
#OxygenAuChallenge #teamrachel
Behind the scenes with Rachel Dillon / Rachel Dillon - Bodies by Rachel for our Oxygen Australia 12 Week Challenge Dallas Olsen Studios/Visual Media
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Dressing in anything other than gym clothes is tough!
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We've enlisted the help of two world champions to get you into your best shape ever!

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To kick off our Oxygirl weekly feature we have the amazing Oxygen cover girl and ambassador Danielle Appi / Bodyworks Personal Training share a very raw insight into why she is Oxygen #iamOXYGEN

"Most days I'm a wife & mother but some days I crave the chance to have no responsibility. Usually I'm a disciplined, hard worker who rolls up her sleeves but some days I like nothing better than...
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Mmmm donuts :)
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Tone your legs and booty with the bench jump! Demonstrated by the lovely Cianna Maree <3
Combat bad moods, energy slumps and bloating with our juicing guide: [ Link ]
Inspo for the New Year with the one and only Hattie Boydle Performance Coach!