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Thank You Shillong , you were brilliant , as always . We are back on April 08th , Opening for the mighty Nazareth . Cya Again.

Missed you Rudy and Tipriti .

Pic courtesy Saurabh Chaudhry and his Ernie Ball Music Man guitar !!!
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Parikrama @ 25 , back to our favourites , Shillong , March 25th , cheers .
p a r i k r a m a @ 25 , travels to Pune, Maharashtra , Koregaon Park Music Festival , March 12th , Drop in !!!
Wishing the very best to our friends at 100 Pipers India and Salt, for the Dire Straits Experience, Rock on and do drop in for the shows people!!!
Parikrama @ 25 travels to Pune, Maharashtra , March 12th .

We'll be rocking the stage this Holi weekend at the Koregaon Park Music Festival.
Book your tickets with @tixdo today!

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Parikrama @ 25 , back to Pune, March 12th, Cya soon.
Parikrama @ 25 travels to BML Munjal University , Dharuhera , March 2nd !!! Rock and Roll !!!

Parikrama @ 25 tee/hoodie , limited period only , Multiple sizes and colours available .Order your"s today !!!

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Parikrama @ 25 tee/hoodie , limited period only , Multiple sizes and colours available .Order your"s today !!!

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On SALE , Feb 11th - Limited Edition , Parikrama @ 25 Special tee / hoodie .

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Thank You Meraki Inc. for the wonderful design .

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Enough Said !!!

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Finally launching , the ONLY Parikrama @ 25 tee / hoodies . This will be available worldwide , for 5 days only ( online order ) very soon ( campaign may start as early as tommorow ) , so be ready and order this limited edition piece of history , there might not be a second chance .

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Parikrama @ 25 travels to guwahati , Rongali festival , Feb 4th. Great to be back .

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Mr.Trump , ask Pink Floyd .

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I believe with Agnee in Patna!
p a r i k r a m a @ 25 , travels to IIT Patna , Jan 29th , playing along with our ever favourites Agnee , I Believe time . Will miss you Shilpa Rao .

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Even God is a witness , up the irons ????

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#ironmaiden #parikrama25
Thank you Poornima University , Jaipur, India . We had a blast , TAG yourselves and all your friends , who were there , Cheerz .

#Parikrama #59anc #NASAatPU #Architecture #ParikramaIncArtist #visitjaipur #firstinrajasthan
p a r i k r a m a @ 25 reaches the Pink city Jaipur, India , at the huge 59th Annual NASA Convention , Jan 20th @ 7 PM .

#Parikrama25 #ParikramaIncArtist #Parikrama #59anc #NASAatPU #Architecture #visitjaipur #firstinrajasthan

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