When your application is accepted at a school in the US, there is an air of excitement around you. Pursuing that dream course is all you want . But it is also important to remember some procedural details...

Studying in US? Remember to maintain your Student Visa and Student Status

While B schools across the country are conducting GDPI sessions, PaGaLGuY got in touch with a few students who've appeared for two or more interviews so far to know about their preparation strategies. Read on to know what they have to say.

How to meet GDPI pressures - take mocks, read the Economist and PaGaLGuY, so say aspirants

**Stress interviews **are perhaps an **MBA **candidate's worst nightmare. It comes in myriad forms - ranging from moderately offensive to downright brutal. Ever since the **GDPI** rounds have started across all MBA colleges in the country, PaGaLGuY users and MBA candidates have been discussing their stress interview experiences. But what is exactly a stress interview?

MBA Preparation: What are stress interviews and how to tackle them

After the Common Admission Test (CAT) 2016 results were declared on January 9, 2017, other MBA entrance exam results were also out. This meant a hectic schedule for students had started. Many MBA…

MBA GDPI 2016-2017 experiences: Here is what colleges are asking this admission season

I-20 form is form which students should fill for studying in United States (US). Form I-20 is a 'Certificate for eligibility for non-immigrant student status'. Students receive this form when their…

Studying in the US? Here's what you need to know about the I-20 form

Group Discussion and Personal Interview (GDPI) rounds of all MBA institutes in India have already begun and consequently students have blocked their calendars for the next two months.These rounds are extremely crucial in the race to make it to the best MBA colleges in the country. However, what is one supposed to do if the interview dates of two of the most sought after MBA institutes in India...
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IIM Lucknow leaves students restless over no responses to queries for rescheduling interview

Image source:Wikipedia The GRE General Test is important for candidates who seek to take admission in different graduate, business, and doctoral degrees. The test provides schools with a common…

GRE: Tips on preparing for paper on analytical writing

Abhishek Panda, a first-year MBA student at XLRI, Jamshedpur and a recommended candidate for the Aditya Birla Scholarship, speaks to PaGaLGuY about his GDPI experience.

MBA Testimonial: How XLRI student, Abhishek Panda cracked the GDPI round

Everyone is telling you what to do at your Personal Interview. We're telling you what not to do. Dialed up to level PaGaLGuY!
In this interview, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIM-C) student, Sumeet A Kalaskar shares his experience on the most important stage of admission process, which is the Personal Interview (PI) round. An Indian Institute of Technology graduate in Machine Learning/Data Science, Sumeet shares his personal interview experience along with a few tips for MBA aspirants to benefit from.

MBA GDPI Testimonial: How IIM-C student, Sumeet Kalaskar, cracked the PI round

“Personal Interview (PI) is the final and crucial step in the entire MBA admission process. This round is focused on getting to know the candidate better by gauging the clarity of his / her thinking process, future plans, etc. In its endeavour to help students crack the PI level, (and also because we have been receiving requests from students who want to know more about the questions asked...
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MBA GDPI Testimonial: SIMSREE student, Vishal Gori, shares his Personal Interview experience

1.Essay must have an introduction and conclusion besides the main body.
2.In the main body, present only one idea per paragraph.
3.Support the idea or opinion you present with facts, data, and examples so as to logically argue your perspective.
4.Try and analyse the matter at hand in the main body itself, rather than stringing together mere opinions

Sidharth Balakrishna's Tip of the day: Things to keep in mind for WAT

Tips to keep in mind for WAT
1. Think of an apt introduction, body and conclusion before you start writing. Create a mind map.
2. Use simple yet effective words.
3. Be concise. Don't be too verbose.
4. Be well aware of current affairs.
5. Read a lot, and that too, good and relevant matter as your writing ability depends on what and how much you read.
6. There is no such thing as, 'I wasn't...
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MBA Preparation: All you need to know about Written Ability Tests (WAT)

A former BTech student from Bundelkhand Institute of Engineering and Technology (BIET) Jhansi, and a first year **MBA **student at **IIM** Shillong, Archit Garg is planning to specialise in finance in his second year. The 23-year-old's future plans involve a stint in the corporate world, which he says, will enrich his experience and knowledge of business know-how before pursuing his...
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MBA GDPI Testimonials : “PI, the most vital part in MBA selection procedure,” says IIM Shillong student, Archit Garg

MBA colleges all over the country have begun conducting GDPI sessions and aspirants have started gearing up for these rounds to inch one step closer to gain admissions to their dream B-school. PaGaLGuY too has been publishing GDPI-based articles since a month to help students prepare for these rounds. If you've missed these, for some reason, read below, as we bring to you a compilation of all...
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MBA Tips: All you need to know about GDPI

Common Personal Interview Mistake no 5
Losing track of time
The biggest mistake most applicants make in interviews is going on and on and losing track of time. One must be conscious of time and try to give focused answers. If one has practiced beforehand, one should have no trouble answering most questions quickly. If more information is needed, the candidate will be asked for it.
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Common Personal Interview Mistake no 4
Being nervous
Stress doesn't help. In fact, it causes the interviewee to panic and give the wrong answer. Nervousness is given away with one's body language, which works against him/her in the interview round. Sweating, continuously drinking water, fumbling with words, etc are all signs of stress. Hence, one must remain cool and let things surface...
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Common Personal Interview Mistake no 3
Lack of current affairs/general knowledge
While no direct GK questions are asked in the PI round, candidates say that general awareness questions pertaining to one’s area of subject are asked quite often. One must be aware of current affairs and know how to relate it to the question asked.
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Common Personal Interview Mistake no 2
It is extremely important for a candidate to revise his/her academics for the interview round as basics and application-based questions pertaining to one’s specialisation is often asked. If one neglects to do this, he/she may not know what to answer and that could lead to his/her elimination.
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Common mistake in Personal Interview No 1
Failing to give an impressive introduction
If one fails to make an impression on the interview panellists within the initial few minutes, chances are that things are unlikely to get any better for the candidate. Studies have shown that interview panellists often base their decisions to select a certain candidate within the first few seconds of the...
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