Running, to me is symbolic of liberation, drive and controlling your body rhythm. More than anything, it makes me feel calm and positive. It began about 14 years ago…What started as for “fitness and health reasons" has become a passion now. My wife and I are known as a running power couple who have ran 24 hours together. Running is my sanity, it goes beyond being an exercise routine and my...
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The Palava Corporate Challenge 2017 ended with the defending champions, Intelenet Global Services, successfully holding on to their title. With Bhaichung Bhutia watching the finals from the touchline, the tournament received a fitting end.
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The much awaited moment is here. Bhaichung Bhutia himself at the Palava Corporate Challenge 2017 to witness the final between Intelenet Global Services and WNS Global Services.
#BhaichungAtPalava #PCC2017 #PalavaWeekend
The last couple of games are underway. Who do you think will come out as the winner of the Palava Corporate Challenge 2017?
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Come meet the iconic Indian football player Bhaichung Bhutia tomorrow on the 18th of Febuary at Xperia Mall, 1:30 p.m. onwards.
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The last leg of the Palava Corporate Challenge 2017 is all set to kick off tomorrow. 12 teams have progressed to the finals to battle it out and they'll leave everything on the field!
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I am proud of my citizen Vaarad Gupte who pursued his passion for golf. Thank you for your kind words Vaarad and Sudhir Gupte, it's a delight to see the dream of this father and son come true!
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Bring out the creativity in you! Come up with a funny caption and submit your entries in the comments below. The best entry would get to meet Bhaichung Bhutia!
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Let your children pick up some dance moves! Bring them to Xperia Mall between 5:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. tomorrow and let them dance their way through the workshop!
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Be it any sport, my citizens play them all. 'Practice makes one perfect', so I ensure they not only have plenty opportunities to hone their skills but also a platform to showcase their expertise!
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With plenty of open spaces around my neighbourhoods, my citizens enjoy the luxury of reliving the simple pleasures of life!
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Want to meet Bhaichung Bhutia at Palava? Answer in the comments section and you could be among the lucky few!
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You guessed right! You can catch Bhaichung Bhutia at the Palava Corporate Challenge 2017 this Saturday. Follow us to know how you can get to meet him in person!
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Lodha Easy Lease is an effortless way to find the right tenant. We at Palava, make it possible for everyone to experience a unique lifestyle.
State-of-the-art sports facilities are not just a fantasy but a reality in Palava! With clubhouses spanning across my neighbourhood, my citizens' fitness goals are taken care of!
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Can you identify this Indian football icon? He is nicknamed the 'Sikkimese Sniper' and is about to visit Palava! You may just get a chance to meet him!
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Palava's Team Extreme has recently been making news on skates! Beginning with the Skate India competition, they've kept the momentum going by claiming 2 Gold and 2 Silver medals at TSA Speed Skating championship. My kids make me proud!
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The Palava Corporate Challenge is not just a test of your football skills but it's also a test of your character. Your skills will determine if you're good but your character will determine if you're great!
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Here's a spectacular collage made by Aparajita Roy that encapsulates the Saraswati Puja celebrations held by the Bengali Association.
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It was a 'Super Weekend' indeed! 48 teams gave it their best, but only 12 make it through to the final day.
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