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Tomatoes have a decent shelf life. So, prefer storing them at room temperature to retain their flavor. Be #FoodWise.
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With a revolutionary design and nanoe-G technology that kills up to 90% germs, Panasonic Sky ACs are redefining the way we live! #TheFutureIsUp
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High nutrition-density in blueberries not only promotes heart health, but also aids weight loss and helps fight cancer. #SuperFood indeed!
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Around 1830s, Ketchup was sold as a medicine. It was used to cure illnesses such as jaundice and indigestion. #FoodFact
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Munching is absolutely necessary when #INDvsAUS is on!
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Roar! India, roar!
Indian team is off to a great start as they take command over the pitch. Catch #INDvsAUS live in action.
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Business solutions by Panasonic India. Connecting Thoughts, Connecting Life.
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Experience vibrant colors of India with Projection Mapping Solutions by Panasonic Business. #ConnectedSolutions
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Welcome to Panasonic Connected Solutions event.
Connecting thoughts, connecting life. #ConnectedSolutions
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Panasonic Education solutions provides interactive ways for students to interact with technology. #ConnectedSolutions
Make art by projecting torchlight in a dark room and share with us on Twitter at @panasonicinnews to win exciting prices. #connectedSolutions
Huddle in front of your TV screen and cheer out loud as the boys set the stadium on fire. #INDvsAUS
Get ready to cheer the Indian Cricket Team as they step on the field against the Aussies. Tomorrow, it's going to be #INDvsAUS in action!
Dipped in hues of love and happiness, may your Holi be a splendid one. #PanasonicSangHoli
With Panasonic’s ActiveFoam wash, removing stains would be the last thing on your checklist. #PanasonicSangHoli
Usher in the Holi spirit by downing some chilled Thandai #PanasonicSangHoli
Before indulging in a riot of colors, massage your hair well with warm coconut oil or use a mix of jojoba and castor oil to keep them safe.
May your Holi be colorful and food delicious!
Tell us what’s on your Holi party menu.