Panera Bread
03/26/2017 at 15:00. Facebook
Colors never looked so tasty. #fiftyshadesofgreen
Who wore it best?
Who needs gloves when there’s tomato soup?
What do you call your sweetheart? Pumpkin, sugar, honey?
Who needs a spoon when you have bread?
When in doubt, follow the three ‘S’s. Soup, Salad and Sweet.
Hat, scarf, gloves ...breakfast power sandwich.
Chicken shouldn't need a DNA test to prove it's chicken.
Alfresco breakfast isn’t just a summer thing.
Sometimes it’s hard to wait for your soup to cool down.
Who says you can’t make friends with salad?
#snowday = #soupday
There are two types of food in this world. Clean Food and Not Clean Food. Thankfully 100% of ours is the Clean kind. Learn more at
This is how we roll.
Precious cargo.
No table, no dish, no problem.
100% of our food is 100% clean. Right down to the last crumb.
The only problem with cinnamon rolls is you can’t eat them with gloves on.
We just want this delicious sandwich, please. And some snow. And a fireplace. Thanks.
All we need is Mac & Cheese. And a spoon.