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Las Vegas NV. - Jake Chamseddine #deathofabachelortour #home
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Las Vegas NV. - Meg Meyer #deathofabachelortour
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Made it to Las Vegas. Had to go see a vocal doctor because he thought there was a chance of a tear in my vocal chords. No tear just extreme swelling and temporary damage due to singing the last two nights without treatment and having laryngitis. He told me no talking or even whispering so if you see me and I don't say hey that's why. Very excited to play a home town show tonight!!
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Portland OR. - Jake Chamseddine #deathofabachelortour
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The Death Of A Bachelor Tour is rolling on! Skip the merch lines + pre-order merch before your show on Sidestep [ Link ]
Tore it up across the Midwest this week on the Death Of A Bachelor Tour & only lost Kenny once [ Link ]

-Jake Chamseddine
Houston, we're teaming up with Get Schooled to help raise money for their national scholarship fund! Donate through CrowdRise for the chance to win 2 tickets and the VIP experience for our sold out show April 1st at Toyota Center [ Link ]

- Jake Chamseddine
Look who's on the cover of the latest Alternative Press! Grab your copy + a limited edition hand-signed poster on
Boise ID. - Jake Chamseddine #deathofabachelortour
Denver CO. - Jake Chamseddine #deathofabachelortour
Des Moines IA. #deathofabachelortour - Jake Chamseddine
Upgrading your week with another Death Of A Bachelor Tour recap coming at ya now! [ Link ]
Saint Paul MN. - Jake Chamseddine #deathofabachelortour
❀ "Chicago" - Jake Chamseddine
Thank you all for making the Planned Parenthood tee a massive success- beyond what I could have even imagined. We raised over $55K in less than 24 hours & I'm going to match those donations! You’re truly all incredible & inspiring. And for those that didn’t get one, you can still do your part by donating here [ Link ]
Cleveland OH. - Jake Chamseddine #deathofabachelortour
"We won't back down in the face of threats or intimidation, or turn our backs on the patients who count on us. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever." - Cecile Richards

I'm Brendon Urie and I stand with Planned Parenthood. We're doing these shirts to show our love and admiration for a cause that offers help for so many people- over 2.7 million women and men, in fact. I also refuse to succumb to...
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Week 2 of the Death Of A Bachelor Tour was all the rage. See for yourself in the this week's recap! [ Link ]
Love is not a choice. Worcester. - Jake Chamseddine #deathofabachelortour