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Back then, our Holi was so packed with colour that just bending to sip our Thandai added a kiss of colour to it!

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Sip on your Thandai, and go riiiight back to when Naani and Mummy took hours to make something we took mere seconds to polish off!
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Relive fond memories of waiting and waiting eagerly for a very special time of the year - the season of Thandai!
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The smell of charcoal on our freshly laundered and pressed clothes.
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Waiting for any one of our hostel-mates to come back from home - only to raid their stash of home-food!
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When we were sent to the infirmary (aka sick room) when we fell sick, our hostelmates would always come by to check on us.
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02/18/2017 at 04:57. Facebook
Long before cell phones, this was how our families reached us in the hostel.

Thank you Dipasha for bringing this memory back to us!
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02/17/2017 at 05:43. Facebook
The reason why everyone thinks the hostel warden is the enemy of fun-times.
Life in the hostel meant sharing every tiny, personal ritual.
Day scholars had just their gangs to eat with. But we boarders? We had our whole hostel to eat with!

Thank you Nayan for this memory!
So what if the day scholars had tuition? We had first benchers - and if all else failed, our seniors!
Row after row of gorgeous neatness. *sighhhh*
Supposedly to replenish our stocks, but mostly to gawk at the world outside - the monthly Sunday outing for us hostelites!
Weekends at a hostel meant a fixed time to write home.
If only our hostel's wake-up bell came with a snooze button.
And the key to this, I wore around my neck.
The insurance of a hankie - all to avoid 'jhootha'.
The flavour of impossible white paper on a sticky chocolate.
How did I always manage to get so much sand *inside* my shoes?!