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Spending the next few days exploring San Miguel de Allende, Mexico ✨ Searching for #ShadowDancers... #PaperTravels
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Tiny dancer. #PaintPuddleDancer
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SCROLL through #ShadowDancers made of the world around us ✨
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Women of the , version II. #PaperFashionWomen
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With the moon in your hands #StarCatchers
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A rose or a lady in a gown... what do you see?
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SCROLL through some of my Desert Dancers! Done in the White Sands Desert and the Sahara Desert #ShadowDancers @ Sahara Desert
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Love Winsor & Newton's new painting masterclasses: [ Link ] - An amazing resource for inspiration and techniques :). <3 #WNmasterclass
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Tiny pink decisions. @oscardelarenta #PaperFashionRunway
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Illustrating Oscar de la Renta Fall 2017 Pt. II❣#PaperFashionRunway (Watch her come to life on InstaStory!)
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My world ❤ #PaperFashionPalette
Illustrating Oscar de la Renta Fall 2017 ❣#PaperFashionRunway
Current work in progress in InstaStory tonight... any guesses which runway show she's from?
One of my past favorites... an illustration I created with tulle and gouache of an Armani gown ❤
My Great Grandfather, the illustrator and the immigrant. ❤#adaywithoutimmigrants
My favorite look from the @marchesafashion runway show #marchesa #nyfw
Marchesa part II. More on InstaStory!
Sketching Marchesa #paperfashionvideo