Aloha! ✌ It’s our 7th birthday today! The 1st of December marks seven years since the company started its path towards developing exciting and wonderful games for everyone’s entertainment. Let’s celebrate this amazing day together. Claim the gifts we have for you! ➡
Our games have won over the hearts of more than 300 million players from all over the world , and that...
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✌ Aloha! ➡ ☀ Build your own tourist city with luxury hotels, receive guests and complete exciting tasks.
✌ Aloha! ➡ ☀ Build your own tourist city with luxury hotels, receive guests and complete exciting tasks.
✌ Aloha! ➡ ☀ The day you've been eagerly waiting for is finally here — our favorite game's birthday! We've got wonderful gifts for all of you to celebrate: ➡ ???? As for us, your happiness is the best gift of all, ???? along with a #PI2birthday comment below!
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✌ Aloha! ➡ ☀ The incredible Oscar Moore is visiting your Island again! Take part in his amazing magic show, and you’ll get a chance to win unique and rare items. You can also purchase chests with certificates for expeditions today. The certificates will allow you to send more than one expedition at a time!
✌ Aloha! ➡ ☀ A flying saucer has crash-landed on your Island! It’s time to make friends with the visitors from another world. To do so, you'll need to decipher their language, repair their ship, and build an Intergalactic Embassy! Also, don’t miss your chance to take part in a new event: the more resources you send through a portal, ✨ the bigger your reward will be. ...
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✌ Aloha! ➡ ☀ We found dinosaur eggs on the Island! Take part in this exciting event, complete special quests, get points, and you’ll gain access to the unique Stegosaurus enclosure. Add some flavor to your resort with these prehistoric creatures!
✌ Aloha! ➡ ☀ The Wet Willy is approaching the Island again. Engage in fierce battles with vicious pirates and you'll get great rewards! Also, the illusionist Oscar Moore is visiting the resort, so take part in his magic show to win unique items. If you still have some spare building space, make sure to check out the sale on buildings.
✌ Aloha! ➡ ☀ Right now there’s a Lucky Star in the game that can multiply your bank purchases. Hurry, this is your chance to get rich quick!
✌ Aloha! ➡ ☀ Today a new Merry Battles rating week is beginning. Don’t have enough weapons to take part in the fun? Then hurry and get some special chests with all the equipment you’ll need!
✌ Aloha! ➡ ☀ Get to the bank because today you’ll get small mysterious boxes with all your purchases absolutely free. The bigger the purchase you make, the more boxes you’ll receive.
✌ Aloha! ➡ ☀ The illusionist Oscar Moore is back visiting the Island again! Then make sure you get your hands on chests with weapons! Don’t miss your chance to find the Lucky Star, which can multiply your bank purchases.
✌ Aloha! ➡ ☀ You’ll have to fight against hardened pirates again, but victory will bring you amazing treasures. Plus, you can take part in the Chasing the Quantum event, which will leave you with plenty of energy all the time! ⚡ And don’t forget to check out the flag sale!
✌ Aloha! ➡ ☀ We are offering chests filled with the resources — shells, pearls and golden rings, — at a breathtaking discount. If you drop by the bank, each purchase will bring you a chest with boosters for the Beach mini-game!
✌ Aloha! ➡ ☀ Hurry to the bank because today you’ll get chests with weapons for the Merry Battles with each purchase as a gift! These weapons will help you get the upper hand over your opponents and win great prizes, so seize this opportunity!
✌ New update is here for #Android players! ➡ ☀ Kick back on the beach with your guests, and turn your resort into the most popular vacation spot on the globe! One of the tourists has spotted land on the horizon. Use the helicopter in the Atlas Hotel to find out who it belongs to!