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Looks that could kill. See Priyanka Chopra in Baywatch on May 25. #BeBaywatch Get your tix today or you'll regret it: [ Link ]
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When all seems lost, a few brave souls can save everything we’ve ever known. Watch the new #Transformers trailer now.
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Prepare to rethink your history. The new #Transformers trailer debuts Wednesday.
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"A thousand years we’ve kept it hidden… the secret history of Transformers."
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See the cast of #GhostInTheShell in New Zealand while filming the movie.
See the cast of GhostInTheShell in New Zealand while filming the movie
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Make your voice heard. Share the new trailer for An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power. In theatres July 28th. #BeInconvenient
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This Friday, experience a new world. Get tickets now to see #GhostInTheShell in theatres in RealD 3D and IMAX 3D:
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Live fast, run slow. Watch the #Baywatch trailer starring Dwayne The Rock Johnson and Zac Efron. In theatres May 26th. #BeBaywatch
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It's a hard job, but there's a pair that can do it. Look out for our NEW trailer Wednesday! #BeBaywatch #BayDay
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Martin Scorsese's Silence Movie is now available on Digital HD. [ Link ]
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