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SPONSORED: Not all parents are in the position to stay at home with their little ones, so who is looking after your preschooler?

How to choose the correct Early Childhood Development facility
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Australian parents left their kids alone while going overseas. Our readers have their say about leaving kids alone at home. What would you do, folks?

Would you leave your kids home alone?
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Just how much does trauma affect children, and what should we as parents do to help?

Children and trauma: when bad stuff happens
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Embarking on a baby-making journey later on in life? We share all you need to know. If you've already gotten a start, share how it's going?

Pregnancy after 35
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Include these seven foods in your diet during pregnancy to help give your baby the best start to life. Do you think this is realistic? How are you coping with cravings?

7 superfoods to help you during pregnancy
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Struggling to fight discrimination and find jobs, four friends, each living with Down syndrome, decided to open their own catering service – and it's thriving.

Down syndrome won't keep me down: four friends open own pizza business!
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Today marks the start of teen suicide prevention week. This is something which continues to affect many families. Educating yourself on this could be a matter of life or death.

Spotlight: Teen suicide - 6 things parents need to know
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Are you too positive as a parent?

Are our kids praise addicts?
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Do you constantly fight with yourself about whether you should be taking care of your kids or taking care of your career?

Working moms: stop feeling guilty
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SPONSORED: Not all parents are in the position to stay at home with their little ones, so who is looking after your child? Choosing the correct Early Childhood Development (ECD) facility is crucial. Here's how.

How to choose the correct Early Childhood Development facilty
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Each day your child becomes exposed to a host of germs from the time they wake up, to the time that they spend at school, until they go to sleep at night.

INFOGRAPHIC: How many germs your child encounters each day
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After receiving fertility treatment in the US, a Spanish woman successfully gave birth to twins - a girl and a boy. Would you ever consider doing this?

64-year-old Spanish woman gives birth to twins after IVF
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Can you relate, Parents?
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Happy Friday Moms and Dads!
How have you managed going from one child to two (or even three or four)? There are a number of things no tells you about making the transition to a four person family, this writer tells us about them.

How I survived going from one kid to two
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Do we sometimes take the formula vs. breastfeeding debate too seriously?

Confessions of a breastfed baby
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Take a look at the random and fun holidays that you can celebrate with your kids! Which days would you celebrate and how?

Talk Like a Pirate Day and other fun days to celebrate
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Could a later start to a teen's day be a solution to this ongoing problem parents face when trying to get their teens out of bed in the morning?

Why teen brains need later school start time
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Morning Parents!
We've all heard about girl-bullies in an all-girl school... so, how do we protect our daughters?

The battlefield of an all-girl school
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"I want what I want and I want it now!" ─ ever heard that before? Is this something you've experienced, Parents? How did you handle it?

Saving your daughter from Princess Syndrome
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World Rugby is trying to increase awareness around one of the most common rugby injuries. Have you needed to deal with a concussion? How did you manage?

School rugby and concussions: why parents can't bury their heads in the sand