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Parent24 readers have their say about whether or not they would leave their babies in a hotel room unsupervised. What are your reasons for leaving or not leaving your baby in a hotel room on his or her own?

Readers react to parents who left sleeping baby in a hotel room
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Parents, what do you do when your child hurts another child or gets hurt by another child in a restaurant play area? How do you handle the situation?

Man banned from Spur after trying to overturn table in heated argument
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Morning Moms and Dads!
Sometimes a book can only give you so much information, other times you learn "on the job".
What did you learn once your baby arrived?

7 Valuable things no one tells you as a new mom
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What do you think is safe and unsafe to do during pregnancy?

80 Questions you didn't think to ask yourself
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After hearing about this incident, what would you do parents?

Would you leave your baby alone in a hotel room?
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If you had bag of Chuckles for breakfast, you’d probably be crashing by 9am, so don’t overlook the impact your child’s diet can have on his behaviour. How do you make sure your child/ren have a healthy, balanced diet?

What’s on the anti-tantrum menu?
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Morning Parents!
Some of you may be taking to the road this Easter season. How do you take care while you're taking longer than usual road trips?

What happens to a child in a car crash – expert
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ICYMI! These women gave birth naturally, on video. Share in their beautiful experiences. Tell us about your birth experience! (Warning: explicit footage).

Beautiful natural birth videos
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Former South African rugby referee Jonathan Kaplan made a rather bold decision for his life: he chose to become a single dad at 50 via surrogacy. What would drive your decision to become a parent the way Kaplan did?

Just a terrific boy, his single dad and 3 famous bulldogs
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The names most registered for 2015! Does your little one's name feature? Which names do you think will be the top contenders for 2016/2017?

Top baby names in South Africa: 2015/16
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ICYMI Parents! Here are SA's school and public holidays for 2017 in a neat, downloadable calendar ─ plus a few handy tips on when to take leave so you get maximum benefit! ;)

2017 school holidays in South Africa calendar printable
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How do you handle bee stings with your children? Does your child have a bee allergy?

7 tips on bee safety
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Google's new Family Link app allows parents a high level of access and control to their children's cellphones. How do you manage your kids' time spent on their devices?

New app gives parents remote control of their kids devices
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Buying a car seat is one of the most important buys parents can make. How do you choose the most suitable one?

How to buy a car seat
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Morning Parents!
What gave the game away? What were the signs that confirmed you had a little stowaway in utero?

Signs a baby is on the way
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How do you maintain being civil with the mother or father of your kids?

You can be a happy divorced family
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Which criteria do South African schools use to sort through applicants, and what does the law say? What are your opinions, Parents?

Explaining school admission policies
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How uncanny is this? Have you ever heard of or experienced something like this, Parents?

How unusual: four SA sisters are pregnant at the same time!
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Morning Parents!
Do you think the sport makes the difference in your kids or the "magic" hidden element driving their development?

Can rugby and soccer save the world? Finger-painting can too