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Does your dog like playing in water or do they prefer to keep their paws dry?

Share your pics with us here.
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Do you have a really active dog who loves agility courses?

Share your pics and stories with us.
Some interesting research in Japan on dog behaviour shows our canine pals may have a sense of morality like us.

What do you think to this?

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Dogs have human-like sense of morality, research shows
US President Donald Trump is making history in lots of ways, including being the first leader at the White House in 150 years not to own a pet. Now dog owners are urging him to take on a canine companion.

Does Trump have a dog? A history of presidential dogs and White House pets
Is your dog good friends with a cat? Share your pics with us.
Anyone else have snow today?
Does your dog have any strange habits when they're sleeping?

Do they snore? Share your stories and pics.
What do we think to this? Do we think Ivy should stay with her handler when he retires?

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Petition started for retiring officer to keep his police dog - BBC News
Poor Rosie. If anyone knows anything about this little dog please call the number on this article. Let's hope she soon finds a loving forever home.

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Mistreated shih-tzu 'didn't even look like dog' - BBC News
The Great British Dog Walk takes place in Wales on April 3 to raise cash for hearing dogs' training - right at the start of National Pet Month.

If you're planning a dog walk or other fundraising event for a UK pet charity during NPM (April 1-May 1) please let us know.

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The Great British Dog Walk 2017 is coming to Wales
This is Asha, one of the Park Bench team, with her dog Tilly, catching 40 winks.

Does your dog often cuddle up with you? Please share your pics. We'd love to see them.
Does your dog like to watch TV? Do they have a favourite programme?
What do you think to this? Would you like to hop on board with your dog?

The world’s first bus tour for DOGS launches in London