Park Village Auctions
03/22/2017 at 14:56. Facebook
Take a look at our Top Deals from last week's Durban auction.
Park Village Auctions
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Park Village Auctions
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Happy #HumanRightsDay
Tips for a good deal or a great sale on Farm Auctions.

Farm Auctions: Tips for a Good Deal or a Great Sale
FARM - 276.3842HA- Mpumalanga auctioned today at the highest bid of R9.3 Million Rand. :D
Take a look at our Top deals form this week's auction.
Auctioneers speak so quickly during bidding, it's easy to miss what they're saying! See an auctioneer from the fast-talking US slows it down for us: [ Link ]

The Auction Chant
The world's most expensive Pokémon card has just been sold at auction. While the hype of PokémonGO may have died down, the original cards clearly remain incredibly valuable.

World's Most Expensive Pokemon Card Sold at Auction - IGN
Take a look at our Top Deals from last week's auction :D.
So you're selling your house... Here are some of the reasons you should put it up for auction.

4 Reasons To Sell Your Home At Auction
This Stunning Porsche 959 Sport Just Sold for $2 Million at Auction.
Take a look at our top deals from last week's Martindale auction :D
Wishing you all a happy Valentine's Day. :D <3
Thinking of buying a car at an auction? See these 10 tips!

Top 10 tips for buying a car at auction
We don't just auction vehicles, properties, industries or engineering equipment ;). For enquiries on our Agricultural department kindly contact:
Hendrick - 083 447 1881
If you owned this great space, what would you use it for? Opportunity to rent this great location. Kindly contact for enquiries.:

Brian 082 310 9940
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The elegant and sporty 2016 BMW 420D is one of the many incredible vehicles going on auction this week. Click on the following link to view more vehicles going under the hammer :D.