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Tell us what you're doing to support Parkinson's Awareness Week.

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This #WorldPoetryDay we're looking at reasons to write, and what inspires us to put pen to paper.

Does poetry help you?

Our creative writing toolkit has tips to help get you started, or to take the next step with writing. [ Link ]
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In our latest article, Dr Beckie Port looks at the suggested benefits of exercise in people with Parkinson’s. Including specialist advice from Julie Jones, a Parkinson’s physiotherapist.

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"I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s 10 years ago. Bill, my husband, became my carer.

"I met Bill at summer school, we instantly hit it off. Three days after meeting me Bill said he was certain we were going to live together. I thought he was mad. We were together 27 years. We spent many happy years travelling and saw many corners of the world, New Zealand, Japan, Egypt and Canada. People said...
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"There's more to Parkinson's than just taking the pills."

What helps you manage the condition?
It's time to stop Parkinson's in its tracks. Parkinson's Awareness Week is back from 10-16 April.

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After a spectacular 5th year #ShakewithLaughter London is back!

Join our host Rob Deering at The Comedy Store - London on Monday 16 October. More fantastic acts to be announced very soon! Limited tickets are now available at an early bird rate of £16.

Get yours now at [ Link ]
This week it's #BrainAwarenessWeek, a global campaign to raise awareness of brain research.

To mark the start of the week why not get connected to the latest Parkinson's research news and opportunities at
"Are you sure you're okay being with me? This is how things are going to be."

Emma and Shram talk about falling in love and the realities of living with Parkinson's together.
What was life like before duodopa? If duodopa has made an impact on your life, we want to hear from you!

Help us ensure that duodopa continues to be made available to everyone who needs it.

Contact us at
Together with The University of Sheffield we have launched a £1 million virtual biotech company to create new treatments for Parkinson's.

Find out more about this approach and how it will help us to investigate and develop potential Parkinson's treatments: [ Link ]

Virtual company to create new Parkinson’s treatments
What does today's budget mean for people affected by Parkinson's? Read our comments at [ Link ]

Budget 2017
If you're thinking about changing or starting medication, we can help. There are many different drugs for Parkinson's, but we urgently need new and better treatments that can do more than just replace dopamine.

Find out what's available at
More good news for Parkinson's research as a new study repurposing cancer drug nilotinib has been announced. A Phase II clinical trial will go ahead in 2017.

Read more at: [ Link ]

Parkinson's research news. Phase II clinical trial starts in 2017.
"Finding a cure for Parkinson's would be the best present ever."

Louisa shares what it's like to live with Parkinson's for her and her 4 sons. What would a cure mean to you?

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What a cure would mean to me.
Professor John Reynolds of the University of Otago in New Zealand, is looking into a new approach to treating movement problems in Parkinson's. Using ultrasound which mimics the natural bursts of dopamine in the brain. Watch the full lecture at: [ Link ]
Have you recently been diagnosed with Parkinson's or know someone who has?

Knowing where to find answers to your questions can make a real difference.

We can help with support and information:

Recently diagnosed?
For Janet, her Motability car is a lifeline, but she almost lost it because of the failure of PIP to support people with Parkinson's when they need it most.

No one living with Parkinson's should have their support taken away.

Together we can change the benefits system. Take the Disability Benefits Consortium's Big Benefits Survey at: [ Link ]
Have you heard the news about proposed changes to Personal Independence Payment (PIP) this weekend?

We have been contacted by the media who are looking to speak to someone with Parkinson's, living in or able to travel into London, today. You won't receive PIP currently but you may be thinking about applying in the future.

We’re trying to persuade the Government not to press ahead with the...
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Ever thought about getting involved in Parkinson's research? Geoff and Alison talk about their experience.

Still interested? Take our survey and help us understand how you'd like to hear about research opportunities.

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