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Good news! We're delighted that the Government has listened to our concerns, and will not be continuing with plans to devolve Attendance Allowance to local councils.

Attendance Allowance is a lifeline for older people with Parkinson's, and we were extremely concerned that some local councils wouldn't have been able to meet demand.

A huge thank you to all our fantastic campaigners!

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Parkinson's UK - Attendance allowance victory
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Law firm, Ashfords LLP, helped raise an incredible total of £150,165 for us in 2016! Lucy, a solicitor with the firm, was one of the staff who helped us land the partnership and went above and beyond to help raise as much money as possible.

“Each year, as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility programme, we nominate and vote for a “Charity of the Year”. This year, I (along with a number...
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Two of our amazing supporters have been nominated for not just one, but two Yorkshire Choice Awards 2017.

Leanne Owen and Mark Wilson are up for Inspirational Individual of the Year and Fundraiser of the Year.

Mark was diagnosed at the age of 40 and after being forced to quit his job, decided to not let Parkinson's win. He has now raised well over £10,000 over the last 18 months through his...
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We're still building a picture of why people get Parkinson's, but understanding the pieces of this complex puzzle will help us unlock better treatments and one day a cure.

Find out more about the causes of Parkinson’s: [ Link ]
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A natural molecule has been highlighted by researchers at the University of Cambridge for its potential to tackle Parkinson's.

These findings could lead to potential new avenues to slow the progression of the condition. [ Link ]

Parkinson's UK - Natural molecule with promise for Parkinson's discovered
Parkinson's UK
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It's a common assumption that falls affect people in living with the later stages of Parkinson's.

In our third installment from our Ask the Researchers series, Dr Alison Yarnal talks about a recent study about when falls occur and why research is helping us understand how to prevent them.
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Every hour, someone in the UK is told they have Parkinson's.

This animation shows what happens inside the brain of someone with the condition. Please share and help us to raise awareness of Parkinson's.
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"Writing allows me to rebuild the house in my mind that shelters me from Parkinson's."

Our new creative writing toolkit is here! Whether you're a budding blogger or a poet, this toolkit has something for everyone. Co-created by people with Parkinson's, for people with Parkinson's.

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Can we treat balance in Parkinson’s?

In our second instalment of our Ask the Researchers series, Dr Alison Yarnall talks about the benefits of exercise and medication.
Remember Emma and Haiyan from the BBC's Big Life Fix? Catch up with them live on BBC News, talking about the invention that changed Emma's life.
"My challenge to myself is that I'm not going to be defined by Parkinson's."

Dance for Parkinson's Scotland recently won the Parkinson's dance group category in our competition, When I Dance.

Participants of the Dance for Parkinson's Scotland programme, delivered by Scottish Ballet, share how this class has impacted their lives. [ Link ]

Scottish Ballet: Dance for Parkinson's Scotland

Scottish Ballet is spearheading a ground-breaking 18 month pilot Dance for Parkinson’s Scotland programme, delivered in partnership with Dance Base. This ini...

Still looking for a New Year’s Resolution? Join us in ours and Walk for Parkinson's in 2017!

Take part in one of our many walks around the country in some of the UK's most beautiful parks, countryside and cities.

Help us take a step closer to a cure, and improve life for everyone affected by Parkinson’s.

Registration is now open!

Parkinson's UK
What's life like with Parkinson's?

Hear stories from people affected by the condition and find out how they deal with the challenges Parkinson's can bring: [ Link ]
In November last year, we invited you to ask our Parkinson's researchers your burning questions about Parkinson's research.

They answered and throughout this week we'll be sharing our Ask the Researchers series. In this video, Dr Donald Grosset explains why Parkinson's symptoms vary so much from person to person.
If you're living with Parkinson's you may also be living with depression or anxiety. Maybe you're coping with other mental health conditions too.

Today the Prime Minister announced plans to tackle stigma around mental health. Whilst we welcome the Prime Minister’s plans, we're concerned that people with Parkinson’s and mental health conditions are still missing out on vital support.

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"I'd love to share some photos with you of my Dad, George.

"He has been living with Parkinson's since 1992. As a young boy, he started his training to be a jockey, but sadly never finished because he was called for National Service. All of his life, he has been crazy about horses.

"Sadly, last year his wife (my mum) passed away. After the many years of living with Parkinson's, we always...
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GDNF is a special protein that is naturally produced inside the brain and supports the survival of lost cells. Is this chemical the future of treating Parkinson's?

Watch the full lecture at: [ Link ]
Parkinson’s affects the nervous system, which controls body temperature, so people with Parkinson’s can be more sensitive to heat and cold. Here's a few simple tips for keeping warm from us and NHS England:

• Wear plenty of thin layers, rather than one thick one and wear cotton, wool or fleecy synthetic fibres.
• Keep your home warm - at least 18°C
• Keep active – moving about and getting...
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January is the time of year when lots of us think about exercise, staying healthy and trying something new.

Take a look at our website which looks at the benefits of exercise for Parkinson's and how to find classes in your area:
Happy New Year everyone. 2016 was an exciting year for Parkinson's research. Thank you for standing with us and for your amazing support. We're looking forward to what we will achieve together in 2017.

Together we can bring forward the day when no one fears Parkinson's.

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