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Ever thought about getting involved in Parkinson's research? Geoff and Alison talk about their experience.

Still interested? Take our survey and help us understand how you'd like to hear about research opportunities.

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Are you interested in sharing your experiences of Parkinson's to help raise awareness of the condition?

Our media team are keen to hear from you! They are looking for people affected by Parkinson's to share their experiences of everyday life with the condition, and their thoughts on research.

If you're interested, or would like to find out more, please get in touch by emailing...
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“I was diagnosed with an eating disorder 10 years ago. During this time I nearly lost my life. I pulled through, but with many complications. Last year I found myself slowly slipping again. Things were getting out of control.

“My Granddad, who had Parkinson’s, had been a huge support to me and spurred me on in every aspect of my life. One day, I saw the opportunity of doing a wing walk to...
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Without the generosity of people like you, our work would not be possible.

There's lots of ways to get involved, whether you fancy fundraising, volunteering or campaigning!

Find out more at:
Parkinson's UK
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Elan was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 2006, and has struggled with his speech for years.

But he was determined to give the Father of the Bride speech at his daughter's wedding, and his family launched a crowdfunding campaign to help pay for speech therapy.

"It was something I was determined to do for Amanda, regardless of how my speech came out."

Dad's battle against Parkinson's so he could give speech at daughter's wedding
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Is Parkinson's ever a laughing matter?

Amanda, whose fiancé has Parkinson's, blogs about how it feels to see someone with Parkinson's laughed at on Facebook.

When Is It OK To Laugh At People With Disabilities?
Dr Donald Grosset leads our groundbreaking Tracking Parkinson's study, the largest study of its kind into Parkinson's in the world.

Here he explains why his data is so valuable and reveals an exciting new finding.

Find out how you can take part in research:
With your help, we can help families like Chris and John's. Help us improve continuing healthcare.

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Help us keep the wheels turning for Parkinson's research and support this summer.

Join us and #UniteForParkinsons this World Parkinson’s Day!

We’re working with the EPDA to bring the whole global Parkinson’s community together to mark the 200 year anniversary of James Parkinson’s ‘Essay on the Shaking Palsy’.

Let’s make sure there's a global focus on the condition. Find everything you need to get involved at [ Link ]
Coping with Parkinson's together can make relationships stronger, but it can be challenging too.

Have you got any tips to help?

Read more about Parkinson's and relationships, and find support at [ Link ]
We're really excited to be returning to the stunning surroundings of The John Rylands Library in Manchester for the third Ian Fowler Memorial lecture on 11 May.

Come along and hear about two exciting projects that aim to tackle the underlying causes of Parkinson’s by changing the way the brain cells work.

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A new inhalable form of levodopa could help people with Parkinson's who experience sudden 'off periods', when their medication stops working.

By bypassing the digestive system, this new form of levodopa gets to the brain more quickly. Read more at [ Link ]

Positive results from trial of inhalable levodopa
Teaching Tai Chi has given Andy structure and purpose. He also finds it helps to manage his tremor and is great fun too!

Have you found any types of exercise or complementary therapies that help you?

Read more about exercise and Parkinson's at
A promising new test to detect parkinsonisms could help to reduce the delays and distress that many experience in getting a definitive diagnosis of Parkinson's.

Read more about this latest research at [ Link ]

Researchers develop test that detects parkinsonisms
You don't have to run a marathon to support us! Visit a concert, have lunch with friends, or enjoy a feast at one of our special events!

Find an event near you:

Parkinson's UK - Special events
"I’ve still not turned the heating on, because money is so tight. My house is cold, I’m wrapped up in scarves and cardigans, but I can’t risk a large fuel bill."

Our Policy and Campaigns Adviser blogs about looming ESA cuts, and why they must be scrapped.

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Taking Money From People With Parkinson's Won't Get Them Into Work
MPs and Peers have been discussing some key issues for people affected by Parkinson's in Parliament this week, including access Duodopa and the need to drive up the standard of neurology services.

Read more about the discussions, and find out how you can help us fight for a better deal for people affected by the condition. [ Link ]

Parkinson's UK - Talking Parkinson's in Parliament
If you've been diagnosed with Parkinson's you may have lots of questions about work, from how to tell your colleagues to what to expect from your employer.

We can help with information and support: [ Link ]
“Sadly alongside my husband’s Parkinson’s, he has severe mental health problems including feeling suicidal. His mental health has been a challenge for 30 years, which has not only had a big impact on his life, but mine as well.

"I’ve tried to help him by getting treatment for his mental health, but we never seem to be taken that seriously. It certainly feels like mental health symptoms are...
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