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The basis of the human body is to organise itself for efficiency and effectiveness.

During the Parkour & Movement Camp this July you'll face a series of challenges, both physical and mental, that will require your all. Some simple, perhaps like carrying rocks with a partner for a long way, some far more complex and dynamic. Each challenge is designed to test you in a holistic sense, and...
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I am.. Limitless.

Parkour is the constant striving to overcome one's limitations, to master mind and body through movement, to become the very best version of yourself. Parkour reveals to us many things about ourselves, and we discover that we ARE courage, fluidity, curiosity, power, fear.. all these things and more. This film is a tribute to that.

In 2015 the Parkour Generations...
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There are some moments, some challenges, some experiences in life that will alter you forever. Things that build and shape and focus your growth as an athlete and as a person.

The annual Parkour & Movement Camp in Morzine in the Alps is one such event.

An intensive week of training, moving and learning surrounded by good people, stunning scenery and clear blue skies, the Morzine Camp is an...
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Master Your Movement.

Photo by Andy Day Photography
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We're always exceptionally proud our website. It's won awards over the years, and the different iterations have always brought something new and special. But this one... well, just see for yourself.

[ Link ]
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Awesome shot from a fun shoot we did for Sandisk tech giant recently.

Whole series of these were used in the campaign, all by the fantastically talented photographer @davidwallaceshoots
Find out more about our Performance Athletes via our website.

#Repost @sandiskrussia
Передавайте файлы со смартфона на планшет или ноутбук. Откройте новые грани скорости и гибкости с накопителем SanDisk...
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Want to train with Blane? Yes, we know: everyone does.

That's why we're adding a whole new class to the weekly roster in London - Parkour Roots Class on Thursday evenings, starting as of February 2nd, run by the man himself!

Chris 'Blane' Rowat was a guiding light in the very early days of the parkour scene, whose early training videos showed an unmatched dedication to quality, detail and...
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Be among the first 5 people to book a spot on our July Parkour & Movement Camp in the French Alps and earn an exclusive Tasmanian Tiger UK Essentials MKII Backpack!

These bad boys are perfect for movement, with chest and waist straps to keep it tight to your back when running, jumping and climbing. We love them and we know you will to.

The first 5 people to book their place on the Morzine...
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At the Parkour & Movement Camp in Morzine we utilise the whole environment for the intensive training challenges. And we mean the whole environment... True movement capability is that which can adapt to any terrain, in practical terms. Most gyms and methods will adapt their spaces to fit their movement: we do the opposite - which is what nature intended all along.
The you that leaves the...
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'If you didn’t know, parkour is a holistic training discipline focussing on using the human body for propulsion over obstacles and can include running, swinging, climbing and jumping.

In the sport of parkour, or freerunning as it is also known, Dan Edwardes is an expert. He is a founding member and director of Parkour Generations, as well as being a founding member of Parkour UK – the...
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Limitless Pursuits - Dan Edwardes: the freerunning advocate and Parkour Generations co-founder
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If you're out training today, do it in style like London Academy Member @natalie_anson here.

Classes don't stop just because it's Sunday. Choose from:
➡Weekend Wakeup 11am-1pm
➡Family Parkour 11am-1pm
➡Youth Parkour 11.30am-1.30pm
➡Obstacle Course Training 3pm-5pm
See for all class details.
---------------------------------------------------- ...
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A rare opportunity to take the ADAPT Level 1 Coach Certification in parkour's country of origin - France!

We'll be running a Level 1 course immediately following the Parkour & Movement Camp in Morzine, open to any and all who are interested in learning more about the science of coaching parkour.

Details at the link. Fully catered and accommodated course run by Master Coach Chris Rowat.

ADAPT Level 1 Certification - Morzine, France

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The movement and strength training world's best kept secret is back.

This July we present the ultimate movement training camp experience – the Morzine Parkour & Movement Camp.

Situated in the stunning French Alps in the beautiful resort town of Morzine, surrounded by glorious mountains and deep forests, this is a fully catered residential week of intense movement training led by Master...
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This video was created to show the first-time impressions of a small group of women who had never trained or experienced parkour before trying one of our Women's Parkour Classes. Led by Parkour Generations coach Shirley Darlington, assisted by Thuli Lamb, the classes exist to inspire and guide more women into the discipline that we love and live by.

shecanTRACE is a Parkour Generations...
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Our first Women's Parkour Course of the year is now open for booking! Saturday evenings starting March 25th at the famous Chainstore Gym in London.

Hit the link to see details on SheCanTrace:

[ Link ]

Register for Women's Intro To Parkour at Parkour Generations Ltd starting on March 25, 2017
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Performance work of the highest quality is something we pride ourselves on, and have done for over a decade. It's a discipline in itself to become a professional performance athlete in any discipline and no less so in parkour.

Shot from a recent project for client Sandisk Europe in London.

Image by David Wallace Shoots

To contact our professional parkour performance team, visit
Utilising parkour and movement to combat physical and mental obstacles is something we are hugely passionate about. That's why we're incredibly excited to be bringing Karl Sterling of Physiochains in the USA to our London Chainstore Gym and Parkour Academy in March 2017 to run his groundbreaking Parkinson's Regeneration education programme!

Early bird booking is available now, so hit the...
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PKGen's Tracey Tiltman in action at Winterval 2017 this past weekend.

Tracey was one of the first women to become a figurehead for parkour in the UK as part of our professional team of athletes and coaches, performing in commercials for brands such as Kodak and Nokia and was the basis for the main character 'Faith' in the hit game Mirror's Edge!

It's great to see so many women now involved...
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Family Parkour Class returns this Sunday 15th January. 11am - 1pm at St. Augustine's Sports Centre, Kilburn with coach Leon Lawrence. Integrating fun, movement and challenge into an all-inclusive class for parents, toddlers and their siblings. (No spectators allowed... Bring your joggers and your sneakers and join in the fun). #parkourfitness #familyparkour #giveparkourago #ParkourGenerations