Parryware India
03/24/2017 at 13:06. Facebook
There is a thin line between reality and imagination. Experience it with the magical lavender lite. #SpinTheWheel #ParrywareIndia
Parryware India
03/23/2017 at 13:28. Facebook
Watch silence come alive with the beautiful new shade of Alpine Blue which is crafted with detail and inspired by nature. #SpinTheWheel #ParrywareIndia
Parryware India
03/22/2017 at 13:20. Facebook
Watch nature look like a dream when red romances with blue. Magenta
is the new color that your bathroom will love. #SpinTheWheel #ParrywareIndia
Parryware India
03/21/2017 at 13:08. Facebook
Like the soft color of blue? Feel the breeze of blue in your
bathroom as well. #SpinTheWheel #ParrywareIndia
A colour that connects you to nature. Experience the calm by adding Lush Lime to your bathroom. #SpinTheWheel #ParrywareIndia
Do you like green? Now you have
the option of bringing freshness of Merry
Green to your bathroom.
#SpinTheWheel #ParrywareIndia
Is pink your favourite colour? Why not show that through your
bathroom? #SpinTheWheel #ParrywareIndia
Do your prefer elegance over anything else? Make your bathroom look elegant with purple. #SpinTheWheel
You chose Taupe. Now get the colour of warmth in your personal space as well. #SpinTheWheel #ParrywareIndia
Is Red your favourite colour? Now add Jazz Red to your bathroom as well. #SpinTheWheel #ParrywareIndia
Not only on Holi, now you can indulge in colors throughout the year. Opt for our colored sanitary ware to keep the festivities ongoing forever. #HappyHoli
This Holi, we have something special in store for you. Play the game and watch out this space for more updates. #SpinTheWheel
Parryware has partnered Griha
We are proud to be India’s 1st choice in faucets and hope to continue being the same.
#Indias1stChoice #ParrywareIndia
We understand our responsibility isn’t over on purchase, it extends to after sales services as well. #Indias1stChoice #ParrywareIndia
Our portfolio has been growing each year, giving consumers a wider choice to suit their needs. #Indias1stChoice #ParrywareIndia
We take pride in being an Indian brand that has made its presence felt globally. #Indias1stChoice #ParrywareIndia
Parryware follows the same standards as that of the leading global brands.
#Indias1stChoice #ParrywareIndia