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Parryware India
4 hours 4 minutes ago. Facebook
Hey Delhites! Now no more asking around for directions, simply locate the toilet with the help of your phone. Learn More: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Parryware India
yesterday at 10:50. Facebook
Get rid of the hassle of mixing cold and hot water everyday with easy to operate knob technology of Parryware water heater.
Parryware India
12/07/2016 at 09:31. Facebook
Good news for Delhites, your phone will help you locate not just your destination but also a toilet near you. Read more [ Bit.ly Link ]
Now getting late in the morning will no more be a problem. Find everything in place in your bathroom with the vanity cabinets.
It’s difficult to imagine bathing in winter without water heaters. Isn’t it? Tag a friend who is too lazy to bathe.
Who doesn’t like relaxing in the bathtub! Tag a friend who takes ages to bathe.
Parryware is proud to have played its part in setting the record for maximum hand washes in the span of 9 hours. Hopefully this inspires everyone to care about their hygiene.
Good ideas take time. Know of a friend who doesn’t come out unless you knock?
You have been using the toilet since birth without realizing its importance. This World Toilet Day take a moment to value your toilet and share this post to help others who don't have it. For every 20 shares Parryware will donate one toilet. #WorldToiletDay
It is the most necessary requirement and you cannot live without it. You have it, many don’t. Pledge your support by sharing to eradicate it. For every 20 shares Parryware will donate one toilet. #WorldToiletDay
You might not realize the luxury of having a toilet, unless you realize not everybody has it. Pledge your support by sharing to eradicate it. For every 20 shares Parryware will donate one toilet. #WorldToiletDay
Give wings to your wanderlust with the magical shade of Mystic Blue that reminds you of the warmth of magnificent waves. Spread the glow and warmth to your bathroom.
Soak in the reflection and reverie of nature with Merry Green, a color that imparts freshness to your bathroom and makes you feel the goodness of nature.
Just like the cool winter breeze, rejuvenate your senses with the blue breeze. Let your mind relax everytime you enter your bathroom.
Soak in the richness and warmth of Jazz Red, a sensually bold colour. Bring magic of the rising sun into your bathroom, which is sure to leave you spellbound.
Lift your creative spirits every morning with the Deep Teal. The colour of tranquility and joy. Adorn your bathroom with this sophisticated Deep Teal and feel its energy refresh you day after day.
Surround yourself with the playfulness of Pink Shell, the colour of light heartedness. Let your bathroom resonate with youthful energy every time you walk into it.
Experience spiritual fulfillment with Elegant Purple, the colour that gives lavenders their fabled charm. Let peace of mind greet you every time you enter your bathroom.
Diwali is a festival of lights and colors. Let us celebrate the festival, just like how it should be; with diyas, sweets, flowers and happiness.
Get close to nature with Lush Lime, the colour that adds serenity and calm where ever it's seen. Create an aura of goodness with Lush lime in your bathroom.