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Dog walking and agility are on the #150PlayList but if your pet loves activity as much as these guys do, they're welcome to try all 150!
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It's tougher in the winter for sure, but it can make a huge difference.

This is why every child should walk or wheel to school every day
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If ice cream doesn't motivate you to go for a spin, I'm not sure what will.
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Proof that sliding down a snowy hill is super fun. Go check tobogganing off your #150PlayList
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To complete the #150PlayList you've got to get to these activities soon.

10 winter activities you have to do before the snow melts
Tag the person who's captured your heart to let them know you'd like to celebrate the active way...with the #150PlayList of course ;)
It's Valentine's Day tomorrow. Hopefully something even half this romantic happens for you!
Sitting less is easier said than done. Here's a list that can help.

150 easy ways to sit less every day | ParticipACTION
UBC students checked 32/150 off their #150PlayList in a pretty epic way.
Watch CBC reporter Peter Mills take the plunge on one of the coldest days of the year!
Not certain if this is closer to skiing or cycling. If you're doing the #150PlayList it may just count as both!
Don't sell yourself short. You can do more than you think.

How to do twice as much as you think you can
"After I recovered from leukaemia I realized that the fun thing about life is going for a goal." What an incredible and inspiring story.
This hilarious remake of our classic ad is the coolest thing you'll see all weekend.
You made it to Friday, high five! Go be awesome this weekend like this 5th grade teacher who greets each of his students with a personalized handshake.