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Sara and Alphé race to check 2/150 off their #150PlayList at one of Manulife's awesome event activations.
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Getting active and staying active can be hard, even when you work at ParticipACTION. We all face the same challenges. We all struggle. Here are some thoughts on how we can overcome them together.

I'm a ParticipACTION employee and I still struggle to be active
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Don't tell me you're still just thinking about it... #150PlayList #tbt
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The prizes for the #150PlayList include $100 gift cards and activity trackers each week, trips for 2 across Canada each month, and a new car at the end of the year. Here's how to play to win!

6 ways to increase your chances of winning with the 150 Play List | ParticipACTION
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"A little play does a lot of good." We couldn't agree more. #150PlayList
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Some ParticipACTION team members explain how physical activity makes their lives happier. #InternationalDayofHappiness
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It's the first day of spring AND International Day of Happiness. Here's how moving more can lead to a happier life today, this spring, and for the rest of your life!

Why physical activity is the secret to happiness | ParticipACTION
By 2031, it's projected that close to 1.4 million Canadians will be affected by dementia. Physical activity can help.

Why physical activity is essential for preventing dementia
This takes dog walking to a whole new level. #150PlayList
15,000 new players signed up to play baseball last year alone reports Baseball Canada. If you're new to the sport, here are some helpful tips if your child asks to play this spring.

Your child asks to play baseball – now what?
"The most important part of health care is prevention, staying fit and reducing the risk of disease. We cannot wait to increase our focus on prevention, or the physical inactivity issue of today will result in the critical health care and productivity issue of tomorrow."

Wickenheiser: We must move more to improve Canadians' health
Disons simplement que nous sommes heureux d'avoir coché cette activité! #Palmarès150
This Saturday is the perfect time to try diving thanks to Diving Plongeon Canada! Clubs across the country are holding intro lessons for all ages - [ Link ] #getonboard

5 ways to get on board with diving
Well there's one good thing about snowstorms in March...more time for snow activities! #150PlayList
Do you find it more difficult to leave your child unattended after hearing about stories like this one?

How the media pushes reasonable people toward hyper-parenting
Let's just say, we're glad it's checked off the list. #150PlayList
A game of life-sized hungry hungry hippos to get moving on Monday?