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No matter what challenges we face, we must continue to fight to ensure health and justice for the world's most vulnerable people.

You can make a lasting difference today. Join us: [ Link ]
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PHOTO OF THE WEEK: PIH staff fill prescriptions for patients at Pleebo Health Center in Liberia.
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Sisters Leydi and Rebeca Velasco are both alive today because PIH doctors identified life-threatening heart conditions and connected them with the care they needed.

All Heart; Two Sisters’ Miraculous Surgeries in Mexico
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A safe house for women living with chronic mental illness, pioneered by PIH, has been transferred to the control of the Peruvian government. The model has been so successful that the government is hoping to replicate it around the country. Learn more: [ Link ]
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Thank you, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., for leading the fight for social justice, and for continuing to inspire us to work toward a more just and equitable future.

A reflection on Dr. King from Dr. Paul Farmer: [ Link ]
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As the Ebola epidemic receded in West Africa, a complication called uveitis threatened the sight of hundreds of Ebola survivors. Inside the fight to treat uveitis, after much of the world had moved on.

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PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Nutrition Program Coordinator Ms. Esther Mahotiere measures the arm of 14-month-old Louibéne Louis at PIH's malnutrition clinic in Boucan Carré, Haiti.
With your help, we're treating children in Haiti, where 1 in 5 are malnourished.
Seven years after Haiti's earthquake, we're proud to be helping rebuild the nation's health care workforce, which suffered devastating losses that day.

At University Hospital in Mirebalais, we're training a third class of neonatal and pediatric intensive care nurses to save children's lives. Learn more about our nurse training program: [ Link ]
In Lima, Peru, and around the world, we accompany our patients through every step of treatment: [ Link ]

What can this Peru slum teach the world about stopping the spread of TB?
We're fighting for a generation of HIV-free children. Learn more: [ Link ]
Throughout 2016, Partners In Health continued to provide health care in places that don’t often make the headlines. Here’s a glimpse at how we did it, from Mexico and Haiti to Russia and Lesotho: [ Link ]

Our Year in Photos
Before our pathology lab opened last October in Mirebalais, Haiti, patients waited 90 days for a cancer diagnosis. Now, they get one in 20. That difference can be lifesaving. Learn more: [ Link ]
Everywhere we work, we're committed to keeping women healthy—in part because strong women tend to make strong communities. Learn more: [ Link ]

Pictured: Village health workers gather for a meeting at Nkau Clinic in Lesotho.
Nurse Supervisor M. Hnede A. Kondy, aka “Mommy Mary,” has delivered hundreds of babies over four decades in the town of Pleebo, Liberia, where we recently refurbished a health clinic to serve new mothers.

A look back at our year in quotes: [ Link ]
PHOTO OF THE WEEK: James Lipenga, a village health worker site supervisor, poses outside of Dambe Health Center in Malawi.
"Anyone with spirit and a passion to make a positive impact on the lives of those in need can be involved in global health." -- PIH's Emmanuel Kamanzi on a career that took him from Rwanda to Boston and back: [ Link ]
A new digital x-ray machine, the first at Liberia's J.J. Dossen Hospital in 35 years, is just part of a massive revival of the facility.

An X-Ray Machine that Inspires Devotion
Since Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti in October, we've supported Immaculate Conception Hospital in Les Cayes, assisted with cholera prevention and response, and provided mental health services to patients and staff. Learn more: [ Link ]
From Dr. Paul Farmer, and the entire Partners In Health family, thank you for your support, through this holiday season and beyond.