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"These new drugs are a new hope." Segundo R. Leon, director of research at PIH in Peru, on how endTB could revolutionize tuberculosis treatment: [ Link ]
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PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf visits JJ Dossen Hospital in Harper, Liberia, this week. Dr. Francis Kateh (center), the Liberian deputy minister of health, led the tour.

Partners In Health began working in Harper at the request of President Sirleaf in 2014, during the Ebola epidemic in West Africa. JJ Dossen is one of several health facilities that PIH has...
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When Kabelo Manyeli arrived a year ago at Botšabelo Hospital in Lesotho, he could barely walk. The facility, opened by PIH and the Ministry of Health, is dedicated to patients like him who have multidrug-resistant tuberculosis. Clinicians got Manyeli onto proper medication, and now he is halfway through treatment and on his way to a full recovery. #WorldTBDay
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Tuberculosis kills more people around the world than any other infectious disease. On #WorldTBDay, we're talking live with TB experts Dr. Askar Yedilbayev and Dr. Carole Mitnick about our work to find better treatment options, and why we should all care about TB.
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"By finally countering TB’s cunning battle plan with a bold, multi-pronged approach that embeds science and care delivery and keeps the poorest people in mind, some year soon, #WorldTBDay may be a day for celebration." -- PIH Co-founder Dr. Paul Farmer in Nicholas Kristof's New York Times blog

Paul Farmer: Humans Aren’t Winning the War on Tuberculosis
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Thabo Selia-Lia was diagnosed with multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in February 2016 in Lesotho. The photo on the left was taken six weeks into treatment, when he still had trouble breathing, was coughing, and struggling to sleep. He was constantly nauseous from his TB drugs.

Now halfway through his treatment, Selia-Lia says he is feeling much better and is back at work. #WorldTBDay
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Countless families in Lima, Peru, now live in tents with little clean water or health care after heavy flooding and landslides. Yesterday, PIH reached two of the hardest-hit communities in Lima's Carabayllo District, bringing crucial health care along the Chillon River. But we need your help to reach those most in need over the coming days.

Record Rainfall Slams Peru, Death Toll Rises
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In Lima, Peru, flooding and landslides from heavy rains have left thousands without access to water or medical care. More than 100,000 people have been injured, and another 600,000 are affected or displaced. The rains are expected to worsen today.

Our team is in need of basic medical supplies and gas to reach the most remote areas of Lima. Please give an emergency gift today.

Urgent: Devastation in Peru
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Foreign aid, which accounts for just 1% of the federal budget, not only saves lives—it makes the world a more stable, safer place. It's one of the smartest investments we can make; cutting it is dangerous and irresponsible. Tell Congress to reject these cuts today.

Tell Congress: Foreign aid is worth saving
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“We still have the biggest outbreak of cholera of any country anywhere. Here we are, nearly seven years later, and it’s still a big problem.” -- Dr. Louise Ivers, PIH's senior health and policy advisor

After Bringing Cholera to Haiti, U.N. Can’t Raise Money to Fight It
PHOTO OF THE WEEK: University Hospital in Mirebalais, Haiti, is celebrating its 4th year of treating patients. Since opening in March 2013, the hospital has provided a level of care never before available at a public facility in Haiti.
Foreign aid makes up less than 1 percent of the federal budget, but has saved countless lives around the world. Stand with us in telling Congress to reject these dangerous cuts.

Tell Congress to reject foreign aid cuts
"For many people around the world, our foreign aid efforts are what make America great." -- Chief Medical Officer Dr. Joia Mukherjee, on why cuts to the foreign aid budget would have devastating consequences

Our Patients Will Die Without Foreign Aid
This morning, President Donald J. Trump unveiled a budget proposal that would slash foreign aid, walking back the United States' longstanding commitment to helping the world's most vulnerable people.

Foreign aid saves lives every day. Join us in urging Congress to reject these dangerous cuts: [ Link ]

Tell Congress: Stand with the world's poor
“We want to build sustainable, country-driven, and evidence-based solutions."

In a remote part of Liberia, PIH nurses are innovating better solutions to health care challenges: [ Link ]

Improving Care at the Most Remote Clinics in Liberia
"We believe that cancer can be treated without all the oncology facilities, but with people who are committed and with a strong health system. That’s what makes our cancer center unique—that motivation, that collaboration, that commitment."

Dr. Cyprien Shyirambere on why cancer is no longer a death sentence in Rwanda: [ Link ]
At the University of Global Health Equity in Rwanda, we're training global health professionals like Dr. Kurt Figueroa to provide high-quality health care in some of the world's poorest places -- from his home in Mexico, to rural Rwanda, and around the world.

Learn more: [ Link ]
For families in Chiapas, Mexico, chickens are more than just farm animals -- they're critical sources of income and food in a place where many children are starving. That's why we've partnered with Heifer International to provide a sustainable solution to malnutrition.

10 Hens and Hope in Chiapas
Partners In Health is celebrating 10 years in Malawi. In a rural area where almost no one had HIV medication, we've started 8,000 people on treatment and restored 12 clinics for the region’s 150,000 residents. We’re called Abwenzi Pa Za Umoyo in local Chichewa and are known for developing health programs that work for people—from checking on pregnant women in their homes to holding community...
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Today we remember Thomas J. White, one of PIH's co-founders and a tireless advocate for reducing human suffering. White, who would have turned 97 today, gave away all of his wealth during his lifetime in support of causes like Partners In Health, helping to save and improve countless lives. He's pictured here visiting a group of children in Haiti in the early days of PIH's work in Cange. #FBF