Pat McCrory
01/18/2017 at 21:38. Facebook
I am pleased we left our state in great financial shape!!

State Revenues Ahead of Projections - Civitas Institute
Pat McCrory
01/17/2017 at 00:35. Facebook
As we approach this weeks inaugural, I sat down with CNN this morning and discussed the need for a smooth transition. Watch here:

Pat Mccrory FULL Explosive Interview with POPPY HARLOW 1/16/2017

Pat Mccrory FULL Explosive Interview with POPPY HARLOW 1/16/2017

Pat McCrory
01/15/2017 at 18:29. Facebook
Happy to see our legislature standing strong for the people of North Carolina.
Yesterday, I had the opportunity to visit my friend Harry Jones who has courageously been fighting pancreatic cancer for over 5 years. His fight, as well as former state rep and friend Ruth Samuelson’s bout with cancer have been inspiring. Please join me in prayer for Harry, Ruth, and all cancer patients and their family and friends.
Be safe and enjoy the snow day!
Three days before he leaves office, Gov. Pat McCrory talks with WRAL News anchor David Crabtree about his accomplishments, House Bill 2 and an increasingly intolerant political climate.

McCrory reflects on time as governor
Ann and I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!
With Christmas only two days away, Moe can't wait for Santa Claus! In the meantime, he's doing a great job supporting and loving his dad.
Grateful for the chance to visit my grand niece today, Katherine Ann Sebastian, who is just a month old. Ann and I look forward to celebrating Christmas with her and the rest of our family.
It’s been a privilege to hold our regular bible study at the mansion with this group. I am deeply grateful for their prayers and support throughout my term.
As many North Carolinians are still suffering from Hurricane Matthew and wildfires, we have called a special session to help our citizens recover. WATCH:
INC Research Holdings, Inc. intends to launch a major expansion to its headquarters in Wake County, creating 550 jobs over the next several years. North Carolina’s excellent business climate, highly skilled workforce and unmatched quality of life continue to attract jobs in the life sciences. INC Research’s significant expansion brings additional energy to our state, leading the way in...
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In the last three months, North Carolina has experienced some of the worst natural disasters in state history. As we work to make sure North Carolina recovers stronger than before, we are committed to addressing the unmet needs of our citizens still suffering, and we must do it now, especially during the Christmas holidays and as cold weather approaches. WATCH:
Merry Christmas from the North Carolina Executive Mansion!
Merry Christmas from the North Carolina State Capitol!
I joined the NC Board of Transportation today to commemorate U.S. Representative Howard Coble with a resolution naming a portion of I85 in his honor. Howard Coble was an amazing congressman who set the standard for sincerity, hard work and honesty in public service. I considered him a mentor and friend. Most importantly, he was a tireless advocate for his constituents. I’m proud that we can...
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I want to thank firefighters and emergency management crews from throughout the state and the nation who have helped contain and are still battling wildfires across western North Carolina. We will continue to support efforts to protect people and property and contain fires in our state, as well as help our neighbors in Tennessee facing extremely difficult conditions at this point in time.

Governor McCrory Hails Efforts to Contain Party Rock Fire and Support Crews in Tennessee | State of North Carolina: Governor Pat McCrory