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01/19/2017 at 23:20. Facebook
Late last year we introduced our Physics Programmer, Alex, in a developer interview where we discussed the new cloth physics system he had been working on. In addition to this new system, Alex has also been working on creating a new water simulation system. We are still in the very early phases of the development of this but we're excited to share a preview of the work we've done so far.

An Early Look at the New Water System - Path of Exile
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01/18/2017 at 21:03. Facebook
We're proud to announce that Path of Exile will be making its console debut on Xbox One later this year! The Xbox One version is also free-to-play and will contain all the content from the PC version, including the upcoming 3.0.0 expansion that includes Act Five.

Path of Exile is Coming to Xbox One! - Path of Exile
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01/18/2017 at 02:50. Facebook
Earlier this week we concluded the Path of Exile Talent Competition. This competition was open to all media of work and can easily be called our most successful competition to date. The quality of the work our community is capable of producing is outstanding. In today's news, we reveal the prize-winners from the competition!

Path of Exile Talent Competition Winners! - Path of Exile
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01/17/2017 at 03:41. Facebook
A Atualização de Conteúdo 2.5.2 está atualmente programada para lançar no fim dessa semana! O objetivo primário dessa atualização é introduzir as Melhorias Adicionais de Performance anunciadas na semana passada. Ela também inclui uma pequena quantidade de correções de bugs e uma nova arte 3D de um item! Apesar das notas do patch estarem sujeitas a mudanças antes da atualização, as estamos...
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Notas da Atualização de Conteúdo 2.5.2 - Path of Exile
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01/17/2017 at 03:40. Facebook
Content Update 2.5.2 is currently scheduled for release later this week! The primary goal of this patch is to introduce the additional Performance Improvements we announced last week. It also includes a small number of bug fixes and new 3D item art! While they are still subject to change closer to the release of the update, we're making the patch notes available for you to peruse in the meantime.

Content Update 2.5.2 Patch Notes - Path of Exile
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01/16/2017 at 20:37. Facebook
Welcome back to another issue of the Path of Exile - The Exiled Tribune. In this week's update, we'll take a look ahead at how the team will be sticking to its release schedule and how far out the next expansion could be as well as some other performance issues. In addition, the Talent Competition w...

Path of Exile - The Exiled Tribune - Planning Ahead 13-Weeks at a Time -
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01/16/2017 at 04:45. Facebook
The Path of Exile Talent Competition comes to a close today. This competition has been one of our most popular ever with an overwhelming number of talented submissions being entered. Tomorrow we'll be announcing the winners of the competition! Among many other exclusive prizes, we're giving away four of the original pages created for the Path of Exile Comic. We've now selected the exclusive...
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Comic Art Prizes - Path of Exile
We received so many requests to make player-useable versions of the portals you encounter in The Crystal Veins in Act Four. As a result, we've now made the Kaom Portal and Daresso Portal available in the store.

New Microtransactions - Kaom and Daresso Portal - Path of Exile
We're about half-way through the Breach Challenge leagues and so it's a good time to check in with some statistics. In addition to some challenge-completion statistics, we've also assembled the top ten deadliest areas and the top ten most-played areas! This graph shows what percentage of players have how many challenges and only includes accounts that have completed at least one challenge.

Breach Statistics - Path of Exile
Our programmers have completed another wave of game client performance improvements. We plan to release them next week in a minor update called 2.5.2. Today's news post explains how these changes improve Path of Exile's performance.

Additional Performance Improvements - Path of Exile
The Path of Exile Talent competition concludes Monday the 16th of January at 5pm (NZT). We've had an overwhelming number of excellent submissions already but there's still time to make your mark on the competition by submitting your talent. By entering the competition you will go into the running to to win some exclusive prizes. By simply entering the competition you go into the draw to...
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Highlights from the Path of Exile Talent Competition - Path of Exile
It's always fun to look back at things as they were, to remember without the vaunted "rose-colored glasses" at how it used to be. In the spirit of the turn of the year, the Path of Exile team has taken players down a pretty fun walk down memory lane by showing off some of the game's earliest moments...

Path of Exile - The Exiled Tribune - Looking Back Has Never Been So Fun -
Most of our team are now back at work after the New Zealand holiday period. We have a busy year ahead! The purpose of today's news post is to highlight the rough plans of what happens when the Breach leagues end in seven weeks.

Upcoming Content Releases - Path of Exile
This weekend we're holding a sale on every type of stash tab. This includes everything from Premium Stash Tab Bundles to Guild Stash tabs, as well as the new Essence, Divination and Quad Stash Tabs! The Special Tab Bundle that includes all three new tabs has also been further discounted!

Need more pockets? Check Out the Super Stash Sale! - Path of Exile
Since Path of Exile's announcement in 2010, we've released a total of 16 trailers. They ranged from announcing Path of Exile itself to unveiling character classes, expansions and challenge leagues. In a recent news post, we highlighted the first eight of these trailers and provided some details about how they were made. Today, we're covering the final eight trailers.

Path of Exile's Trailers Through Time: Part Two - Path of Exile
We recently posted the full patch notes from Path of Exile version 0.8.0 to 0.8.7. Today's news has the remainder of our internal patch notes going back from Alpha version 0.7.2 to 0.5.0, when we only kept them as short internal records of what changed.

Legacy Patch Notes - Part Two - Path of Exile
Since Path of Exile's announcement in 2010, we've released a total of 16 trailers. They range from announcing Path of Exile itself to character classes, expansions and challenge leagues. In today's news post, we're going to highlight the first eight of these trailers and provide some details about how they were made.

Path of Exile's Trailers Through Time: Part One - Path of Exile
The Breach leagues are currently in full swing and we're glad to see that so many players are continuing to enjoy this league! We sat down with Nick, one of our game designers who came up with the initial concept for the Breach League to get his insights into his inspirations for game design, unique item design and how the concept of the Breach leagues evolved.

Forum - Announcements - Developer Interview - Nick - Game Designer - Path of Exile
It's the start of 2017 here in New Zealand. In addition to wishing the entire community a happy new year, we wanted to post our annual retrospective on 2016. We are proud to announce that, once again, we've had the best year so far for both the game and the company! 2017 is already looking good. In addition to launching Act 5 in the first half of the year, we also have some other exciting...
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Forum - Announcements - Happy New Year! A 2016 Retrospective - Path of Exile
The microtransactions that were introduced with the Carnage Mystery Box are now available in store! Among these new microtransactions are the Carnage Armour Set, Gore Weapon Effect, Carnage Wings, Gore Portal and much more!

Forum - Announcements - Carnage Microtransactions In Store Now! - Path of Exile