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Antipsychotic medicines help the brain suppress hallucinations, delusions and extreme mood swings. But how do they do this?

This Is What Antipsychotic Medicines Do For Your Brain
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Common triggers for epilepsy can be stress, drinking and even eating irregular meals. How has it affected your life?

The Honest Trust About Living With Epilepsy
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Autism affects 3 main areas: Social communication, social interaction and behaviours.

What It Means To Be On The Autistic Spectrum
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Most women get occasional bouts of vaginal thrush, and it not something you should be embarrassed about!

Vaginal Thrush: The Signs & Causes All Women Should Know
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Ever felt like you had a lump in your throat? It's probably the Globus Sensation.

Globus Sensation: The Condition You Might Have Had Without Knowing
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STUDY: Cancer is caused by a mistake in the DNA and is completely random, a new study suggests.

Nearly Two-Thirds of Cancers Are Due to Random DNA 'Mistakes'
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Is your kneecap making noises? Well it could be due to Chondromalacia Patellae.

Chondromalacia Patellae: The Signs Of Kneecap Damage
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Rachel Clarke is dedicated NHS doctor that is standing up for her patients. Her interest in palliative medicine is helping her to bring a good quality of life to her patients at the end of their lives. She is a true inspiration.

Let's celebrate healthcare staff! Tag doctors & nurses who inspire you.
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You can use antihistamines for a lot more things than just your hay fever symptoms.

All The Conditions You Can Use Antihistamines To Treat
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An early symptom of cervical cancer can be vaginal discharge that smells. Don't go unchecked, and know the signs so you can be prepared! Share with every woman you know.

Cervical Cancer: The Signs & Symptoms All Women Need To Know
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It's something many of us fear. But you can reduce your risk of developing dementia with simple life changes.

How To Reduce Your Risk Of Getting Dementia
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"Teenage pregnancy rates in England and Wales have almost halved in the last 8 years"

Teenage pregnancy rates hit all-time low
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Poison doesn't often come in a small vial. It can come in many forms, but the most common is alcohol poisoning. Here are the symptoms to look out for.

This Is What You Should Do When Dealing With Poisoning
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From panic attacks, citalopram and finding support. This is what everyone with depression should know to help them cope.

What Depression Looks Like In All It Forms
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Just because you have a sore throat, it doesn't mean you have tonsillitis. But can you tell the difference?

Sore Throat: The Symptoms & How To Treat Them
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Rotavirus kills 13000 children a day. But a new Rotavirus vaccine in Niger could help save 500,000 children a year.

What You Might Not Know About The Deadly Rotavirus
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Tuberculosis can be fatal. But with treatment, most cases are cured. So let's bring awareness on World TB Day and spread the message!

How To Spot The Symptoms Of Tuberculosis
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"I thought that was as bad as it would get."

What Life is Like With Mast Cell Activation Syndrome
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The heart needs a small electrical current to pass through it. This has to be in a set pattern or it can cause health complications.

What Is A Normal Heartbeat & An Abnormal Heartbeat?
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1. Napping isn't good if you want a good night's sleep.

Everything That People With Sleeping Problems Should Know