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How much protein should you be getting a day?

Why is protein so important for our health?
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"What would I say is our biggest problem? The general public's attitude to their emergency service!"

If you could relieve pressure on A&E would you?
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What are the signs you should look out for after a head injury?

How to deal with a head injury
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We may take swallowing for granted, but it's a complicated old process.

Swallowing problems: common causes & treatments | Dr Sarah Jarvis
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You can't see all illnesses
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We are all living longer, but what should we be looking out for as we age?

What health conditions should we look out for as we age?
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"A while ago, someone said to me that most people who suffer from depression are attention seekers. That's not true"

People with depression aren't "attention seekers"
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We have all become way too familiar with the phrase "it has happened again".

How to manage anxiety triggered by unsettling world events
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Your scaphoid bone is the same size as a cashew nut!

Scaphoid Wrist Fracture: What to do when you fracture your wrist
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Did you know we actually make steroids in our own body.

How do steroids effect our bodies? | Dr Sarah Jarvis
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FACT: Lactose Intolerance can play a part in IBS, but other factors like stress & overactive nerves also can.

The facts about Irritable Bowel Syndrome!
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Hormones, stress and immune disorders all have a part to play in creating dandruff. Here is how to get rid of it.

Why do we get dandruff and how can we get rid of it?
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Kids should get 60 mins of physical activity each day. But as a parent how can you achieve this?

How to help your kids get enough exercise
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This antihistamine doesn't cause drowsiness and helps hay fever & urticaria.

Mizolastine - Why do you need it?
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A kidney stone can be the size of a microscopic crystal or as large as a potato.

Why do we get kidney stones?
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Your skin is your largest organ, and when something is wrong, it's hard to ignore.

Skin conditions: common problems and self-care tips | Dr Sarah Jarvis
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"It's a condition that affects your life in so many subtle and destructive ways."

12 powerful truths about living with plantar fasciitis foot pain | Patient
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Pregnancy is no bed of roses, especially not when morning sickness kicks in.

What causes Morning Sickness?
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An SSRI antidepressant used to ease depression, OCD, PTSD & anxiety disorders.

Why should you be taking Sertraline (SSRI antidepressant)?
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Caused by the herpes virus, it stays with you for life once infected, but is often dormant.

Herpes Simplex Eye Infection: How do you treat it?