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There are many amazing things about being a parent, checking for head lice isn't one of them!
So here is a tip, choose wet hair over dry hair combing.

This Is How You Should Be Treating Your Child's Head Lice
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"Facts and numbers I may have known for years become blurry and I question everything before I say it."

The Different Ways Brain Fog Affects All Aspects of My Life
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Fearne Cotton has opened up about her own depression and why she felt she couldn't talk about it. But with depression becoming a raising problem here is why we need to speak out.

‘I Was Terrified About Talking About Depression’ - Why We All Need To Speak Up About Depression
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Nearly two-thirds of NHS hospitals in England could be seeing their services cut in an effort to save money. So what is the future of the NHS?

Hospital Cuts Planned In NHS England - The Truth Behind The Headlines
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Is your kneecap making noises? Well it could be due to Chondromalacia Patellae.

Chondromalacia Patellae: The Signs Of Kneecap Damage
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Your thyroid gland produces an important hormone called Thyroxine. This keeps your body functions working at the correct pace. But when too much is made it has devastating effects.

Overactive Thyroid: The Signs And Causes You Need To Know Today
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David Cassidy, the star of 1970s The Partidge Family, has revealed he is suffering with dementia,days after faltering on stage. He stated: "I was in denial but a part of me always knew this was coming"

Dementia: Is It Possible To Prevent The Disease Of The Mind?
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Research has shown that venom from small sea snails in the Caribbean Sea may help ease chronic pain. As well as offer an alternative to opioids for pain relief.

Research Shows Sea Snail's Venom May Help With Chronic Pain, But What Else Can Ease Symptoms?
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"One of the hardest things to deal with is the fact that no one can see or understand what I’m going through."

What a Day With Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Feels Like
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FACT: The front part of our "voice box", the Larynx, is easily visible on men as it's the Adam's apple.

What Happens When Your Voice Box Becomes inflamed?
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Diarrhoea and fever are all signs your child may have shigellosis. So give your child plenty of fluids to drink . Spread the word by sharing:

Shigellosis: The Signs & Treatment All Parents Need To Know
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Tiredness isn’t a disease, it’s a symptom.

When Do You Need To Get Tiredness Checked Out?
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You can spot hives because of the blotchy, blister-like rash they form. They can be red or white in colour.

Hives: The Signs & Symptoms That Makes It Different From Other Rashes
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Sepsis is causing the NHS "billions", but it's awareness that is key to saving lives. The symptoms of sepsis can vary but it can include difficulty breathing, sore throats and a change in behaviour. Spread the message!

The Signs & Symptoms Of Sepsis That All Of Us Need To Know Today
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A study shows that having social relationships enrich our lives and helps us live longer!!

Having Social Connections, Like Friends & Family, Improves Our Survival Rate By 50%
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From sweaty feet to bad breath. We've all had an embarrassing condition. Let's not live in silence anymore!

15 Embarrassing We All Need To Start Talking About
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Signs you shouldn't ignore are bloating, diarrhoea, fatigue, abdominal pain and even dermatitis. Learn more here:

Coeliac Disease: How To Know If You Can't Eat Gluten
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Let's stop treating thrush as a taboo!

We need to talk about Thrush | Dr Sarah Jarvis
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Even a small vehicle bump can lead to whiplash. Women are also more likely to have whiplash due to weaker neck muscles.

This Is What Happens To Your Neck When You're In A Car Accident