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The Pacific Rim Margarita gets its mojo from yuzu juice. Share or like this post now to vote for this recipe to be the Margarita of the Year.
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The beautiful and luxurious beaches of St. Martin served as a #SimplyPerfect setting for the SXM Festival and refreshing Patrón cocktails.
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We’re mixing up two more Margarita of the Year recipes live at 3:00 pm CST. Tune in to find out how to make Alexander Kady’s Tropicante Margarita and Riesler Morales’ Coralina Margarita. If you have any margarita-related questions, be sure to ask them below for a chance to have them answered during our live stream.
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Join us each week on Margarita Monday at 3:00 p.m. CST as we highlight one of our favorite types of cocktails, and continue our search for the 2017 Patrón Margarita of the Year. This week, our global mixologist is tasting Mexico’s Reisler Morales’ Coralina Margarita and Alexander Kady’s Tropicante Margarita.
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When the days are longer and the skies are brighter, feel free to start your happier hours earlier.

2 oz Patrón Silver
3 oz Grapefruit soda
.5 oz Fresh lime juice
+ Pinch of salt
+ Grapefruit slice for garnish
+ Salt rim (optional)

Add all ingredients to an ice-filled highball glass and stir. Garnish with a grapefruit slice.
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Take a trip across the pond to experience the English Garden Margarita. Share or like this post now to cast it as your vote for the Margarita of the Year.
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Two masters join us tomorrow to show how to make their equally unexpected Margarita of the Year recipes - the Tropicante Margarita and Coralina Margarita. Tune in at 3:00 pm CST to get the recipes and meet the bartenders.
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How does Padma Lakshmi mix up her perfect margarita? With a pinch of turmeric, fresh ginger, and a perfect amount of Patrón.

Padma Lakshmi’s Perfect Margarita
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Summer is a state of mind. Patrón popsicles are how you get there.
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Enjoy the tequila that wears green all year long. Choose Patrón Silver this St. Patrick's Day.
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Brackets down. Glasses up.

Pre-game Punch
1.5 oz Patrón Silver
1 oz Passion fruit puree
.5 oz Lime
4 oz Soda water
2 Dashes of orange bitters

Build all ingredients in a collins glass with ice. Garnish with lime wheel.
Vote for grapefruit flavors with tiki inspiration. Share or like this post to vote the Tiki Rita to be the Margarita of the Year.
If you missed last week’s Margarita Monday, catch up today. Then join us next week for another look at our delicious Margarita of the Year contestants. If you have any margarita-related questions, be sure to ask them below for a chance to have them answered live next week.
The culture, spirit and flavors of Mexico are too good not to share. See how we partnered with the Dallas Museum of Art to share our heritage with the world through the works of Mexican Modernist artists.

Patrón + Dallas Museum of Art
You may have lost an hour this morning, but you can make tonight count. Toast the people who keep you moving forward with the coffee-infused indulgence of the Baby Stout.

Baby Stout
1 oz Patrón XO Cafe
.5 oz Irish cream liqueur

Pour chilled Patrón XO Cafe into a shot glass. Top off with Irish cream, layering the shot so it looks like a miniature glass of stout.
Try the margarita that's deliciously topped with charred pineapple and sage. Share or like this post to vote for the High Plains Margarita as the Margarita of the Year.
The perfect margarita deserves the perfect tequila. Find your favorite Margarita of the Year recipe near you.

Patrón Perfect Margarita
1.5 oz Patrón Reposado
1 oz Patrón Citrónge Orange
.75 oz Fresh lime juice
.25 oz Simple syrup, to taste
+ Lime wheel for garnish
+ Kosher salt (optional)

Combine ingredients in the cocktail shaker and shake with ice to chill. Strain into...
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Patrón Reposado, Patrón Citrónge and mango combine for an adventurous Margarita of the Year recipe. Share or like this post to vote for the Mumbai Margarita as the Margarita of the Year.
It’s close to our home and close to our hearts. Secret Dining Society is in Guadalajara tonight!
The world first heard of the margarita in 1953. See how it’s evolved to create the 2017 Margarita of the Year recipes.

The History of the Margarita