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Last week Mark told us about a recurring nightmare... but it seems Amanda also has an active mind while she sleeps.
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New Zealand First leader Winston Peters wants to repeal the anti-smacking law, which he says doesn't work and sees greater violence towards children.

Sue Bradford says that's a dangerous way of thinking. Where do you stand?
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Good morning New Zealand.

Today we're asking the question: Should we remove cigarettes from dairies and only sell them at specific secure locations?

Vote here: [ Link ]
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Duncan had some pretty frank words for Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy.
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Meet Robbie, the balloon who's in the shape of a boy in a wheelchair.

He's officially the biggest balloon to ever fly at Balloons over Waikato, here with his owner Kim Lynch all the way from California.

And he has one simple message: Don't let anyone ever stop you from reaching for the stars, no matter who you are.

Huge balloon touches down in Waikato from California
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Paula Bennett ate dinner in the dark the night before she joined us on show. But it turns out, she had a great reason.
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Could your recurring nightmare be as frightening as Mark's?
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What would you say to Adele if you had the chance to meet her? Aziz Al-Sa'afin chose some interesting words...

Full coverage: [ Link ]
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That awkward moment when you tell Jacinda Ardern she's more popular than her boss.
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#POLL: Should authorities and the media avoid glorifying terrorists by refusing to identify them publicly?

Vote here: [ Link ]
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You’re going to be in the best seats in the house at Chris Rock's Total Blackout Tour, and you’re one of the first people in New Zealand to get tickets!

Don't worry if you missed out, tickets go on sale Friday, March 31st!
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This AM we spoke to the fabulous Dr. Sarah Hart about why more people are turning to cosmetic medicine.

Where do you stand?
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Chris Rock is coming to New Zealand with his 'Total Blackout Tour'!

Tickets go on sale on Friday 31st March... but do we have a little something for you... want to be one of the first to secure two of the best tickets? Show us some love, and 'LOVE' this post. Simple as that! GO!

You have until 6pm.
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#POLL: Should New Zealand expand its military role in Iraq to help fight IS?

Vote here: [ Link ]
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Good Morning New Zealand.

If you're waking up to the news of the #Westminster 'Terror' incident and not sure what has gone on... here's what we know so far.

***UPDATE*** Four are now confirmed dead.
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Investigative Journalist Jon Stephenson is the brains behind the controversial book titled 'Hit & Run'.

It alleges civilians were killed during an NZ SAS-led revenge raid in Afghanistan in 2010.

Does this concern you? Here's the full interview.
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Congratulations to Maribel Dela Rosa who won our 'money can't buy' Adele tickets. We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who entered this morning, we were overwhelmed with the response! And the fun keeps coming... we have a secret announcement tomorrow so tune in from 6am!
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#POLL: Should dairy owners carry firearms?

Vote here: [ Link ]
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**UPDATE: Congratulations to Maribel who won the double pass to see Adele!**

Adele fans! We have two front row tickets to give away for Saturday's show in Auckland!

All you need to do is get yourself there.

Just like this post and tag a friend you want to take with you below... and you're in to win. You have until 8:30am... GO!
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Calling all Adele fans... tune in from 6am tomorrow for an exciting announcement.

All we can say right now is that it's something money can't buy.