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We’ve got a prom-posal for you and we hope you say yes: Check out NEON Hair on TLC on 4/1 to see how our Future Professionals helped underserved and academically high-achieving students have a night to remember!
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Fresh produce is one of the best parts of spring and this edition of #FaveFormulaFridays is inspired by that!
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Whether you’re rocking a bold color, showing off some serious curls, or keeping it soft and smooth, your hairstyle says a lot about who you are and what you love. How are you expressing yourself today? [ Link ]
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We think our green thumb looks great with our hair! [ Link ]
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Well played, winter, well played. Use the Repair collection to renew your hair for spring! #AwapuhiWildGinger
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Bracket not going your way? At least your hair can always work for ya… [ Link ]
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However you seek it. #TeaTreeHairCare
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Damage control: Two new ways to condition with Tea Tree. [ Link ]
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Brush up on up-dos. [ Link ]
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Essentials for creating a perfectly sleek bun. #RareMarula
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Save money. Support students. Have you been to a Paul Mitchell School lately? [ Link ]
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Spruce up this spring with Heavy Hitter. #MITCHMan
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LIKE if your morning routine includes Awapuhi Wild Ginger!
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Neon owns the night ... make it electric! [ Link ]
So not over clover right now. This #POPXG color and style is by #PaulMitchell National Educator @ paulinatho (IG)
It's #FaveFormulaFridays. What's been your favorite so far?
Your face shape is perfect and we've got the perfect bangs for you! [ Link ]
Opt for soft waves this spring. #TeaTreeHairCare
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Are you more of a mask girl or a spray girl? Luckily you don't have to choose. [ Link ]
Stock up on all the tools you need with our exclusive #ElectricYouth Express Ion Smooth tool. (Plus receive a cute hair chain from us! ) #StandOutStyle #NeonHairCare