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Geoff Cameron got moves. #MITCHMan
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According to us, Fridays were made for color. Right, pros? #FaveFormulaFridays
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We are professionals, students, healers, mothers and daughters. We are women, and we are strong. [ Link ] #IAmStrong #IAmPaulMitchell
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New Year�'s resolutions are hard. Taking advice from us is easy. [ Link ]
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Have you met Marcel yet? [ Link ]
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Aim high, gain control and play the part: We'�re sharing our grooming goals for 2017. [ Link ]
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Our roster of pro athletes share the one change that's made all the difference for them. [ Link ]
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Don't forget to tune in!
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The 19th century meets the 21st century to make some waves. Get to know the Express Gold Curl Marcel. [ Link ]
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Busy kicking your New Year's resolution's butt? We get it – �grab a liter duo and check it off your list! [ Link ]
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Take it from an expert... [ Link ] #MITCHMANuary
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Volume-challenged? Here are five simple things you can do. [ Link ]
Your hair is your crowning glory. This golden up-do from #PMTS Alum dominique limone (IG) shows that royal style isn’t always stuffy.
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Cleanse, condition, amplify and style hair in four luxurious steps. [ Link ]
Construction Paste’s flexible, webby texture forms and separates, securing long-lasting styles with crunch-free finish. #MITCHMan
Did you know? Men are four times more likely than women to be affected by head and neck cancer, which is the sixth most common cancer world-wide. For more info, visit our buddies at Manuary CA.
Prep your hair by washing with Double Hitter, then create a classic style with Barber’s Classic. #MITCHMan
It's that time of the week again, pros: #FaveFormulaFridays!
Tackle some of the most common New Year's resolutions, Paul Mitchell style! [ Link ]