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Pros, give guests the chance to try the Ultimate Color Repair Mask with purchase! [ Link ]
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Be brave. Be memorable. Be powerful. [ Link ]
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Calling all blondes and curl girls! [ Link ]
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Final #FaveFormulaFridays for the month of February!
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What's shampoo without conditioner? No need to find out! [ Link ]
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It’s an honor just to be nominated… for a Total Beauty Reader’s Choice Award! We’ve been nominated not once, but FOUR times! Voting is open through March 1: [ Link ]
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There's no superpower like a good hair day. [ Link ]
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Did you know this one cut could help give you a statuesque neck-elongating look? Ladies, meet the Blunt Cut. [ Link ]
Show off your next-level color skills! You could find yourself onstage at Global Gathering 2017. [ Link ]
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The MirrorSmooth collection gives you a flawlessly smooth mane in 3-2-1. #AwapuhiWildGinger
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Feel-good Fridays with #FaveFormulaFridays!
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