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Who's feeling the new Bastien Salabanzi "Tremens" deck? Available now in local shops and at Primitive Skateboarding
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Happy Bday to one of my closest friends on this planet or any other.... I hope you have an amazing evening you Silly,wild,crazy,amazing,
smart ass,
music making,skateboard riding son of a bitch!!! Jereme Rogers
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The ☀ is finally back out. Grab your Glassy Sun Haters for the weekend sesh.
[ Link ]
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Keystone crew #Zumiez100K Primitive Skateboarding
Snowed in, battle of the minds with Bastien Salabanzi Heath Brinkley #zumiez100k
2016 was a crazy year for myself and the whole Primitive Skateboarding team. Check out the Year in Review video Kevin Perez Full video here: [ Link ]
Sunday funday...... Spanish Mike T.V.
So glad to see Bastien Salabanzi back on his board. It's been a tough recovery but I know he's going to come back even stronger. The full story of his injury and road to recovery at The Berrics Full video here: [ Link ]
A lil something from today.... Kevin Perez Primitive Skateboarding
My "Huy Fong Food" deck available now at your local shops and Primitive Skateboarding
Edit from last weekend with Trent McClung Kevin Perez & Spanish Mike T.V. Where are you guys skating this weekend?
#tbt betting with Andy Netkin for &
Nick Tucker back nollie heel Dan Abadi Primitive Skateboarding
Happy Birthday to the Greatest Shane O'neill
Love you my dude
My "Ninja" pro wheels are available now at Primitive Skateboarding
Congratulations to my boy Shane O'neill on winning The Berrics #populist2016 You killed it in 2016.