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Spring! #DailyWalk
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Saint Joseph’s Day [ Link ]
(above, a link to explain my devotion; welcome to pray with us in your mother tongue, 8:30 PM your time zone. Let's cover this planet with positive energy)
Paulo Coelho’s 5 Smartest Advices for Students >>> [ Link ]

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Paulo Coelho’s 5 Smartest Advice for Students
1 MIN READING: The fisherman and the businessman [ Link ]

1 MIN READING: The fisherman and the businessman
Happy week and remember :
“If you only walk on sunny days you'll never reach your destination.”

Paulo Coelho in #Aleph
Prayer of Forgiveness (ENG, ESP, PORT )[ Link ]

Prayer of Forgiveness
15 SEC READ: the search to be different [ Link ]

The search to be different
Two things prevent us from happiness: living in the past and judging others
"Beware of making a woman cry"
Mata Hari said
"God is counting her tears" #TheSpy
LeBron James offers an apology to his wife for his pursuit of greatness - The Washington Post [ Link ]
Happy International Women's Day!
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28 years ago we started working together. Thank you Monica Antunes , my agent and friend, for your presence in my life! #SantJordiAsociados
"You're never satisfied, are you?" Monica says in a tone of complaint.
"That's why you love me so much," I say with a smile.
- Paulo Coelho, Aleph
The warrior who trusts his/her path doesn't need to prove the other is wrong.
- Paulo Coelho, " Manual of the warrior of light"
"Do not despise one of these little ones [...] their angels in heaven continually see the face of My Father" Ma, 18:10

(SA children in rainstorm, Chris-Steele Perkins)
Sunset #DailyWalk
Discipline and freedom are not mutually exclusive, but mutually dependent because without discipline we would sink into chaos