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Saving one dog won't change the world but for that one dog it's world has changed forever ! There has been quite a few success stories lately with shelters and rescuers involved in the Pet Rescue program [ which is great to see] Sadly though there are plenty of other amazing dogs and cats that are in need of a loving home. If you are considering adopting then check out the Pet Rescue website.

Pet Rescue - Giving Animals a Second Chance at Life: Home
Paw Justice
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This is so true !
Paw Justice
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Remember Annie the movie ? Well now here in the real world we would like you to remember Annie ,who came into the loving hands of Taryn from Passion4pawz. Annie was recently having been found on the street by a member of the public. She had recently had pups but despite everyone's best efforts no pups or owner could be located so now she is looking for a new home where she will be loved and...
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Paw Justice
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Big day out on Sunday the 9th of April! Not only do we have our 1st fundraising event the "Ride for Justice" in which we are raffling off a 2017 Victory High Ball motorcycle but after the ride at The Puhoi Pub Hotel & Stables Est 1879 [where we draw the Victory] we have some awesome entertainment from comedian Wilson Dixon. Then it's time for one of your mates to stop talking the talk and...
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Check out the Pedigree Child Replacement program TVC- Adopt a Dog. If your looking at getting a new family member please visit

[ Link ]

PEDIGREE® - Treehouse

When your kids move out, move on. Adopt a dog with the Pedigree Child Replacement Programme at

Would you want to be a rodeo animal?

Despite a petition signed by almost 63,000 New Zealanders calling for a ban on rodeos, our government rejected a ban and rodeos are still common in New Zealand. Should 63,000 people and the animals involved have been ignored?

Please watch the attached video and let us know what you think. Should rodeos be banned? Is there any way to make them...
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Paw Justice calls for ban on bareback rodeo - National - NZ Herald News
Every knows Chocolate is bad for dogs but this Choc is great for humans.Meet our delicious boy Choc [on the right] who is on our Pet Rescue website and is in the loving care of Tayrn from Passion4pawz.
Choc came to us via the Rotorua pound......he is lucky to have made it into safe hands. He is a sweet boy, loves to play with other dogs but also placid, gentle natured and well behaved. He is...
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After The Pedigree Adoption drive and Pet Rescue" replace them" campaign" I though it would only be fair to share this amazing story to put a smile on your face for the weekend! Remember to check out
The Pedigree Adoption drive is back in full swing - Check out Pedigree's new campaign with Pet Recue REPLACETHEM – Go to

You don't need to lament your children leaving home any longer. If you are sitting there with a house that's left quiet because your little ones have flown the nest, wondering how you will fill that space. Look no further. Fill your home with love and companionship, and...
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Pedigree® Child Replacement Programe
This is a horrible situation for Samantha Brown and a poor cat!
This is from Samantha. Hi guys, desperately need your help!! Our neighbours cat is in horrible condition and suffering. We have reported this to the SPCA in November when his condition was bad, but not this bad. They said the cat was fine and told us to leave it alone. Well we rang them again telling them about the horrible...
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Really excited about this event on the 9th of April! We have had so much positive feedback about this event! This is our first ever fundraising event for Paw Justice, in which we are lucky enough to raffle off a 2017 Victory High Ball to some lucky person who has brought a raffle ticket! If you ride a motorcycle come along tell your friends and help us raise awareness of animal abuse in this...
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WARNING ! These animals are dangerous ! They will melt your heart , put a smile on your face that will make your cheeks hurt, force you to exercise and meet other like minded people . Has been proven to steal stress away from your body! Be very afraid as they have the power to change your life, Once you have one they are addictive you may get another! You have been warned! Sadly there are...
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To help put a smile on your face, while the weather is not worth smiling about ! Love it !
Saving one dog won't change the world but for that one dog it's world has changed forever! The Pet Rescue website is back up and running ,sadly though there are plenty of dogs and cats on there in need of a loving home. After yesterdays storm i think we should promote a Storm that will melt your heart
This little lady was surrendered to Taryn because the owner no longer wanted her. Storm is a...
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LOVE THE DIRECTION THESE STATES ARE GOING! This really seems to be gaining traction! In an effort to put an end to “inhumane” puppy breeding mills in the city, San Francisco has just passed a law requiring all pet shops to no longer sell dogs and cats that haven’t been rescued. This measure, however, will not affect licensed breeders, only those operating a large-scale breeding operation that...
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Great way to start the week with the Paw Justice Food Bank program stacking and packing a rescue supply package to the awesome team at P.A.W.S animal shelter who are helping save animals lives in the Manawatu area. They have some really cute pups in their care who need a loving home if you are considering adopting and have the time to commit please give them a call on 0211264220 . Thank you...
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Wow this blew my mind last night ! Talk about amazing and a lot of time invested into training !
Paw Justice food bank program helping feed animals in need who are housed in shelters around the country. Sadly there are a lot of animals that are desperately in need of a permanent loving home.
This delivery of necessary supplies for cats , kittens ,rabbits and birds goes out to the amazing Linda Nunn who runs Animal Rescue and Re Homing.
Over hump day its a down hill slope to the weekend! Lets Boogie !
Thank you to everyone who has informed us the Pet Rescue website is having issues.Yes we are in the process of getting it fixed ,looks like we have run out of space on the site. Turning a negative into a positive, i am impressed how many people have informed us ,so nice to know that there is a lot of people looking at the Pet Rescue website.