Over the years, we’ve heard of pets eating all types of strange foods! Before their transformations some of our Pet Fit Club pets have been known to feast on Sunday roasts, curry, popcorn and biscuits!

Do you indulge your pet with ‘treats’ or human food? If so and they’re looking a little podgier than they should why not register them for our soon-to-be-launched Pet Fit Club 2017? [ Ow.ly Link ]
Happy Friday all! Let's see your captions for this paw-some picture!
We are thrilled to announce that loyal Spaniel Molly has been awarded the prestigious PDSA Order of Merit – the animal equivalent of the OBE – for outstanding devotion to her disabled owner, Lucy. The award acknowledges the tremendous impact Molly has on Lucy’s life and the unique bond they share. Please watch and share this video tribute to Molly to help us celebrate her remarkable...
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This week’s #ThrowBackThursday shows a PDSA technical officer providing early pet checks to PDSA’s Busy Bees children’s club!
Please give a big round of a paws to Jack who has been awarded a PDSA Commendation for overcoming serious injuries to provide loving companionship to his owner. 17-year-old Jack is blind and has multiple health problems. Despite this he is a lifeline to his owner who has suffered from depression for many years. Jack has brought light into his owners life during dark times. You can find out...
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It’s January and most of us are on a health-kick to eat better and get in shape for the new year. And just like us, pets need to eat the right diet and get enough exercise to stay fit and healthy. If you need a helping hand to check whether your pet is a healthy weight and shape you can follow our simple 1 minute online guide. Let us know how you get on! [ Ow.ly Link ]

Keep your pet healthy

Check out this incredible x-ray. Twelve-week-old Macie needed emergency surgery after swallowing an 8-inch kitchen knife. Has your pet ever eaten something they shouldn’t?

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Today is ‘Blue Monday’, believed by many to be the most depressing day of the year. And if you’re feeling glum, spare a thought for your pets who may be feeling down in the dumps too.

We’d love to hear what you do to keep your four-legged friends happy?

Check out our top tips on how to make sure your pet is happy and healthy in 2017: [ Ow.ly Link ]

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Today we'd love to see your best pet selfies! #SundaySelfie
Here's more from our #WinterPetTips on keeping your pup's paws in perfect condition!
On this day in 2003 we awarded a PDSA Dickin Medal to German Shepherd, Sam. He served with the Royal Canadian Regiment during the Bosnia-Hertegovnina conflict. Sam successfully brought down an armed man threatening the lives of civilians and service personnel, and also protected refugees. Sam’s outstanding gallantry saved the lives of many during this time of human conflict. Please give a like...
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For a bit of Friday fun, let's see your captions for this pic!
More #WinterPetTips from our vet experts, let's keep our four-legged friends safe and well this winter!
This week's #ThrowbackThursday is very apt! This pic shows people queuing in the snow to bring their poorly pets to one of our mobile clinics in the early 50s.
Brrrrrr! With snow forecast in many areas, here are some #WinterPetTips from our vet experts
This time last year, the wonderful Ricky Gervais helped us to award the PDSA Gold Medal to a very special dog. K9 Killer works with rangers at Kruger National Park in South Africa, helping to track and catch poachers, and protect endangered rhinos. We love his incredible story, which perfectly demonstrates what a huge difference animals can make to our society. We never tire of sharing this...
Looking to do something amazing in 2017? Why not set yourself an incredible challenge and join us in raising money for sick and injured pets across the UK!

The Great North Run is the world’s biggest half marathon, and is just 6 months away. Entries are now open and if you are lucky to secure a ballot place, why not choose to run for us? Or snap up one of our limited running places – but...
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Great North Run

How has your pet taken the news that colder weather is on its way? Alfie isn't too keen on getting his toes cold and wet!

Here are some tips on keeping your pets happy when temperatures drop: [ Ow.ly Link ]

Winter weather advice

Yesterday, thieves broke into our head office to steal 2 collection boxes used to collect donations from visitors. They've caused damage to our front doors in the process.

Sadly the collection boxes were antiques and can't be replaced.

We're all shocked and mortified that this has happened, though we won’t let this distract us from delivering our services to animals across the country. If...
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