Here’s a photo of one of our old dispensaries in London. As you’ll see from the queue, we were just as busy back then as we are now! We’d love to hear your memories of PDSA from years gone by!
On this day in 2016, we awarded the PDSA Order of Merit - the animals' OBE - to Whizz, a water rescue dog who saved the lives of many people during his ten-year career. Sadly Whizz passed away shortly before his presentation, so his award was accepted by his cousin. A gentle giant who stood at over six feet tall on his hind legs, Whizz was trained to rescue people in peril from the water by...
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Spring is here, which means ticks are becoming more commonplace – so now is the time to take action to prevent against them. Ticks are blood-sucking parasites that are often found in long grass and can latch onto our pets. They can also cause lyme disease – a debilitating illness that can affect both people and pets. Find out more and read our tips to prevent ticks here: [ Link ]

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Tick Bite Prevention
Spring is here and there are a few glimmers of sunshine! So for #MondayMotivation let’s see your wonderful pets enjoying the great outdoors! Please share your pics below!
Happy Sunday! This is Issey and we love her Sunday Selfie - post your pets' best selfie below!
*Warning* Video contains graphic images which may cause distress.

Poor Tuppence was left scarred for life after suffering horrific burns when boiling water was poured over her head and back. Since being brought to our Bournemouth Pet Hospital in January she has been receiving regular treatment from our vets and nurses and is now making a great recovery despite her ordeal.

Read more about...
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Searching for the pawfect gift for Mother’s Day? Check out our New Goods range at your local PDSA shop and help poorly pets! [ Link ]
Teddy's got that Friday Feeling! Are your pets feeling as happy as Teddy is here? Post your pics!
Today we are proud to be awarding Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service search and rescue dog, Bryn, with the prestigious PDSA Order of Merit (the animal OBE). Read his amazing story at
Spring has finally sprung! Here’s a photo of Ronnie enjoying the glorious sunshine! Are your pets enjoying time outside? We’d love to see your videos and photos!

With the warmer weather here many of our pets will be spending more time in the great outdoors. Did you know that you should steer clear of some plants including daffodils, lilies and laburnum as they can be harmful to pets? Check...
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Five-year-old Princess was spayed earlier this week and is recovering well. Her owner, Ellen, booked the op after being advised by her vet that her rabbit was at greater risk of cancer of the uterus, due to her age. During the operation a mass was found - it's not certain whether it was cancer or not, but it's possible this was caught just in time.

Up to 80% of un-spayed female rabbits...
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Are your pets enjoying the sunny Spring weather, just like Jethro is here? Post your pics below!
Easy like Sunday morning! How many of your pets have been enjoying a 'duvet day' like Alfie is here? Let’s see your pets’ best Sunday Selfie!
Today we're remembering 'unstoppable' messenger pigeon Commando who was awarded the PDSA Dickin Medal 72 years ago. He was parachuted into German-occupied France with British secret agents during the Second World War and survived against all the odds to bring back vital information on three separate occasions in 1942. The information revealed the location of German troops, industrial sites and...
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For a bit of fun this Friday can you think of a caption for this photo?
For today's #ThrowbackThursday we've looked back to 2013 when mischievous Alphie the kitten somehow managed to swallow a six-inch TV aerial! The metal antenna was stuck in Alphie's oesophagus and stomach and our vets had to carry out surgery to remove it. The cute kitten made a full recovery although he still wouldn't give up his love of the TV.
On #InternationalWomensDay we're celebrating our inspirational founder Maria Dickin (1870-1951) a social reformer and animal welfare pioneer. Horrified by the suffering of animals in London's poverty stricken East End, she opened PDSA's first clinic there in 1917. By 1945, we had become the largest animal welfare charity in the world and today our vets and nurses care for more than 470,000...
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Did you know passive smoking can affect pets too? This #nosmokingday if you've given up to help your pets - or you're planning to - we'd love to hear your stories [ Link ]

Give it up for pets' sake
Our vets had a huge shock when they discovered what was making Caverpoo Rosie so poorly [ Link ]
Today marks 73 years since World War II messenger pigeon Beachcomber was presented with the PDSA Dickin Medal (the animals' Victoria Cross). This brave bird was assigned to carry the first news of the raid on German-occupied Dieppe by Allied soldiers who were part of the initial landing wave. Beachcomber delivered the message to Commanders under hazardous conditions in September, 1942, while...
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