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“Coming from the inner city, the Peace Corps is not something that’s common. It’s not something talked about or heard about. Most of our families stayed at home and don’t move around or travel much. The Peace Corps was a start for me. I was the second graduate from my university to join. I opened the door for many and showed them that this is an opportunity for us,” says Kyree Rollins, Peace...
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Making a difference every day: Alpha Phi Alpha leads to Peace Corps service in Togo
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"Today I accomplished one of my biggest goals of Peace Corps and got to be a part of a child's entrance into this big, beautiful world. He is the first child to his parents and the tiniest little pea! I got to weigh him, clean him, put him into his very first outfit, and pass him into his excited father's arms for the very first time. I don't think I have ever experienced something so pure and...
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Peace Corps Georgia Volunteer Liliya's students made toys and donated them to the children's hospital, bringing joy to sick kids!

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A good education keeps going, even after the final bell rings. Peace Corps The Gambia
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Peace Corps Costa Rica Volunteer Jessica’s service “wasn’t just about teaching business concepts to high school students; it became an experience much greater than that. The students got to leave their comfort zone, meet other students from around the country, exchange ideas, and see what professional opportunities are out there waiting for them.”

Business-based Volunteer Helps Guide Students to National Recognition
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Peace Corps Liberia Volunteer Anne Geroski, 56, describes 12-year-old Sundaygar Moses as “A kid who knows how to make things happen.”

And something really big happened recently: With help from Anne and others, Sundaygar was fitted for a prosthetic and learned to walk without a crutch for the first time since suffering a gunshot wound as an infant, which led to his right leg being amputated...
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Top Items On This 12-Year-Old's Wish List: 'A Leg, A Bicycle'
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"That one time my cousins threw me in a boat and whisked me out to an island for Chinese New Year..." - Peace Corps Cambodia Volunteer Kelsey

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It’s likely that your host community has been welcoming and supportive while not necessarily knowing the history, goals or global scope of the Peace Corps.

That’s why Peace Corps Week is an exciting way to engage your community around that while publicly thanking them for what they do.

5 ways to celebrate Peace Corps Week with your host community
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Learning English while line dancing!?

Peace Corps Costa Rica Volunteers combined these two activities to put a fun twist on English education for their high school students.

Peace Corps Costa Rica: Happiness is ... a Successful Day of English JumpStart

JumpStart is a program provided by Peace Corps Volunteers in Costa Rica that focuses on giving soon-to-be 7th graders a "jump start" on their high school Eng...

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When the school's principal loves your World Map Project so much, he recreates it on his own home…

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Rainy season has officially arrived in Tonga, and these kids decided to play in the puddles! ☔

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Congratulations to Peace Corps Georgia's 7 new #PeaceCorpsResponse Volunteers!

For the next two weeks, they’ll undergo intense training before heading off to serve in their permanent communities at NGOs and in government agencies.
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When Peace Corps Senegal Volunteer Laura first met her elementary school’s principal, she asked him what the school's biggest problem was.

His answer: "we don't have any functioning latrines".

Twenty-Nine Latrines, Eight Schools, & Two Peace Corps Volunteers
Congratulations to these 72 new Peace Corps Zambia Trainees!

After completing their 11-week pre-service training, they will spend two years working to promote improved farming and agricultural techniques in their host communities.
Peace Corps Paraguay Volunteer Kerry took her students on a nature hike to practice their photography skills!

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Rolling into the weekend like in Peace Corps South Africa.

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Congratulations to all of the 2017 Peace Corps Week video challenge finalists! Vote for your favorite videos by liking them.

Voting is open until February 21, 2017.
Many Peace Corps The Gambia Volunteers assist with baby weighing days, where mothers bring their babies to be weighed, measured, and given a clean bill of health. This weighing station is particularly adorable!
Jessica helped garner national attention for her students' product concept while serving as a Peace Corps Costa Rica Volunteer.

Business-based Volunteer Helps Guide Students to National Recognition
Sometimes a little creativity is all you need to keep your living space neat and tidy. What life hacks did you use during your Peace Corps service?