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Around the globe, Peace Corps Volunteers work with local counterparts to design and implement safe, affordable and sustainable water and sanitation projects.

8 projects bringing safe, sustainable water sources to communities around the world
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Peace Corps Senegal recently hosted its first-ever Gender Workshop! Over the course of three days, Volunteers and community members discussed topics surrounding the current landscape in Senegal in regards to gender roles, as well as how to facilitate difficult discussions on gender and champion gender equality.
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English Education Volunteer Ayah instills a love of learning in her students in #Comoros.

Instagram post by Peace Corps • Mar 20, 2017 at 9:16pm UTC
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Pierette's path toward entrepreneurship started when she signed up for a Peace Corps Benin moringa training supported by #feedthefuture.

"I succeed if everyone else does too"
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Rid your house of pesky bugs with this environmentally friendly hack. A soda bottle and a few kitchen staples are all it takes.
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Peace Corps Jamaica welcomed 31 Trainees to the island this week!

After successful completion of their pre-service training, they'll officially be sworn in as Education and Environment Volunteers and will live, learn and work in rural Jamaican communities for two years.
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In Costa Rica, high school students must learn a second language.

Though some elementary schools teach foreign language, others lack the resources to do so, leaving their students at an unfair disadvantage when they enter high school.

That’s where JumpStart, an initiative started by Peace Corps Costa Rica Volunteers, comes into play.

English Program Offers Soon-to-Be 7th Graders JumpStart on School Year
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Thanks to a generous donation and the hard work of Peace Corps Moldova Volunteers Cynthia and Chris, Centrul de Zi Speranta now has access to clean, filtered water! The quality of water in Moldova can vary greatly, and not all homes have access to filtered, running water.

Now, because of the new taps installed at this center assisting children with disabilities, “These kids with special...
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When Volunteer Margarita arrived at her site in Madagascar, the town’s sole water pump had been out of service for several years. The lack of clean water caused many negative health consequences, especially for mothers and children.

With support from her community and grant donors, Margarita and community members constructed showers and taps for running water in the local clinic.

Thanks to...
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Peace Corps Ethiopia Volunteer Emily taught students at her primary school how to properly wash their hands with water AND soap. Oil was used to represent bacteria. Students received oil and then gave each other high fives to show how easily germs spread.

"They had to use soap and water to remove the oil because water alone does not wash away the oil, therefore showing the importance of using...
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"No matter what you call it or where in the world you are, water is life." - Peace Corps Philippines Volunteer Sarah Jean Byce #WorldWaterDay

Tubig, nsuo, wata, water
Today is World Down Syndrome Day.

To honor the unique qualities of those with this condition, everyone is wearing brightly colored socks today! Peace Corps Volunteers, teachers and students at Zlatan Sremec primary school in Macedonia made 21 socks to recognize the extra 21st chromosome that people with Down Syndrome have.

Volunteer Kayesha, who has a sister with Down Syndrome, reminds us...
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In Peace Corps Madagascar Volunteer Krista’s rural community, dialogue about women’s health is often considered taboo. As a result, young women lack timely and accurate information about managing their health, which can cause girls to miss school during menstruation, and lead to maternal health problems later in life.

With support from #LetGirlsLearn, Krista and her counterparts developed a...
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Everyone is excited about their new biodegradable toothbrushes—even those who don't have many teeth to brush... Peace Corps Tonga

Instagram post by Peace Corps Tonga • Mar 15, 2017 at 6:54pm UTC
#LetGirlsLearn has been an initiative Bochra has fought for with her life—and one she continues to embody. #womenshistorymonth

Meet Bochra
“I can see changes in my village, in how my little neighbor boys talk to my little neighbor girls, when I hear my counterpart discussing the family finances with his wife, when I have a serious conversation about dowries with a bunch of grandfathers,” says Peace Corps Tanzania Volunteer Emily. #WomensHistoryMonth

Usawa. Equality.
“I had the amazing opportunity to witness and be involved in the first phase of the historic elephant translocation African Parks is carrying out in Malawi,” says Peace Corps Response Volunteer Betsy Holtz.

261 elephants: How Peace Corps unexpectedly made a dream come true
There’s nothing greater than a relaxing mid-afternoon nap. Peace Corps The Gambia

Instagram post by Peace Corps The Gambia • Feb 19, 2017 at 5:31pm UTC
Congratulations to the first full group of Peace Corps Myanmar Trainees!

To mark this historic occasion, His Excellency Ambassador Aung Lynn, Myanmar’s Ambassador to the U.S., and the Peace Corps’ Acting Director Sheila Crowley met to warmly welcome the group.