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‘Peace to me is harmony, calmness and love’ Tavita – Mexican Prisoner. So, what you are looking at here is the inside of a prison cell in a max security Mexican Prison! Yup I went in there. It was an incredible and overwhelming sense disconnection and shock for me! Not for the prison conditions, but for me. Firstly you go through guarded locked check point after check point after check point...
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Little poem I wrote below on Antarctica, some might not make sense if you haven't been?!? Happy to fill in the gaps :-) Peace Stu Antarctica New Zealand photo by Trey!
Live an incredible moment of happiness. Live it with someone else, even if you're with them ever so fleeting. It is double. It is exploding. Forever.
Peace is delicate, needs nurturing and sits in each of our hands.
Hello!! First post of 2017! What to write? Uplifting message… awesome quote? Probably you’ve read so many by now right? Hmmm. Maybe a wish! A year where one billion people do one act of kindness a month. We’d create 12 billion awesome acts in 12 months! Brilliant :) Fill the world with love, light, gratitude and peace. Seems so simple when you say it. Focus on the good and follow through with...
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It was so incredible in Papua New Guinea. I toured the Highlands, lowlands, coast and also islands in the Bismarck Sea! You get out there by little boats from Wewak. This is me taking a picture of a lady, holding the white rose, who was just paddling past in her hollowed out tree, hand made canoe!? Incredible! 87% of the population lives a rural substance life. So they eat what they can catch,...
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Missing some of the ones you love? The ones you want to with? But can’t be with for whatever the reason. There are many cultures, countries and religions that create intense feels at certain times of the year. For many people this time of the year is really difficult. There are holidays. It is a time to pause. The tiny cracks, can feel like chasms. The memories more intense. There probably...
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Trust you, family and friends are having a great day! There's been loads of media from Leica Sydney Store opening exhibition we did, Here is another interview we did for Nine News in Australia!! Some lazy day reading for you ;-) Peace Stu Leica Camera Australia Leica Camera Leica New Zealand

[ 9news.com.au Link ]

From the Syrian border to the Hollywood Hills: How one rose is starting a global conversation on peace

Very cool video posted here from my interview with The Australian! James did a fantastic job of editing the opening sequence. Wow!!! Leica Camera Australia #Leica #Sydney

[ Theaustralian.com.au Link ]


I took the white rose into Soweto while I was in South Africa. Captured some incredible portraits. Very blessed. You can see this artwork now, it is hanging in the Leica Sydney Store in QVB. Taken on the Leica SL Leica Camera Leica Camera Australia
Hello! Busy week. Sorry slow on the posts. This is the incredible Earnslaw Burn in the South Island of New Zealand. More waterfalls and avalanches than you can count!! Looks unreal. Is unreal. Have an amazing day. Peace Stu - taken on the Leica SL, delivered by Choppy xx with Trey
'Oarboy' another one of the artworks hanging in the Leica Sydney Store! I'm here today and tomorrow. Peace Stu - taken on the Leica S in Varanasi, India, at sunrise.
Hello Sydney!! This is one of my artworks hanging on the gallery wall at the Leica Store Sydney right now. Taken in Soho, London. So amazing to be here. Will do some video tomorrow for you to check out. Lots of media interest, interviews and events which is fantastic!! Drop by if you're about, the temperature is perfect, the store is incredible. Peace Stu - this is was taken on the Leica S w...
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Heading to Australia for the Leica Sydney Store opening! Super excited, please drop by!! This is the amazing Hugh Sheridan, Australian legend and three time Logie winner! Go Ozzies!!! #Leica #HughSheridan Leica Camera Australia
One week to go! This is the amazing new Leica Store Sydney. Drop by next Saturday if your Sydney based or bound and I'll see you there! Peace Stu.
Super excited! I'm heading to Sydney to speak at the Grand Opening of Leica's first Australasian store! Also my work will be hanging in the gallery space AND I am taking Leica Akademie chat on December 10th. If you're around drop by. Thanks to the team at Leica Australia. Peace Stu
ONLYTIME. We each get the same 24 hours. Make it awesome. Make it count.
Please meet Maata Wharehoka from Parihaka, in Taranaki New Zealand. A wise and beautiful woman. Intensely honoured to be welcomed into her home and Parihaka. If you don't know the story of Parihaka you should Google it. Uplifting, heart breaking and inspiring. Considered the home of passive resistance and a place close to the heart of this project. It is a profound story and one a short post...
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This is me! I wanted to share this with you. One question I get asked a lot is 'why do you do this art project' it is a hard question and an easy one to answer in the same moment. I get many emails and messages, this one took my breath away. It might explain what I can't. Peace Stu

Mr. Robertson,
Though I know that you are a busy human, I felt that is was an obligation to contact you on...
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In the moment a person holds the white rose, an ancient symbol of peace, they stand for all of humanity. For many people this moment is profound. Also very profound for me to capture these unguarded moments of humanity and share them with you. Peace Stu