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Peace in 10,000 Hands
1 hours 4 minutes ago. Facebook
Heading to Australia for the Leica Sydney Store opening! Super excited, please drop by!! This is the amazing Hugh Sheridan, Australian legend and three time Logie winner! Go Ozzies!!! #Leica #HughSheridan Leica Camera Australia
Peace in 10,000 Hands
12/02/2016 at 23:24. Facebook
One week to go! This is the amazing new Leica Store Sydney. Drop by next Saturday if your Sydney based or bound and I'll see you there! Peace Stu.
Peace in 10,000 Hands
11/29/2016 at 19:52. Facebook
Super excited! I'm heading to Sydney to speak at the Grand Opening of Leica's first Australasian store! Also my work will be hanging in the gallery space AND I am taking Leica Akademie chat on December 10th. If you're around drop by. Thanks to the team at Leica Australia. Peace Stu
Peace in 10,000 Hands
11/28/2016 at 22:33. Facebook
ONLYTIME. We each get the same 24 hours. Make it awesome. Make it count.
Peace in 10,000 Hands
11/28/2016 at 04:27. Facebook
Please meet Maata Wharehoka from Parihaka, in Taranaki New Zealand. A wise and beautiful woman. Intensely honoured to be welcomed into her home and Parihaka. If you don't know the story of Parihaka you should Google it. Uplifting, heart breaking and inspiring. Considered the home of passive resistance and a place close to the heart of this project. It is a profound story and one a short post...
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This is me! I wanted to share this with you. One question I get asked a lot is 'why do you do this art project' it is a hard question and an easy one to answer in the same moment. I get many emails and messages, this one took my breath away. It might explain what I can't. Peace Stu

Mr. Robertson,
Though I know that you are a busy human, I felt that is was an obligation to contact you on...
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In the moment a person holds the white rose, an ancient symbol of peace, they stand for all of humanity. For many people this moment is profound. Also very profound for me to capture these unguarded moments of humanity and share them with you. Peace Stu
Here I am surrounded by people in a village heading in to the Highlands of Papua New Guinea pic taken by the amazing Clive!
Seal holding the white rose! I took this LA :-) Peace Stu
Global art project Peace in 10,000 Hands is the creation of New Zealand born photographic artist Stu Robertson. The project involves documenting a single white rose held in the hands of 10,000 people from every country and walk of life. As Stu says, "It is a concept that speaks profoundly to our similarities in the human condition and explores the essence of peace."

Last summer Stu was the...
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'Live post' from the remote and isolated island of Koil in the Bismarck Sea, off Papua New Guinea. What an adventure! Oxfam in PNG Oxfam
After a massive afternoon rain storm in the highlands of Papua New Guinea the clay road we were driving on became unpassable and we got stuck in the 4x4! So we loaded all the gear onto our backs in the pouring tropical down pour and headed up the rest of the way up through the jungle to the village on foot. It was like walking up an ice skating rink at a 45 degree angle. Once my breathe was...
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Check this out! I took this on a PHONE in Papua New Guinea!! It's not edited or retouched. The new Huawei P9 is incredible (this is not a paid ad, just my opinion). Leica have worked with them to create a camera that creates mind blowing images. You will notice the background is out of focus and looks gorgeous. You can do this at anytime after you take the picture!!! also change what is in and...
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'Peace to me is happiness in the village' Ingrid. Papua New Guinea
Happy 85th birthday to one of the most incredible people I have ever met and photographed, Archbishop Desmond Tutu. A miracle, a gift, a Noble Peace Prize winning scholar and gentleman. To be in his presence. To hear him speak. To look into his eyes through my camera. All astounding and profound moments. Happy Birthday Father. May your days be filled with joy, love and peace. An inspiration...
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Hello! I'm on RadioLive today between 1 & 2pm - NZ time. Also on iHeart radio same time on the www / RadioLive. This artwork is called 'Bound' I took the image in the Thar Desert, Rajasthan. It's sold out of the current edition. It's also part of an amazing collaboration I did with Hannah Jensen Contemporary Artist check her awesome artwork and the colab out!!!
Tribe in Papua New Guinea holding the white rose. Full on adventures in the upper Highlands and outer Islands of Papua New Guinea. More stories on live posts coming soon!! Taken on the Leica Monochrom.

Leica Camera Leica Australia Leica Store Los Angeles #leica #papuanewguinea
Darkness. The negative space. Filled by the mind. Your mind. Sitting within the global ‘Peace in 10,000 Hands’ art collection are various sub collections. Created for our art exhibitions and museum shows. Something that has fascinated me since a child is the dark. I am generally terrified by it. The terror is generated in my own mind. Nothing has ever popped out of the dark or snuck up behind...
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Hello! I was struck by the sheer size and operational complexity of delivering support and aid in Papua New Guinea. Hours and hours of driving, in tiny boats or flying to get anywhere to help in the villages that need. I was there with Oxfam in PNG and was humbled by their awesomeness!! It was incredible to visit villages up in the Highlands and outer islands that now have fresh running water...
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World Peace Day! Let's make it count today, everyday, forever. The white is an ancient symbol of peace. Peace! We are photographing a single rose in the hands of 10,000 people from every country on the planet to create a global conversation for peace. What you focus on grows and in the human condition. Peace should be the focus. Lead with love. Peace Stu

Peace One Day #Peace #Peaceday