The Law Of Attraction - What you seek is seeking you
Joye Petroski
It is possible... keep trying. <3
Theresa Alvarado
Shirley Ann Welstead
Melissa Mimi Etchison
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Cesar Alvarez
Dave Giuliana Beard
Let's all go back to seeing things with a child's eye.... #peace
Linda Donathan
Lilli Pilli
Ginny Walsh
So many times the people with nothing are the most generous!
Michael Chismar
Jennah Firdous
Vigen Petroskotcharian
Congratulations to all those who make it possible that summit has been and is a real home for so many and so many kids over these years. Congratulations to Jean Louis Lebel for being the ideologue, the driving force and the engine of this great project. A big hug to everyone.
Here is another way to help our planet.... buy used... #peace #recycle #saveourplanet

Hey everyone who likes buying things from Garage sale sites? Have you heard of VarageSale? It’s another way to buy and sell in our local community - super easy to use and tons of cool features. Join here: [ Link ]
Here is another way to help our planet buy used peace recycle saveourplanet

VarageSale - Sell Simply, Buy Safely
Amy Elizabeth Sisson Riberdy
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Gaura Soogrim
This is what impresses me... <3
Sarah De Sousa
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Things you may not know... about the Friendliest country on earth. ;) #canada
Akinpelumi Aanuoluwapo Gabriel
Mary Burns Surdy
Claire Cowlin
Tracy Pennington
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Kit Gibson
Here is some good news.....
Deepika Sharma
How do you feel about this?
How do you feel about this
Bronwyn L Sawyer
Connie Atkinson
Ruben Schaffer
Love is what you do to serve others!
Sandy Popovic
Leticia Amoretti
Sherri Burkett
Pulling out is NOT an effective method of climate control... ;)
Pulling out is NOT an effective method of climate control ;
Lee French
Christina Tyra Roach
Just going to place this right here.....
Just going to place this right here
Rose Marie Yanisch Bryan
Linda George Kincaid
"Once you are involved in bloodshed you are no longer a genuine practitioner of Islam".

The Dalai Lama condemns those who commit violence in the name of any religion while at the EU parliament.
Judy Davis
Lloyd Jackmans
K Uma Sankar Yadav