First world problems... are not problems!
I am human....not a stereotype.
Champions of Peace
Blanket accusations end up including people ..good people who are just as appalled by the wrong doers actions as the accuser is.. be thoughtful of where you are pointing. <3
Thank you for being here... <3
Helping save our planet.... #peace
This is a very deep message from our friend Deremiah *CPE .. You were born to be Great! <3 #peace
When the best of us steps up... we all stand a little taller! <3
Erasing hate... one tattoo at a time. Beliefs change as people grow... this is a very life transforming service. <3
Let me introduce you to a true Hero... thank you for what you do to change the world!
I have seen this in print before but they did a great job on this.. it is worth watching... :)
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