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Ana Rosa Rivera DeCarlo
Ayesha Windsong
Karen Seifert Harris
The Lost Ways Survival
This should not be happening in our world today... why can't this person be charged on a global level when a crime is this heinous?
Glenda Menard
Tanya Edie
Manuela Shields
The entire world needs to start thinking smarter ... instead of spending Billions on things that supposedly we are never going to use.... what if we spend that money on the true priorities . Human Rights issues instead of this "nuclear weapons peacock showdown ! "
Violet McIlwaine
Babak Mohebbi
Dale A Herrington
Pamela Ellis
Helen Lewis
Janet Green
Ocho Kawoq
Kimberly Bottemiller
This is so very wrong in too many ways... <3
Lou Ellen Stoddard
Ron Baer Jr.
Jacey Marshbank Wrede
coming together in peace and love
coming together in peace and love
Paul Parry
Lynne Peterson
Kimberly Shelton
Peace of mind.... is priceless.....
20-year-old Sima Azimi is teaching young women in Kabul a Chinese martial art called wushu. Women are discouraged from contact sports in Afghanistan, but Sima is fighting against gender prejudice. She hopes her classes will help her students feel safer in a country plagued by insecurity.
Angela Garland
Gary Kruk
Lynda Anne Carver
Rules to live by.... <3 Thank you Peace Flash for sharing. :)
Rules to live by 3 Thank you Peace Flash for sharing :
Katherine Smith Kiger
Crissy Bird
Tawanda Mahutse
Freedom Cries by @shawngallaway ... what do you think of this song?
Freedom Cries by shawngallaway what do you think of this song
Jeanette Harvey
First world problems... are not problems!
Manuela Shields
Teresa Whitehead
John Malama
Vanessa Haig
Katherine Baker
Tala O'Connor
Tapasi Sadhukhan
Robyn Steed
Anita Maria Lopez
Dina-Lee Finch
Richard Desjardins
Sandra Davidson
Kay Apfelbeck
Prabir Kar Chaudhuri
Desiree de Angelise
I am human....not a stereotype.
Pattie Crawford
Gwenn Venable
Stella Delaluna
Champions of Peace
Champions of Peace
Will Shankaho
Bryar Te Hira
Niki Nye
Laura Lee Lamb
Barbara Miller
Colleen Lucich