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Is your eye on a man of faith?

7 Ways to Woo a Christian Man
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A boy woke up from the coma, looked his mother dead in her eyes and told her: "Oh mom, by the way, I forgot to tell you. I saw your other two kids."

Boy Wakes Up, Turns To Mom, Says: Oh Mom, By The Way, I Forgot To Tell You. I Saw Your 2 Other Kids
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Learn the tricks to get the door into his heart open.

7 Ways to Finally Get Him to Open Up
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A body washed ashore this week. That in itself is not unusual. What is unusual is that the body in question was wearing cement boots. All week, police have tried to identify the deceased. Well, they just did - and he has ties to a famous rapper.

Dead Body Wearing 'Cement Shoes' Finally Identified -- And He Has Very Close Ties To Popular Rapper
Some Christians want to pray more, but don’t. Why is that?

5 Reasons You Don’t Pray Like You Should
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We have even more hilarious church signs for you to enjoy.

Even More Hilarious Church Signs
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It’s important as believers that we understand the differences between the Rapture and the Second Coming of Christ

6 Things Every Christian Should Know About the Rapture
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Regardless of who becomes the next President......we already have a KING and His name id JESUS!!!

Please share if you agree!!!
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Ever wonder how to meet new people in your busy, adult life? Here are a few tips to get you started.

Dating After 30: 6 Ways to Meet New People
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I want to teach my children that it’s okay to doubt God

6 Things I Will Teach My Children About God
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Overcome discouragement with God's help.

5 Ways to Overcome Discouragement
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If your husband refuses to help around the house, don't boil him, mash him, or stick him in a stew. Learn how to motivate him!

So You Married a Couch Potato
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When you are struggling post-breakup, lean on God.

6 Ways to Heal After a Broken Relationship
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In Ezekiel 22:30, God laments the lack of someone to stand “in the gap” for His people.

Nine Courageous Bible Characters Who Stood in the Gap, Ezekiel 22:30, Noah, Esther, King David
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Get the sizzle back into your relationship.

So, the Intimacy is Over?
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Please pray for our new leaders. That they will seek God's wisdom so that His Will may be done!!!