Have faith that all changes that occur in your life are leading you in the direction of your greatest life. ~ xoxo Michelle & Barb
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Your power comes from staying clear-headed and positive in negative stressful situations. Taking action from this place of calm and clarity will most likely produce a good result. You and all around you win. ~ xoxo Michelle & Barb
What matters most in your life is what you think of yourself. You will be living with you all the way until the end. Care deeply about what you think. ~ xo Barb

Be that person in another's life who needs a helping hand or kind words that say, you are worthy you matter and you are loved. ~ xoxo Michelle & Barb
Being nice doesn't mean you are a door mat. It means you are complete within yourself and have no need to bully or put others down. You are firm and nice. ~ xoxo Michelle & Barb

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"This could be the cutest thing you've seen today!" Sweet dreams ✌ ❀
Be honest with yourself always. Never try to deny what is. Be impeccable with your word when speaking to others.
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I believe there's no such thing as normal. Live your life in alignment with who you are, and what you desire, and you will be happy. If that's weird to others, it's ok. ~ xo Barb