Feel comfortable in your own skin and speak your truth in a kind loving way. Allow others to do the same. ~ xoxo Michelle & Barb
My 32 year practice of meditation, mindfulness, mantra repetition, reading for inspiration, yoga, and more has transformed me from a girl who hated herself, thought her life didn't matter, and suffered for years with bulimia into a woman who deeply loves and cares for herself and all beings. ???? Everything you are and do in life has to be grounded in how you feel about you. If you don't love...
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There are 7.4 billion people living on our planet. It is not random when you meet someone. If you can believe this, it makes every person you meet important for you in some way. Be present and open to the reason, the blessing.

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Trust that the right people and experiences will come into your life when you're ready. xoxo Barb and Michelle
This is your life. Don't give up on you no matter what. ~ xoxo Michelle & Barb
Your dreams belong to you for a reason. Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today. ????
Imagine the possibility of living your life curious about the unknown. What you don't know about the next step forward could be everything you hope for in your life. If you're feeling stuck somewhere you don't belong, open your mind and heart to making a plan to step into something different, even though you have no idea of its outcome. ~ xoxo Michelle & Barb

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All the trials and troubles you have been through have prepared you for your life of greatness. Learn, grow, and be the person you deeply desire to be. You've been planted.

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The power of practicing acceptance:
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❀ Michelle Maros
Know what you want, take the steps necessary to get you there, and then give it your focused attention. This is my recipe for making your dream a reality. Oh, and one more thing- have no attachments to the outcome of your work. This is key for keeping your motivation steady and stress free. ❀
The only person you are in competition with is you. Do the work you need to do today to make it better than yesterday. Don't worry about tomorrow, focus on today, and your future will be all that you hope for.
Remember, don't put the key to your happiness in someone else's pocket.