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The first is always easy to answer, challenge is to remember the work he has been awarded for. Can you recall the winner for his work? #WhoAmI?
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Why MyPedia
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A therapy exercise for all the word lovers. Unjumble these words and share it in the comment section below #JumbledSentences
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Pearson English
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I am not that hard to spell or am i? Let us find out with the no of comments below. #SpellMeRight
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Amazon Search
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The New York Times described the virtue of the book as "everyone in the book seems to have a capacity for responding to the quality of his particular hour. It's an art we need to study and revive.โ€ It is a classic that will be remembered by many can you guess its name?
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Can you catch the trick here? Use the following words and try creating a new one if you can #Anagram
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"Stories that express things as seen from a child's perspective will have an unmatched appeal and relevance to other children and will help children experience the magical joy of reading" says, Ujjwal Singh, VP, K-12 product Pearson India. FREE PRESS Gujarat
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We love to spin your brains every week. Here comes our favorite from the series. Bet your guess and win our genius of the day title. #BrainSpin
In order to study or work abroad, take the English test today with #PTEAcademic, accepted world wide. The three-hour, computer-based mock test, online scored practice test delivers a score report at the end, so you can see which areas to improve. Explore: [ Link ]
To all the aspiring writers and existing ones. Pick up your pen and write another story. Each writing inspires many and that is more meaningful than anything else. #QuoteOfTheDay
I was recently awarded with the Nobel Prize for my contributions in the field of literature, can you guess #WhoAmI?
We have assured that we have your full attention. If you have noticed your question for the day, do not hesitate to #SpellMeRight and comment below.
It is time to get to work or have fun solving this jumble. Pick your side because itโ€™s never too late to answer.
Do you have more #FabFacts to share with us? Share them with our page audience and we will feature your fact on our page.
This isnโ€™t hard but a tricky one indeed. Can you find the words that mean exactly the same? #FindMyMates
A well structured series to help you understand methods in detail. Test yourself today and share your experiences with us. To buy, visit: [ Link ]

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Heartiest congratulations to our #HoliAndHistory contest winners! We thoroughly enjoyed your enthusiasm.
One of the most hard-hitting satires of the modern Hindi oeuvre, this 1970 novel by noted author Shrilal Shukla juxtaposes the power dynamics and the erosion of values in post-independence India. Can you find out its name?