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How much do you agree with the thought? Share your views with us in the comments below. #QuoteOfTheDay
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The Active Teach learning tool is the only solution that bridges the gap between the textbook and digital learning in the classroom. It brings the regular textbook alive with links to rich media content. Explore more: [ Link ]

Active Teach from Pearson

The Active Teach learning tool is the only solution that bridges the gap between the text book and digital learning in the classroom. It brings the regular t...

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Time to find out more about the inspiring journey that made the 'History of ancient and early medieval India' a success. Stay Tuned
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Waiting to find out more? There you go
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Stay tuned while we are set to make history together with Author, Prof Upinder Singh
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Approved by the Australian Government for visa applications and accepted by thousands of institutions in the UK, Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Ireland, including Harvard, Yale and INSEAD. Take your test today and travel to places. To know more: [ Link ]

Why PTE Academic? - Pearson PTE
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Join us while we take you Live at the book launch of History of Ancient and early medieval India by #UpinderSingh. Stay tuned
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Here is your test for the day. Do not forget to explain your answers briefly #BrainSpin
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Cay Horstmann For four years was VP and CTO of an Internet startup that went from 3 people in a tiny office to a public company. Grab on to his best works designed for serious programmers that illuminates key Java language and library features with thoroughly tested code examples To read or buy his work, visit: [ Link ]
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A moment to be cherished while we add another feather to our cap. Pearson India is delighted to announce the launch of ‘History of Ancient and early medieval India’ by Upinder Singh on 24th of Feb. To buy, visit: [ Link ]
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Pearson English is a leading one-on-one, virtual English course with adaptive learning and measurable performance outcomes. To learn and know further, visit: [ Link ] #PearsonEnglish
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TM Patel International School Surat extends a warm welcome to all the parents. Come and witness our budding scientists showcasing the magic of science, on 25th Of February #InnovatingMinds #AlwaysLearning
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First published as a serial in The Atlantic Monthly and Macmillan's Magazine in 1880–81 and then as a book in 1881. This #Classic managed to steal the hearts of many in the late 80’s can you bet your guess on its name?
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Ramanuja is an indispensable member of the staff. There is your cue to crack this one. Construct a sentence using the same word and master stroke the week with Pearson India #ConstructASentence
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How much progress have you made so far, It’s about time to find out. Write down the words that mean the same in the comments below and show us the genius that you are #FindMyMates
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World class facilities for world class education. Come explore the new ways learning and teaching at T. M. Patel International School, Surat – Gujarat. For admission and other queries, visit: [ Link ]

Safe and nurturing school environment that supports life-long learning
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An experience that left all of us Pearson India mesmerised. A big thank you to #GiovanniGiovannelli and our Growth Leadership team for leaving their imprints and vision of #AlwaysLearning behind. Pearson ELT USA Pearson Brasil Pearson Australia Pearson ELT Pearson North America Pearson English Pearson Institute Pearson South Africa Pearson France #CinthiaThonon, #IqbalKhan #DuncanThomas...
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Download the #ReadtoKids App from the Play Store or visit to know more about how you can help your child grow into a storyteller.Come be a part of #ReadToKids a Pearson India Initiative:[ Link ]

Perfection should not be your goal, progress should be. Start your day on that and have a happy Sunday. #QuoteOfTheDay