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“Ruby Red is my dog. She is a good dog. I don't know if she knows, but she helps me be brave and strong, when I feel like a scaredy cat. She went to kindy with me, and school and to the shops and parade marches. She is very patient and never gets angry when other kids pulled her ears or tail. She slides down slippery dips with me and goes on the spinning rotunda at the park with me. I don't...
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Putting aside 10 minutes a day to play with your dog assists with reducing stress and anxiety for the both of you. #FeedTheGood
"I’m Devo and I’m a diabetic service dog. My owner Carolyn needs me to sniff out when her blood sugar is dropping dangerously low. It’s a pretty important job, but that’s not the only reason Carolyn keeps me around. It just so happens I give great cuddles too.” #MeetTheGood
A four-legged Valentine can be a wonderful thing. So get closer with your dog on February the 14th with Dentastix. #FeedTheGood
A four-legged Valentine can be a wonderful thing. So get closer with your dog on February the 14th with Dentastix. #FeedTheGood
"Shane's a lawyer and he works too much. Or he did until I came along. I'm not the couch potato type and now, neither is Shane. We run together, we wrestle in the park. I even go to the gym with him. Still don't really get the point of treadmills. Another one of those weird human things."

Know a dog helping someone stay healthy? Tell us below. #MeetTheGood
When life’s moving too fast, dogs help us slow down. How are you and your best mate relaxing this summer? Comment below. #FeedTheGood
Dog lovers will probably know Red Dog, and now Pedigree is proud to sponsor RED DOG: True Blue, a feel-good family film about the Australian dog who became a legend. Find out what happened to Red Dog before his legendary journey across the Pilbara. In cinemas Boxing Day. #FeedTheGood
Dogs teach us so much at Christmas. Tell us how you're spending Christmas with your dog in the comments below. #FeedTheGood
Dogs teach us so much. Tell us the best lesson you've learnt from your dog in the comments below. #FeedTheGood.
“What’s it like being Chloe’s service dog? They say she has Asperger’s and anxiety. Now, I’m a bit hazy about what those things are. But I do know when Chloe needs a big, wet, doggy kiss or someone to cuddle with to help her sleep at night. I don’t see her as weird or different. She’s goofy and she’s clumsy, but then, so am I. No wonder we’re best friends.”

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While lollies and chocolate are a no-no, your best pal can still enjoy the festivities. Pumpkin is great for dogs' digestion and it's even high in antioxidants for healthy skin and fur! #HappyHalloween
Sometimes it's hard to keep their attention. Fortunately Cassie, Charlie and Winston's selfie game is strong with the Pedigree Australia DogSelfie app, now available on iPad. Get it free here: [ Link ]
We can't get enough of your selfies. Download the Pedigree DogSelfie app from the App Store and keep them coming! #PedigreeDogSelfie #FeedTheGood
In celebration of World Heart Day on 29th September, we’re proud to announce our Hearts Aligned campaign raised $20,000 for PetRescue! Thanks to all who helped by liking, commenting and sharing the donation post! #HeartsAligned
Arrr! Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day!!! #Blimey!
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