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Pedigree Australia
11/25/2016 at 05:01. Facebook
Dogs teach us so much. Tell us the best lesson you've learnt from your dog in the comments below. #FeedTheGood.
“What’s it like being Chloe’s service dog? They say she has Asperger’s and anxiety. Now, I’m a bit hazy about what those things are. But I do know when Chloe needs a big, wet, doggy kiss or someone to cuddle with to help her sleep at night. I don’t see her as weird or different. She’s goofy and she’s clumsy, but then, so am I. No wonder we’re best friends.”

Know a service dog making a...
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While lollies and chocolate are a no-no, your best pal can still enjoy the festivities. Pumpkin is great for dogs' digestion and it's even high in antioxidants for healthy skin and fur! #HappyHalloween
Sometimes it's hard to keep their attention. Fortunately Cassie, Charlie and Winston's selfie game is strong with the Pedigree Australia DogSelfie app, now available on iPad. Get it free here: [ Apple.co Link ]
We can't get enough of your selfies. Download the Pedigree DogSelfie app from the App Store and keep them coming! #PedigreeDogSelfie #FeedTheGood
In celebration of World Heart Day on 29th September, we’re proud to announce our Hearts Aligned campaign raised $20,000 for PetRescue! Thanks to all who helped by liking, commenting and sharing the donation post! #HeartsAligned
Arrr! Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day!!! #Blimey!
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It's TIME! PRESALE tickets for the 3rd and final LIVE 'Nightmare Before Christmas' #Halloween shows are on sale now! Paul Reubens will be performing!

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WOW! A 3rd and final 'Nightmare Before Christmas' #Halloween show (with Paul Reubens performing LIVE) has been added because the first two **SOLD OUT**!! Thank you!!

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Brunch-flavored candy corn!! Trick? Or Treat?!
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TGIF!! Adirondack-style Lawn Chairs That Look Like Classic Cars!!
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Here's what happens when album covers are mashed up with Star Wars!!

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Paul Reubens is going to perform at TWO 'Nightmare Before Christmas' #Halloween shows at the Hollywood Bowl!! Starting TOMORROW, you can get PRESALE tickets with the special code found at my website: [ Peewee.com Link ]

It sold out within a few hours last year, don't miss out!

I wear my white shoes year-round. #Loner #Rebel

Hope everyone's having a great Labor Day weekend!!
Getting their attention is hard, but taking a selfie with your best mate just became easier with DogSelfie, the new app by Pedigree DentaStix.
Download it free here: bit.ly/2aTtPyJ, to capture the closeness. #PedigreeDogSelfie #FeedTheGood
To celebrate the launch of the DogSelfie app by Pedigree DentaStix, we're giving away a years' supply of Pedigree Dental Treats.
For your chance to win, simply download the app from here: bit.ly/2aTtPyJ and post a selfie of you and your best mate below. #PedigreeDogSelfie #FeedTheGood
Full T&C'S here: bit.ly/2aTtYCc
Meet Katrina and Lacey, adopted through PetRescue. Lacey is incredibly bright and is trained as a seizure alert dog for Katrina. Without Lacey’s service, Katrina says she wouldn’t be alive today. “She has excelled in everything, she does obedience and agility as well. Lacey is amazing.” #MeetTheGood
Dogs can understand up to 250 different words and gestures. What’s the strangest thing your pup responds to? #FeedTheGood
Thanks to your help in supporting our #HeartsAligned campaign, we’ve pledged $11,821 to PetRescue - but we want to donate even more. Like our video and we will donate $1 to PetRescue. Tag a friend and we’ll donate $2. Donations to a maximum of $20,000. Full T&C’S here: bit.ly/1Y85d7d