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In this bold and well-researched biography, Audrey Truschke busts several myths surrounding #Aurangzeb!

Highlighting his love for justice, the author notes: "Aurangzeb made lasting contributions to the interpretation and exercise of legal codes and was renowned—by people of all backgrounds and religious stripes—for his justice."
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There's a killer on the loose in the capital and Santosh Wagh must solve this dangerous case, which might implicate high-ranking members of the government.
Shawn Haigins and James Patterson's #PrivateDelhi will show you a dark side of the capital you didn't know existed.
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Amazingly insightful and gripping Eugen Ovidiu Chirovici's #TheBookOfMirrors is a provocative exploration of the tricks memory can play.
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Radhakrishnan Pillai's #InsideChanakyasMind will reveal Chanakya's age-old wisdom on how to think.

What is Aanvikshiki – An Excerpt
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For more amazing food facts, health tips and fantastic recipes, check out celebrity nutritionist Shonali Sabherwal's #TheDetoxDietBook.
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Audrey Truschke on why "Aurangzeb is mostly misunderstood and why he doesn't deserve to be hated for being a conservative." - Catch News
Her eye-opening book, #Aurangzeb is out now - [ Link ]

The misunderstood Mughal: Audrey Truschke on why Aurangzeb deserves less hate
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Manobi Bandyopadhyay's #AGiftOfGoddessLakshmi is the extraordinary and courageous journey of a transgender to define her identity and set new standards of achievement.

From Somnath to Manobi
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Author Ruzbeh N Bharucha in conversation with Dada Vaswani, discussing 'The Astral and Casual Worlds'.
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Hindu hater, murderer and religious zealot are just a handful of the modern caricatures of this maligned ruler. In a meticulously researched and captivating biography, Audrey Truschke breaks myths surrounding #Aurangzeb and his reign.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Aurangzeb
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"For her to abandon him like that, when she knew very well that he could not enter Hyderabad because of the Nizam’s order, probably cut him to the core."

'Youth is going and I must live': When Mrs Jinnah left Mr Jinnah
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The author of 'Beloved', 'The Bluest Eyes' and many more books full of epic themes, vivid dialogue, and richly detailed characters celebrates her birthday today.
Happy Birthday, Toni Morrison!
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We've all been there.
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More more amazing food facts, health tips and fantastic recipes, check out Shonali Sabherwal's #TheDetoxDietBook.
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Sara Naveed-The Writer's #OurStoryEndsHere is the newest addition to the heartwarming yet tragic list of forbidden loves! Can you guess which the other ones are? Read on and find out!

Five Forbidden Love Stories You should Definitely Read
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Sheela Reddy's #MrAndMrsJinnah provides a much-needed window into the life of a misunderstood and fascinating Indian woman. - The Ladies Finger.

The Real Mrs Jinnah: New Book Offers Insights Into the Fascinating Life of Ruttie Petit - The Ladies Finger
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A spellbinding tale of love and sacrifice, pain and retribution, K R Meera's #ThePoisonOfLove will take the reader’s breath away.

The Poison of Love – An Excerpt
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In #TheCuriousMarketer Harish Bhat touches on fascinating areas that marketers are targeting today. A pleasurable read that will be of great interest to general readers, as well as students and professionals who work in the exciting area of marketing - [ Link ]
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Eugen Ovidiu Chirovici's #TheBookOfMirrors is an agile and provocative exploration the tricks memory can play.
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All aboard! Join us on this fascinating journey that captures the immense power of a business behemoth as well as the romance of train travel in Bibek Debroy's engaging #IndianRailways.
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While many continue to accept the story-line that #Aurangzeb, a Muslim, was a Hindu-loathing bigot, there is an untold side to him as a man who strove to be a just Indian king. In this bold and captivating biography, Audrey Truschke unravels the controversial Mughal emperor.