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Stories within stories!

Soak in the magic of these legendary tales, translated wonderfully by Rohini Chowdhury. :) #Panchatantra

Decoding the Panchatantra: 6 Little-Known Facts About the Evergreen Animal Fables
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His writing career speaks of many enigmatic works. On his birthday, we throw light on one of them.

A Lesser-Known Poem by Robert Frost that You Must Know Of
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Did You know Robert Frost was named the "Poet Laureate of Vermont" in 1961?

On the occasion of his birthday, we bring you some lesser-known facts about him.
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A Pulitzer prize winner whose writings taught us that nature is man's most revealing mirror, and the clearest window into human personality.
Happy Birthday Robert Frost!
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We are all librocubicularists, aren't we?
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In #MasteronMasters Amjad Ali Khan fondly recalls the personal interactions he had with the legends of Indian classical music. Read on to get a glimpse of those interactions.

Master on Masters – An Excerpt
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200 short stories. 8 novels. Some 15 novellas. A literary giant.

Farewell, Ashokamitran! #RIP
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On the back of Gulzar's #SuspectedPoems, we asked everyone to write a poem expressing their discontent with what's happening around us.

Here are few of the poems that we received, voicing the political angst!
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#NoneOther unsettles some of our biggest anxieties—the fear of abandonment, the treachery of memory, the uncertainty of life and the imminence of death.
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We asked you to pen a poem for your Ma. These are some of the heartwarming responses we received.
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Not only does U.P. has some intriguing tales to tell but also some witty 'kahawats' to preach wisdom.

6 U.P. Kahawats To Enrich Your Hindi
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#GardeningInUrbanIndia is your guide to having a lush gate-away right at home.
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Amjad Ali Khan recalls anecdotes and brings alive some of the greatest icons of Indian classical music in #MasterOnMasters.
Hypnotic and unsettling, Krishna Baldev Vaid's highly innovative #NoneOther expertly explores some of our biggest anxieties: the fear of abandonment, the treachery of memory, the uncertainty of life and the imminence of death.
Chanakya was the architect of the first empire in India.
Here are a few things he has to say on the art of thinking. #InsideChanakyasMind

6 Ways in Which You Can Master the Art of Thinking
Having known the stalwarts of Indian classical music personally, Ustad Amjad Ali Khan recalls anecdotes and details about their individual musical styles, bringing them alive! #MasterOnMasters
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