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Just as Penn State Athletics announced its 20-year Facilities Plan, we look back on this week 40 years ago, when Beaver Stadium was getting another upgrade.

40 years ago at Penn State: March 24, 1977 | Penn State University
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Penn Staters celebrated Pride Week with a rally on Old Main's steps, a parade, and more on campus. #WeAre...All In!
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#WeAre #HockeyValley -- Tonight's commanding 10-3 victory puts Penn State in the NCAA Regional Final at 6 p.m. Sunday.
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"There is no drug like it in the clinic today and it is likely that the next breakthrough in melanoma treatment will come from a drug like this one."
-- Gavin Robertson, Penn State Cancer Institute

Drug combination delivered by nanoparticles may help in melanoma treatment | Penn State University
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These Penn State doggies get a treat on #PuppyDay. Share your PSU pup photos with us!
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A chorus of voices AND the Blue Band Trumpets rallied support today for Penn State on #PSUCapitalDay.
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Watch your dough: People who dined out frequently tended to underestimate the amount they would spend.

Frequent dining out may lead to food budget-busting behaviors | Penn State University
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"A lot of the information that first seems like it’s in the past and it’s dead and there’s nothing you can do with [it] is, in reality, sort of an eternal knowledge that will always be important."

How a Penn State grad is connecting with his people's past, one snapshot at a time: BTN LiveBIG
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#FlavorMadness is down to the Elite Ate.
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Happy Spring!
"To build a diverse and inclusive campus is going to take time."
Meet Jorge and hear what "All In at Penn State" means to him. #WeAre
Last week, Penn State Athletics announced the details of its 20-year Facilities Master Plan. Plans include a:
Center of Excellence
⚽ Indoor practice facility
Ten-lane, 50-meter Natatorium

A Road Map to Continued Student-Athlete Excellence
Congratulations to our Penn State Wrestling team! Once again, NCAA champs! #WeAre
A glimpse back at 10+ inches of snow blanketing Happy Valley. Who else remembers another rare time when classes were cancelled due to weather?
Using herbs and spices is a great way to decrease your desire to add flavor with fat, sugar and salt.

Penn State Extension: Use herbs and spices to enhance food flavors, and your health
The month for hoops is now the month for scoops.

Flavor Madness | Penn State Berkey Creamery
A snow day salute to those on campus and in the community who spent the day clearing snow. #WeAre!
Experience a Penn State snow day with this live cam from -- no boots or mittens needed.

State College, PA - College Ave / University Gates Cam
“How to be collaborative with people, how to talk to your cast mates, how to respect everyone’s process. ... They are all things I started to claim at Penn State.”

Penn State graduate Christian Thompson returns to his ‘Rent’ roots | Penn State University