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With 70K students in 235 schools, Mini-THONs are making a big impact for Four Diamonds

Mini-THONs, monumental impacts | Penn State University
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Did you know that adding canola oil to your diet can not only help you trim belly fat, it can also get you heart healthy? Today, we go live with Dr. Penny Kris-Etherton about canola oil's benefits, share a recipe and answer your questions.
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We're just a little over an hour away from our #FacebookLive chat on the health benefits of canola oil. Don't miss the smoothie recipe!
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World famous weather forecaster Punxsutawney Phil left his burrow to visit Penn State's Weather Center. Think he'll see a shadow Feb. 2? ❄ ☀
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#WeAre No. 1!
Congrats to Penn State Men's Hockey

M. Hockey Ranked #1 For First-Time in Program History
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Trying to be healthier in the new year? Find out how canola oil can help you trim belly fat and get heart healthier. Join us for a Facebook Live chat on Jan. 18 at noon (EST) with Penn State professor Dr. Penny Kris-Etherton.
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Essence of Joy lifted spirits on #MLKDay with a selection of spirituals filling the Pattee atrium. Turn up your speakers for some inspiration.
Penn State University Libraries hosted the performance.
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“I really believe that Penn Staters take care of their own."
(From Penn State Altoona)

The Gift of Life: Kidney donation exemplifies the 'We Are' spirit
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Greetings from #PSUwinter. Happy weekend!
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It’s easier than ever for people to get actionable insights into their own personal health data. ⌚

New year, new you? IST researcher offers three health tracking tips | Penn State University
In the Top 10 of their sports:
- Field hockey (No. 1 )
- Football
- Men's ice hockey
- Women's soccer
- Women's volleyball

Fans Boost Penn State to Nation's Best in Home Attendance Top 10 Rankings
"Here we have this discovery of these incredibly rare, delicate fossils ... it's almost unheard of that such a thing could be fossilised."
Peter Wilf, Penn State Geosciences

Fossil fruit from 52 million years ago revealed - BBC News
As action returned to campus today on the first day of class, we present this high-energy shot of downtown.
( : Mim Rahimi, PhD candidate, chemical engineering)
#Mentoring + #Mindfulness
Hear how Penn State is helping

Teachers Are Stressed, And That Should Stress Us All
"A number of historic buildings mixed in with state-of-the-art facilities make Penn State a great place to study for many students."

25 Most Beautiful College Campuses in Pennsylvania - Lendedu
Meet Jaz. This Penn Stater talks about what it means to be "All In."
Penn State Harrisburg student Ben Rother made headlines over the break by spotting a 30-foot whale shark while diving in Florida. How did you spend your time?

Whale shark spotted off Jupiter
About 70 percent of the objects in the new image are supermassive black holes, which may range in mass from about 100,000 to 10 billion times the mass of the Sun.

Deepest x-ray image ever reveals black hole treasure trove | Penn State University