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Template designs can be utilised and manipulated to make your site unique. Our blog discusses the key areas to focus on to get you started [ Link ]

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Where do you go to build your startup before you get investment? Here are some places that offer the most value for your bootstrap money [ Link ]

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A brand is so much more than a logo. Let's develop your company’s DNA. Browse our design hourlies [ Link ]

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#FunFactFriday our CEO and founder is also a colourful artist! Check out his latest work!
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"The Gig Economy is going mainstream...Millennials are the driving force behind this move and, as they continue to strive for better work-life balance."

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Meet Andrew, a Level 5 PeoplePerHour writer with a couple of self-published written pieces to be proud of [ Link ]

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"A friend of mine, who lives in London, introduced me to PPH back in 2013 and I have been with PPH and its global audience ever since."

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Freelancer Story: "We live in a very dynamic world where things are changing every second" - Blog
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Gary Vaynerchuk with Larry King discussing three keys to starting your own business!

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Persistence gets you there ⚡
Consistency keeps you there ⚖

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Every successful corporation once began as a small business too! Read more on these lessons [ Link ].

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Because of the way that we process information, the less text used the better. That is why infographic use has increased by 800% in recent years!


9 Tips for Designing Killer Infographics - Blog
If your small business needs a website upgrade we have 5,000+ solutions. Get one perfectly tailored for you on PeoplePerHour [ Link ]

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Millennials are a challenging lot for marketers. Native video ads attract millennials the most: Make native video advertising work for you


Video is New Focus for US Native Advertising
Xenios Thrasyvoulou, PeoplePerHour founder, talks about the biggest obstacle he faced when starting up!

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Raise your hand if you’ve been there before ‍♂

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This TOP Cert front-end developer has 20+ years freelancing experience! His CV is one to be envious of [ Link ]

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TOP Cert lead structural design engineer says not to get too disappointed if you can’t find a job ASAP [ Link ]

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Today is #StartupSaturday! We at PeoplePerHour are here to help you reach your dreams. Price check the cost of your startup using our Business Cost Calculator [ Link ]

63% of apps are discovered through App Store searches. Browse our ASO hourlies to help with app marketing & app sales [ Link ]

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