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Did you see our CEO Xenios on BBC World News? Watch the video in full!

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Freelancers, startups, social enterprises and more...there is one thing they’re all looking for: space to work [ Link ]

#CoWorking #CoWork
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Paying everyone a small amount each month could make a big difference for a freelancer and/or entrepreneur! Keep reading this article [ Link ]

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Angie Betancourt is a communications and marketing expert and loves using PeoplePerHour to find great projects to collaborate with!

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Meet Haiden, a TOP Cert lead structural design engineer who tells us not to get too disappointed if we can’t find a job quickly…

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Freelancer Story: "I had really tough times to get my first job on PPH". - Blog
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#ThursdayThoughts Take your dreams seriously.
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The common thread which separates success from failure is simply the ability to build a powerful, trusted network.

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7 Ways Your Network Is Ruining Your Business (and how to stop it!) - Blog
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#ThatFeelingWhen you have no motivation.

*uses Ctrl-F to find my motivation*
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To help you quantify your ideal hourly rate without breaking a sweat, HubSpot created a free tool that does the heavy lifting for you: The Freelance Hourly Rate Calculator

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How to Determine the Ideal Hourly Rate to Charge Your Clients [Free Calculator]
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The important thing is not to let poor time management get in the way of your ultimate goals.

#Freelancing #Freelance #TimeManagement

The Psychology of Time Management: 3 Strategies for Freelancers - Blog
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#MondayMotivation Make daily commitments in order to become better, one step at a time.
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3 am can bring moments of magic for the creatives.

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Ali Dewji, Director, I_AM Self-Publishing shares his working experience of working with freelancers on PeoplePerHour

What you think you become. What you feel you attract. What you imagine you create. -Buddha

Take the #motivation you need.
This puzzle has every colour in the CMYK spectrum and is quite possibly the most satisfying jigsaw puzzle in existence.

Josh Fitzgerald, Owner & Director, Josh - FTZ Studios shares how PeoplePerHour has helped grow his business

#FridayFeeling The future can be better than the present and you have the power to make it so.
Here are 4 lessons that this angel investor learned over the past years (successes and failures) so that you can successfully start and implement this in your company today

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Work is something your employees do. Not a place where they have to go. - Blog
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