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Caption this guy:
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'Wherever you go, go with all your heart.' - Confucius
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This year we're sending travellers into the heart of southern Africa on a special journey with master photographer Ben McRae. Care to join us?

Africa through the lens with photographer Ben McRae | Peregrine Adventures
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Where am I?
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Darran Leal has been guiding photography expeditions since 1989. We chat with the expert adventurer to find out what passengers can expect to see on an Arctic voyage to Spitsbergen.

A photographer's paradise: Spitsbergen | Peregrine Adventures
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Iran is one of the most incredible places on Earth. Here’s all the nitty gritty stuff to know before you go.

Everything you need to know about travel in Iran | Peregrine Adventures
Bold, colourful houses line the cobbled streets of Guatape, Colombia.
No trip to China is complete without a visit to the mighty Great Wall. Have you been?
Your dream polar voyage is on the horizon. We break down the myths around travelling to the Arctic.

6 excuses you're (probably) making to avoid an Arctic adventure | Peregrine Adventures
Wonders of the World have a habit of inciting, well, just that – immense wonder. Here, the towering Art Deco statue of the Christ the Redeemer stands guard over Rio de Janeiro.
The Arctic is as close to the end of the Earth as it gets. What's the farthest you've been from home?
There's more to Central America than heavenly white beaches. Here are some of our favourite inland spots.

Central America beyond the beaches | Peregrine Adventures
Any ideas where this might be?
The jungles around Ta Prohm are creeping in ever so slowly... It's quite incredible to see.
Ahh, to be here! Chile's breathtaking Torres del Paine National Park. Have you been?
Mokoros were traditionally made using the hollowed out trunks of the peculiarly named Sausage Tree. These days, they are more likely to be made of fibre-glass. Gliding around the Okavango Delta in one of these narrow canoes is an experience like no other.
What do you think this cheeky baboon is singing?
We sat down with our Marketing Manager to talk about why everyone should do a small ship cruise in Croatia.

Croatia Q&A: Why you should be cruising the Dalmatian coast | Peregrine Adventures