Perfect Sishebo
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What is your go to dish when you have friends or extended family coming over? We make beef burgers and serve them with potato chips. Everyone wins ;-)

Try our delicious burger #recipe!


1 packet Knorr Beef and Onion Soup
900g ground beef mince
(1⁄2cup) 125ml tap water


In a large mixing bowl add the mince, Knorr Beef and Onion Soup and water.
Make sure your hands...
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Perfect Sishebo
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The season is perfect for treating your family to Isobhu Yombila. :-) It’s easy to prepare and full of iflava!

Tell us about the first time you tasted Isobhu Yombila – who made it and how did it taste?

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Perfect Sishebo
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The season is perfect for treating your family to Isobhu Yombila. :) It’s easy to prepare and full of iflava!

Tell us about the first time you tasted Isobhu Yombila – who made it and how did it taste?

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This Boerewors and Pumpkin Sishebo makes a good weekday dinner. It will easily become your hubby’s favourite! ;) #MakotiTip

Get our mnandilicious #recipe here: [ Link ]
Have you ever made pap pizza? Which toppings did you add on it?

We invite you to try our mnandilicious twist made with the ‘Perfect 3’! :)

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For the pap base:

1.4 lt water
1 Knorrox Chicken Stock Cube
500 ml (2 cups) maize meal

For the topping:

15 ml (1Tbsp) sunflower oil
1 onion, sliced
5ml (1tsp) Rajah Medium Curry Powder
1 punnet (250 g) button...
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A perfect combination of Rajah All-in-One Curry Powder and Apricot Jam does wonders to this Sweet and Spicy Chicken Curry. It’s the perfect meal to be enjoyed by a family during the weekend.

Will you be trying it for your loved ones? :)

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Did you know that you can make simple potato wedges extraordinary with Knorr White Onion Soup in 3 easy steps? Add, Shake and Bake!

Get the recipe:


1 packet Knorr White Onion Soup
+- 900g potatoes, cleaned and cut into wedges
60ml (4Tbsp) olive or vegetable oil
fresh parsley or dill, chopped


Preheat oven to 180˚C. In large plastic bag, add all ingredients...
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How are you spoiling your love this Valentine’s day?

Make it extra special by staying indoors and preparing a hearty Sishebo for u Bae wakho. ;-)

Say ‘I love you’ with something ncaaaa!


60ml (4Tbsp) Knorr Cream of Tomato Soup
125ml (1/2 cup) water
500g mince
1 x onion, finely chopped
10ml (2tsp) Rajah Mild and Spicy Curry Powder
5ml (1tsp) dried basil
1 x cup oil (for...
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Listen up makoti! When you are looking for an easy dish that is nutritious and filling, don’t look any further than the humble chicken salad.

All it takes is coating the chicken with a Knorr Cream of Chicken Soup crumb to give it some vavavoom and delight the hubby or in-laws ;)

Will you be trying this one?

Get the recipe:


1 x Knorr Cream of Chicken Soup
100g plain...
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Hard times don’t last but tough people do.. Big up to YOU if you are reading this post, you’ve made it – give yourself a pat on the back! :-)

Better yet, Makotis can make a meal that is totally rewarding and fills up grumbling tummies. What would you be serving with this chicken?



1 whole chicken
5 medium chilies, seeded and...
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A tin of pilchard can go a long way with #Knorr Cream of Tomato Soup.

Save the day with fish cakes. The kids will also love it! ;-)

The only question is – what would you serve with these glorious looking fish cakes?



4 potatoes, peeled and boiled
2 cans (400 g each)pilchards in tomato sauce, deboned and roughly flaked with a fork
1 egg, whisked
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This mnandilicious Macaroni Salad is a perfect recipe to serve in January. You can be creative with it and add some of your favourite veggies. Plus, it can work both as a starter or a main dish!.

Are you ready to dig in? Comment and also use an emoticon that describes how you feel about the recipe. :-)



300g macaroni pasta
1 Knorrox Vegetable Stock Cube...
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Happy New Year #Perfect Sishebo Fans!

A new year comes with new resolutions – is there a sishebo dish you would like to master in the kitchen this year?

Our Spicy Chicken Liver and Mixed Vegetable Pie is a great start. Click on the link: [ Link ]
Some like Umleqwa with no seasoning at all.

We think it tastes better with Rajah Curry Powder, Knorrox Stock Cube and a Knorr Soup.

The recipe does not include a Knorr Soup. Share your creativity by telling us exactly the Knorr Soup you would add to bump up the flavour and thicken the gravy.

Click on the link for recipe: [ Link ]
BIG days nhe….

Festive season comes once a year, therefore one needs to go big or go home.

Impress your relatives by adding your tasty ‘Perfect 3’ combination to season this Tomato Bredie recipe. What would your combination be?

This Tomato Bredie will go well with Savoury Rice: [ Link ]

Get the Tomato Bredie recipe:


45ml oil
1 x large onion, sliced
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A Christmas feast does not go without a tasty dose of salads to choose from. With the ‘Perfect 3’, your salads don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

Which combination will you be having in your salads? Is it A, B or C?

Share in the comments and in return, we’ll share the recipe with you. :-)

Perfect Sishebo
We have a perfect Apricot Chicken recipe and we are open to suggestions from our Perfect Sishebo experts, YOU! Which Knorr soup would you use?

Try the recipe using your favourite Knorr soup and share a picture of the results in the comments.

Get the #recipe:



6-8 chicken thighs
250g (1 punnet) button mushrooms, sliced
1 sachet KNORR Soup
30ml (1Tbsp)...
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iFestive Season ifihlile Perfect Sishebo Fans!

This month we are doing something different because we are in the festive mood. Each week we’ll share a recipe and ask you to share your trusted ‘Perfect 3’ combination to flavour up the recipe.

Which Knorr Soup would you use to add iFlava to this delicious CHICKEN LASAGNA?

Get the #recipe:


30ml (2Tbsp) canola / sunflower...
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Is it time for a road trip or what?

During long trips on the road, one ends up spending more money than they should. Yenza umphako wakho ekhaya, put it on a skhaftina and save!

This vetkoek recipe is perfect.



2 cups (500 ml) flour
4 tsp (20 ml) baking powder
1 tsp (5 ml) Knorr Aromat
1 tsp (5 ml) Robertsons Mixed Herbs
2 Tbsp. (30 ml) oil
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There comes a time when makoti has to make an effort to impress the in-laws. It's easier to impress with something familiar - just add a little spark to it!

Would Mamezala approve this meal? We think she would! :)



For the spicy rice:

15ml (1Tbsp) cooking oil
1 onion, finely chopped
1 green pepper, chopped
5ml (1tsp) Rajah Flavourful & Mild...
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