This day needs more burnouts...
4000hp... jeeeeez...
Caution: wide load.
Check out this cover car. Unbelievable that this is the level of finish on burnout cars now. Awesome machine... Downright UNCIVIL!
Killer twin-turbo VK. Heard it's blue now.
Some days my 68 Camaro's black paint doesn't annoy me... Just need to detail the bay now. Should I stay underbonnet blower or go turbo? - Hamo
Top 7 debut at Summernats for HUMBLE and that blown Nicotra Performance engine torched up a storm for one very successful outing. Well done!
HEMI Cuda all tuned up and ready for the STREET and SUMMERNATS! 472ci with 609rwhp on 14psi Tuned by Dale @ Castle Hill Performance #hemi #cuda #472hemi #summernats30
When you really can't get enough of that sweet motor's scream... Wicked!
Some people always leave the SUMMERNATS prep too late...
Santa's ready for Summernats...
Such a killer Barra conversion. And that 6boost work of art. Fuarrrr! #barratheworld
AUSSIE PONY POWER! Check out the Harrop supercharger that Real Dyno Performance has just fitted to this latest Mustang! It makes 558rwhp on a very conservative tune! Visit the Real Dyno Performance facebook page and website for further details
LSA in a Datto ute would be insane to drive!
Struth! Now that's an epic engine
Lotus sounds sweet! #motorworldsydney
Just need to find the keys to this... #motorworldsydney
An 86 here with the right engine in it #motorworldsydney