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Melanie Green
As a child, everyone has dreams to do something, go somewhere, or be something... The problem is, as we grow up those dreams get stepped on, and soiled by the world around us. Many become cynical that they or anyone around them can amount to anything at all. They see others who are achieving their dreams and do not see the trials, rejection, sacrifices, darkness and suffering, but only see...
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As a child everyone has dreams to do something go somewhere or
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PERSECUTED 01/08/2017
AFA agrees, PERSECUTED is the movie to see this weekend!
PERSECUTED 01/08/2017
Barbara Smith
A suspenseful faith-based thriller? When was the last time we got one of those!!

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PERSECUTED 01/08/2017

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PERSECUTED 01/08/2017
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PERSECUTED 01/08/2017
Vincenzo Are
The Dove Foundation gave PERSECUTED 5/5

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PERSECUTED 01/08/2017
Lee Kastner Ducote
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PERSECUTED 01/08/2017
Tammy Spangler
Judy Waslesky
Karen A. Moore
Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" in the new film Torchbearer. Find a theater near you!
Mary Hunter
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Sue Keller