Forget goon of fortune, we now have a better use for your mates clothes line!
Australia, the home of innovation. You need a job done we will find the fastest way of doing it without lifting a finger
Jesus, what happened..
Well that's surprisingly accurate, thanks google.
Credit: You Friccin Moron
The 2017 solution to all our problems, a dome.
Its going to be a challenge over the next few weeks to even get past the gym doors. To deal with the inconvenience I've decided for my new years revolution I will start smoking.
Oh, You WAPOL!
Merry Christmas you filthy animals.
You Friccin Moron
Now, where do i start...
Summer is coming, brace yourselves
The joys of being a plumber!
If only we could do to meth users what the Pilipino president does to druggies there.

Fucking cockroaches of society.
Supermoon looks so good over Perth this evening!
World not ending:

Russia and Syria have publicly announced wanting peace with US. DOW is at record level. Canada and Mexico have announced they are willing to renegotiate NAFTA with the US. It's only been two days.

President-elect Donald Trump gets a Capitol tour from GOP leaders