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Perth WA memes
12/03/2016 at 05:16. Facebook
Now, where do i start...
Summer is coming, brace yourselves
The joys of being a plumber!
If only we could do to meth users what the Pilipino president does to druggies there.

Fucking cockroaches of society.
Supermoon looks so good over Perth this evening!
World not ending:

Russia and Syria have publicly announced wanting peace with US. DOW is at record level. Canada and Mexico have announced they are willing to renegotiate NAFTA with the US. It's only been two days.

President-elect Donald Trump gets a Capitol tour from GOP leaders

I wish good luck to the USA today
Dear eastern states:

You may take our GST and mining royalty money but you'll never take our sunsets!


*The state you forget exists.
Great to see young west Australians inspired by science. This is why Australia needs a space program!

NASA has become nothing more than paper shufflers now, other countries and the private sector need to lead the way!

Let's keep our best and brightest in this country.

Top student has science win, Mars in his sights

The Northern Territory has unveiled their tourism campaign:
Probably the most accurate Halloween costume ever:
What happens when you think mining construction phase will last forever, and the Eastern States continue to take 70c in every dollar of tax revenue raised in WA?

Mass unemployment happens: